Alpha-Males After Dark #3

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Well I haven't posted an AMAD in a while. So since my lovely hosts have picked some awesomeness, I thought I kick it up a notch *weg*

This scene is where Nora & Soren were doing blood-play...
The pain had already faded even as Soren took her and and laid the knife in her palm. Nora steeled herself as she raised her hand. With one swift and sure motion, she cut his chest over his heart. She lowered herself and sat the knife aside. Lifting herself up, Nora brought her mouth to his skin and licked his bleeding wound. The act severed the last of Soren's restraint. He shoved her onto her back and opened his pants. When he pushed into her bleeding body, she felt a pain so acute it threatened to overwhelm her. Her safe word sat poised on the edge of her tongue. But she breathed in and swallowed it whole as Soren began to move in her.
She wrapped her arms and legs around him, dug her fingernails into his back and scored his skin. He bit at her neck and breasts, dug his fingers into her skin. Her body came alive with pain, pain that turned into pleasure as he continued his assault on her. When she came, she came hard. The orgasm racked her back. The pleasure spiked through her, clawed at her and cut into her like the sharpest of knives.

I would go on, but I can't coz now I'm hot & bothered. Good Gravy! that was mind boggling. Hell, I think I need a drink!

Anyways why? because there is something incredibly hot and sexual about Soren and it's not because of this scene. When I first read about him in The Siren, all I thought was now that is a Alpha MAN. Yes, he's a dominant sexual sadist...but he loves Nora, he proves that to her constantly.

So Soren is it for me...seriously I need a drink..damn! I love that scene. I re-read it like three times already.


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