Have You Seen Finnick? Odair He Is!

Day #22: Favorite character from The Hunger Games?
Finnck. Odair. Yes, yes, YES! lol. Finnick actually isn't mentioned until the second book in the trilogy, Catching Fire, but laaawd. I fell in love with his character on the spot! I like Peeta and Gale, but I love me some Finnick Odair. ;) 

What about you guys? Who is your favorite character from The Hunger Games? 


  1. I've never even read the books :( I'm thinking of doing what I did w/ Twilight (unintentionally since i never knew it was a movie, for every one ready to chuck stones at me >.< LOL).. and just buying the DVD actually i was gonna rent it the other day, but my CArd wouldn't work on the RedBox thingie >.< *sigh* forever behind, i shoulda bought the damn book when i saw it for sale at Walmart >.< fml! lOl

  2. oh poop. The books are so much better! The movie actually stuck really close to the first book, so I'm hoping the second movie doesn't disappoint, Oh pooooop. You should have!!



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