Going Over To The Dark Side

Hey fellow bloggers! Ahhh. So, I'm sure y'all have noticed my new do! *chuckles to self* A few of you know that my birthday is this month... sooooooooooo, I've decided to treat myself to a blog makeover. Thanks to Neyra over @ Darkest Addictions, I have decided to take a walk on the Dark Side and converted my bright colorful beach into a dark secluded haunted beach lol  Of course, I'm still bright as hell and walk with a neon lights, hence all the pink! And it's OCTOBER! Halloween month!! Plus, the cookies are DELISH here! haha. Neyra makes them special ;) her being the Founder & all that mumbo jumbo. With my birthday right around the corner, I've deiced to do a 30 day challenge...It's pretty much questions and what not that you answer for 30 days. But to change it up I'm gonna have you guys leave a comment below and ask me whatever question you want an answer to. I'll pick one and do it the next day.  They can be as random as you want it to be. BUT, for tonight, I'll just pick a random question and answer that for you guys :)

DAY 1: Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

Oooh. This one definitely fits for the start of this. My zodiac sign is a Libra and I don't think it fits my personality I KNOW it! Seriously. I'm moody as hell. One minute I can be super happy and the next I'll be sad or mad... *sigh* I'm just all over the place! lol.. Let's list a few things here about Libra's and I'll clarify if  I'm any of those things...

Okay.. I gotta say, my STRENGTHS are pretty good. I'm definitely all the above. As for my WEAKNESSES... I am NOT superficial. or vain or unreliable *sigh* I'm definitely indecisive. I can never make up my damned mind. But as for the other 3? yeah.. definitely not me.

So, feel free to leave your questions in the comments & go ahead and answer today's question if you want :) 

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