Alpha-Males After Dark #4

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Welcome back to another week of AMAD! To kick of this month, I've decided to go with Luke Carson, trauma surgeon extraordinaire. I chose Luke because he's smart... I'm sorry. Smart men are just mighty f***'n sexy to me! It helps a lot that he's a wounded guy that his own doctor self can't fix. Don't mind if I help myself lol! I picked this particularly sezzy scene, because it's the first time Luke & Janica are together and they've had this burning desire for each other since FOREVER and are now beginning to quench that thirst. He's a bit bossy. I like it ;) lol

   Reverently, she raised one hand to him to touch him softly with the pad of her index finger. She ran it down the shaft, over the raised veins, felt them throb beneath her light touch.
   He was so hot, velvety smooth skin stretched over steel.
   So beautiful.
   And all hers.
   For one night.
   Salivating at the thought of tasting him, of running her tongue up, down, and around his shaft, she forced herself to take it slow by wrapping her hand around his huge shaft first. Her hands were fairly average-sized for a small woman, but even once she added her second hand above the first, she didn't come close to spanning the full length.
   Finally, she raised her eyes and found him staring down at her with such desire it literally took her breath away. Unable to do anything but react, she tightened her grip on his shaft. His arousal slipped out and onto her fingers.
   “Use your mouth.”
   His words were gritty and filled with stark need, less a demand now than a plea of his own.
   Didn't he already know that nothing could have stopped her from taking him in her mouth? Still, there was something impossibly sexy about his telling her what to do. And when to do it.
   Just this once.
   Tonight with Luke, all rules were off.
   Which worked perfectly for a woman who had never much cared for following the rules.
   A moment later she was leaning in closer, breathing in the clean, heady scent of his arousal, and then hot, hard flesh was on her tongue and she was taking him into her mouth, opening up as wide as she could to accommodate not only his thick head but the wide shaft that followed as well.
   His hands had threaded through her hair, holding her against him. Her hands were on his thighs and his quadriceps bunched and tightened beneath her fingertips with every inch deeper that she managed to take him into her throat. With gentle pressure, he rocked himself further into her and she made herself relax the muscles in her throat to take even more.
   Her mouth still on him, she groaned at the delicious thought of being stretched wide...everywhere. His erection throbbed hard once, then twice in her mouth. His fingers tightened in her hair.
   “Don't do that again,” he growled. “Hell, don't even move.”
   Suddenly, she could taste more of him, and knew that her inadvertent groan must have reverberated all around him.
   Feeling wicked, she hummed really, really softly. God, he was delicious.
   A heartbeat later, her mouth was empty.
   Still on her knees, she watched him yank off his shirt, take off his shoes, and shed his pants and boxers completely.
   Belatedly realizing she was sitting there with her mouth hanging open, she gave him a saucy little smile. “Now that I've started to get used to how big you are,” she paused, licking her lips, “I bet I can do even better than that.”
   But instead of stepping closer and shoving himself back into her willing mouth, he reached down and picked her up, one arm sliding beneath her legs, the other around her back, and headed down the hall, obviously looking for her bedroom.
   “Later. I need you. Now.”

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