Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect
Director: Jason Moore
Starring: Anna KendrickBritney Snow, and Rebel Wilson (Full cast & crew HERE)

Beca, a freshman at Barden University, is cajoled into joining The Bellas, her school's all-girls singing group. Injecting some much needed energy into their repertoire, The Bellas take on their male rivals in a campus competition.

Wheeew. Okay. This review is a bit A LOT late. I went and saw this move the night it came out. And my procrastinating ass is just getting around to writing this review. *sigh*  From the very first notes sung, I was like.. "HELL, FUCKING, YES!" This movie was freaking awesome! I love movies/shows that revolve around music. I love how they can take songs and twist them to make them their own. I loved all the songs that were used in this movie, and of course, the harmonies were awesome.

Holy. Fucking. Shit! Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) stole the whole damned show! She is fkn' hilarious. If you know me, then you know I'm not big on comedies. (I know, I know, hard to believe) True story though. So, anyway. Back to Fat Amy -er, Fat Patricia (lmbo!! Sorry, if you saw the movie, you'll understand this) I was ROLLIN' since the minute she stepped onto the big screen! There was a part in the movie, where I was laughing so hard, it was fkn SILENT! You know you get those kinda laughs. Where they just take over your entire voice box and leave you breathless and gasping for air.... well, since I was in the theater *chuckling* I had to calm my self down. 

I thought Anna Kendrick(Star, Beca) was really good in this one, definitely not a Twilight baby anymore. Her acting career, I believe, has really picked up since then. Kudos for her! I didn't think she sang though. She's pretty good. Hell, I didn't know Britney Snow (Chloe) could sing either. Laaawd was I shocked. As for the little "love" parts in this movie, it wasn't really MAJOR, but it was added in. It was cute, if a bit corny. The other Bellas were funny too. Everyone definitely added to the movie and made it what it was.  

I didn't like that the Bellas sang the same songs over and over. Not until the ending did things really change up. So, that was probably the only downer about the movie.

The Riff-Off was my favorite part in the movie. (this is the ending part of the whole "Riff-Off" scene, but it was awesome! I like the whole concept of this. ITS AWESOME! 

Ahhh. So, all in all, this movie was frkn' awesome. I would definitely recommend this movie to y'all! If you love music related movies, then yeah, this is def for you.


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