Going Over To The Dark Side

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey fellow bloggers! Ahhh. So, I'm sure y'all have noticed my new do! *chuckles to self* A few of you know that my birthday is this month... sooooooooooo, I've decided to treat myself to a blog makeover. Thanks to Neyra over @ Darkest Addictions, I have decided to take a walk on the Dark Side and converted my bright colorful beach into a dark secluded haunted beach lol  Of course, I'm still bright as hell and walk with a neon lights, hence all the pink! And it's OCTOBER! Halloween month!! Plus, the cookies are DELISH here! haha. Neyra makes them special ;) her being the Founder & all that mumbo jumbo. With my birthday right around the corner, I've deiced to do a 30 day challenge...It's pretty much questions and what not that you answer for 30 days. But to change it up I'm gonna have you guys leave a comment below and ask me whatever question you want an answer to. I'll pick one and do it the next day.  They can be as random as you want it to be. BUT, for tonight, I'll just pick a random question and answer that for you guys :)

DAY 1: Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

Oooh. This one definitely fits for the start of this. My zodiac sign is a Libra and I don't think it fits my personality I KNOW it! Seriously. I'm moody as hell. One minute I can be super happy and the next I'll be sad or mad... *sigh* I'm just all over the place! lol.. Let's list a few things here about Libra's and I'll clarify if  I'm any of those things...

Okay.. I gotta say, my STRENGTHS are pretty good. I'm definitely all the above. As for my WEAKNESSES... I am NOT superficial. or vain or unreliable *sigh* I'm definitely indecisive. I can never make up my damned mind. But as for the other 3? yeah.. definitely not me.

So, feel free to leave your questions in the comments & go ahead and answer today's question if you want :) 


  1. I agree with you there, I'm not vain at all far from it (from a fellow Libra) you can say I am totally opposite. But I am too ,very indecisive. I hate fighting rather solve it some other way.

    Have a great week! Zach is okay with school, he is going to vo tech which he loves but reg high school he hates LOL.

  2. oh yea LOVE The new look , It totally rocks!

  3. Keely @ Realms of an Open MindOctober 1, 2012 at 6:42 AM

    Love the new "theme"! Looks great!

  4. Hey Donna! ooh I know. I haven't met another Libra that was vain. So *shrugs* idk what that is. Good to hear about Zach :) Who doesn't hate reg school?? lol. There are perks about school.. homework is not one of them lol! Thanks for stopping by girly <3


  5. Hey Keely, thanks :) I wanted to try something different. The Dark Side was calling my name xD doesn't hurt that they offer cookies lol. Thanks for stopping by <3


  6. next to my son, you're my next fave Libra. Although I must say I have been a victim of your trademark "weaknesses".

    I love the makeover and advance happy birthday Ana! xoxo!

  7. One I love the new blog design Ana..it is just awesome. Girl you are too good :)...lets see, does my sign match me?...yes, yes, yes. I'm stubborn aka bull-headed when I want to be. procrastination should be my middle name & I'm sexxy to death...lol! no seriously I do think my sign fits me perfectly.

  8. Hey Braine, Aww that's awesome :) I feel awesome now lol. o.O Whens your sons bday? Happy early or belated bday to him :)

    ooh you can't be that bad! I think I'm too humble of a person to be vain or superficial... unreliable... well... I THINK I'm not, but who knows lol.. Thanks for stopping by and for the early happy birthday <3


  9. Hey Sharonda :)

    Thanks girly. I couldn't convert completely to the dark side.. I love my neon lights too much lmbo... haha whaaat. What sign are you? I'm stubborn too lol. giiirl I am the QUEEN of procrastination lmbo. Thanks for stopping by girly <3


  10. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsOctober 2, 2012 at 6:24 AM

    I... actually DON'T like your page, it's too pink, too nice, to bleh for my kinda darkness -.-

    xD I'm sooo kidding love<3 you know i adore your page it's making me jealous :( LOL uh huh and I love the new dark side Ana too, one kick ass female coming right up! Glad you love my cookies :p LOL xD

    Ohh, I'm a scorpio, and you know what they say about us! >;) LOL anywho xD lol these are my

    Strengths: Weaknesses:

    Loyal and trustworthyBecomes jealous easilyPassionateStubbornCharismatic and mystifyingSensitiveCaring and patientEgoistic
    okay, well... idk about being caring and patient xD LOL but that's for my people's to tell me as well as loyal and trustworthy. I do like to consider myself passionate and mystifying xD LOL let's see, let's see... weaknesses, yup i'd say they're all on point save for the egoistic part, idk about that one xD LOL.
    Question: Hmmmm... Ana, what's your favorite candy? :D *random i know >.< lol*

  11. hahahaha! Damn. I was about to sayyyyy.. lol. You can just march your lil too dark self right off my page! lol...

    <3 ooh. ^_^ I frkn love your cookies! speaking of cookies.... #NomNomNom lol

    o.O okay let me answer some of these for you... yes you are loyal and trustworthy. You are most definitely passionate. (Reading is passion HELLO!) lol. You ARE caring... patience... idk about that one lol.

    Weaknesses... STUBBORN ALL THE WAY! lol. yepp that's you! STUBBORN! xD

    o.O That question goes great for this month ^_^ Woot :) lol.


  12. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsOctober 2, 2012 at 8:15 AM

    :( Well pooop *sniff* I didn't want to be here anyway!! *walks away kicking rocks* .< What makes you say I'm stubborn!? xD

    yay!! ^-^ can't wait to see what it is!!

  13. lol you're so silly. you know I love you woman! shush! <3

    lol. I learned to hone my patience, but if I'm already agitated then all hell breaks loose lol.

    Lol you wont SHARE your men?? lmbo. Hell, it took you forever to agree to pick just ONE until I started the series lmbo.


  14. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsOctober 2, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    xD I love you too ^_^ LOL <3

    Pffft, I never learned the art... i've tried but failed many times.. *best asian accent i could muster*.. ahh, i am eh still a young grasshoppa' and have much to learn xD LOL idk lee'me aloooonneee! >.< Lmao

    I FOUND THEM FIRST! WHY WOULD I SHARE!! -.- lmao.. *sigh* sadly, because you wouldn't relent, you wouldn't just accept that I had all the men and you didn't, that's why i gave in >.< lol

  15. lmbo @ your best Asian accent!

    lol.. smh @ you... RUDE and yeah.. okaaaay. whatever you say lol.