Alpha-Males After Dark #4

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Damn! almost forgot my alpha male post...smh. Well, this week I'm choosing one of Kresley Cole's males from her IAD series. aaaannnnnd that would be...

Conrad Wroth from Dark Needs at Night's Edge

Conrad was little crazy...see he hadn't found his "bride" yet, so he's all red-eyed and madder than...well I don't know, but dude wasn't very happy. In comes a ghost of a woman, a ballerina who use to inhabit the house his brothers have locked him in...she steals his heart and finally makes it beat.

Why? What was really cute about Conrad...he was a virgin! gah! I loved that about And he was a big ol male..with a big ol "thang" lol!!! Seriously though, this was one of my favorite books from K Coles IAD series. Conrad was fiercely protective of Neomi and she helped through his madness before he made her his bride.

He swallowed, but began working another finger in. Her knees fell wide open, her wetness growing. "Perfect Conrad." With both of her small hands, she pressed his palms firmly against her until his fingers were seated deep. Eyes heavy-lidded, she whispered, "Spread them inside me".
He did, shuddering with pleasure when her back arched.
"Now in and out..."
He thrust his spread fingers. "this way?"
"Ah, yes! More..."
He gave her more.
"Conrad, now"
"Are you ready?"
"I don' I need..."
As much as he wanted to replace his fingers with his cock, he had to be sure. He caressed and delved inside her, until she grazed her teeth against his shoulder in frustration. "Are you still worried?" she asked, panting.
"I still do not see that we"
"This is supposed to be enjoyable darling. Let me show you how well we'll fit." She nudged his wrist, and he removed his fingers. Once she'd gotten him to turn to his back, she crawled over him, straddling his hips.
As her breast rose and fell with her quick breaths, her fingers dug into the muscles of this chest, just as she'd said she would do days ago. She appeared fascinated, her tender palms running all over him.
He felt a thrill to see the way her gaze roamed all over him. My battle-scarred body is good for more taking hits. It roused her.
When she curled her fingers around his shaft to guide it inside her, he hissed a breath. This is finally going to happen....The anticipation had him rolling his hips. He swallowed loudly, wondering if he'd last any longer than the time before.

So what do you think? alpha male or what..with is virgin self...wait he ain't a virgin no!


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