Destination: Everywhere

Day #17: Where would be your top five MUST visit destinations?
 Today's question came from Neyra @ Darkest Addictions. Thank's girly ♥

Good question! *Ponders in deep thought* 

1. Amercian Samoa
2. Paris
3. Ireland
4. Australia
5. Germany

What about you guys? What are your top 5 must visit destinations? Have any questions for me? Leave them in the comments below :)


  1. Athens, Rome, Grand Canyon , Red Wood Forests, Ireland, Gulf Shores I'm not male but those are my favorite places but the greatest is The Great Smokey Mountains.

  2. You're welcome girly :p
    Let's see, let's see.. well, you already know my first choice:

    1. Italy
    2. Paris
    3. Tokyo
    4. Bahamas
    5. Chicago xD

    LOL I'm hoping to travel all of Europe though ^_^

  3. I'd love to visit all of the above :)

    1. Capri/Sorrento, Italy (well, all of Italy but starting there)
    2. Ireland
    3. Alaska
    4. Scotland
    5.Austraila. Purely for the accent factor. :)

  4. ^_^ yaay. oooh Alaska.. that's too cold!! OMG! YES Australia is purely for the accents! haha. Nice destinations ;)


  5. lol but of course I: know your first choice. Tokyo :o hmm maybe. and YES to the Bahamas! Chicago -_________- I am not go to chi-town xD lol. Yay for Europe I wanna go there too :)



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