8 Legged Monsters

Day #13: What do you fear?
If there's one thing that I fear... it would have to be SPIDERS! omg. OMG. OH. MY. FREAKING. GOSH. *sobs* They reeeeeaaally freak me out. At first it was just "Aaaaah!" Now its... "AAAAHHHH MOOOOOM, DAAAAAD, SOMEONEEEE *sobbing hysterically* COME. KILL. THE. SPIDER. now.. I know the spider didn't do anything to me... I just... NO. NO NO NO NO NO! Here's my most RECENT (like this happened a last night) run in with a spider...

So... I gotta pee right, so I stop reading my book (cause I was reading a really good book that made me hold my bladder.. thank you very much Tara Sivec) and trot my over filled bladder'd ass to the potty. I sit on the crapper and I look at the floor and there's this spider just STARING AT ME! It was like trying to eat me alive *sobbing* so... my brother's room is right next door to the loo and I start knocking on the wall *reeeaching over and knocking on the wall...knock, KNOCK, KNOCK* He's ignoring me... INTENTIONALLY! So, I knock again...More urgently of course *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* and he's still not answering me.. So, I open the door, get off the crapper, and knock on the wall while yelling his name *knock-ED-knock-MUND-knock knock knock-EDMUNNND!* and low  and behold he comes to the rescue.. all the while the spider is sitting there staring me to my death. And my lil bro is all "WHAT?!" I'm all... "I CAN'T PEEEEE!! Kill the SPIDERRRR!" He looks at it... looks at me.. and grabs a piece of paper and starts to scoop it up. And I'm sitting there wide eyed like.. DUDEEE. when I say kill I mean STOMP AND THAT FUCKER! not scoop it up and give it the chance to run me down!!! But, he continues to scoop it up and then he finally gets it (all the while, I'm backed up in the corner holding on to the threads that are my life) and he turns on the faucet and attempts to kill it by WATER! eventually it does die a drowning death. BUT, not its sitting in the sink. And I CANNOT pee with its dead body just staring at me! So, my lil bro grabs some toilet paper and picks it up... and what does he do with it? He nearly shoves it in my FACE!!! He wanted me to have a mental breakdown... He did.. Its like he was just waiting for me to scream and go into a panic attack and then add a dead spider on top of it! *wipes away snot* So I screamed... and nearly gave my mom a heart attack. She called up the stairs "Ana?!!" I replied... screamed more or less, "Edmund tried to shove the spider in my face!!!" -- "Edmund stop scaring your sister!" He just laughed and walked away... and now I'm sitting here with all my lights on.  

That's it for today's question. This really should be a phobia... I start hyperventilating and everything! lol. Feel free to answer today's question and if you have any questions for me, go ahead and leave them in the comments below :)

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