Alpha Males After Dark 5

Alpha-Males After Dark is a weekly meme hosted during the week (After hours of course) by Ana @ Beach Bum Reads and Neyra @ Darkest Addictions. Alpha-Males After Dark is an 18+ meme that has your favorite smutty scene from a book of your choice with your favorite Sezzy Alpha-Male. Following this, you will state why you chose said Sezzy Alpha-Male and that particular hawt & heavy scene. Your post can be as explicit or as conservative as you want. Just spill the deets, you know we will ;) 

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I'm late...I'm late (although I'm no white Welcome Beautifuls to another week of Alpha Males after Dark *weg*

So who shall we pick this week?...hmmmm! I chose another Brother this week..from the BDB, that is. Lover Eternal's Rhage.

Now why I love me some him? because he "fyne" as hell and he shape shifts into one of my most favorite mythical creaturs...that's right, a big bad ass dragon...he could eat me anytime ;)
I honestly am not a fan of Mary's...I just don't think she's "Rhage" material...although, he may beg to differ...

**Downloadable Image obtained from DeviantArt
"Kissing her, he put his hand on the column of her neck and swept down the center of her, stopping over her heart. It was beating fast and, and he dropped down, pressing his lips to her sternum and then moving to her breast. He suckled her as he slid his arm around under her shoulder blades and lifted her closer to his mouth. 
She made an incredible noise deep in her throat, a breathless gasp that brought his head up just so he could look at her face. Her eyes were closed, where he lingered and licked before moving to her hip. Urging her unto her stomach  he parted her legs and cupped her core with his palm. The silky wetness that coated his hand had him shaking as he kissed her hip and her lower back
Slipping his finger in her, he bared his fangs and ran them up her spinal cord."
Shiiittttt...breath fire down my back baby. Good Gravy! I love that damn man/dragon!


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