My Life....On Mondays

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Day #15: Bullet your whole day.
Lol. Okaaay then. Because I have school today and my school days are pretty much the same here goes nothin...

  • 12AM - Reading
  • 1AM - Still reading
  • 2AM - .Writing a review
  • 3AM - Writing this post...
  • 4AM - shit... it's 4AM *goes to bed*
  • 5AM - Texting....people... xD
  • 6AM - Still... texting....people xD
  • 7AM - Just fell asleep...
  • 8AM - *lights turn on* FML - these people don't understand I need my sleep!
  • 9AM - sleeping ^_^
  • 10AM - gotta peeeeee... *sleepwalks to bathroom*
  • 11AM - Sleeeeeeeeeeping 
  • 12AM - I'm up! I'm up! 
  • 1PM - cleaning the house & eating breakfast
  • 2PM - getting ready for school
  • 3PM - OMW to school
  • 4PM - Macroeconomics class 
  • 5PM - Macro Lab 
  • 6PM - Eating lunch & reading 
  • 7PM - Accounting class
  • 8PM - ...still in class
  • 9PM - ....still in class
  • 10PM - OMW home ^_^
  • 11PM - just finished eating/cleaning
  • 12PM  - Rushing to do my AMAD post
  • 1AM - still working on my AMAD post
  • 2AM - listening to Neyra @ Darkest Addiction nag at me for not being done yet
  • 3AM - finished with post before Neyra (haaaaaaaaaa!!! bioootch!)
  • 4AM - Reading... finally!
  • 5AM - sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepin' like boss  
Lol. Yes, this is my routine on Mondays. I'm up all night (early mornings) so I sleep during the day and at school all night. pretty....boring. xD 

Your turn! Bullet your day! And if you want to ask me a question, leave it in the comments below!


  1. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsOctober 15, 2012 at 5:32 AM

    You Bishh, I DO NOT NAG!!!!! >.< *middle finger meet Ana* -.-t lmao xD <3 Damn, yup I attest that this is BeachBum's routine.. on Mondays. *sigh* she does take her sweet time being lazy doesn't she >.< LOL well my day's pretty much as same as you.. i would have to sit and think abot it, but i'm too laaazzzyyyyy xD save for when you're at school, cause i have my nugget those days ^-^ <3 lol

  2. How do you survive with only 4 hours of sleep?!


    P.S. Neyra sounds like a strict mistress


    How do you survive with only 4 hours of sleep?!


    P.S. Neyra sounds like a strict mistress

  4. LMBO!!! you know I love you haha <3 you can stick that middle finger where the sun don't shine! hahaha. you know me oh so well xD lol mhm lucky you your nugget is awesome though ^_^


  5. lol. I'm used to it. I woke up @ 8am and was all.. fk this! I have school today and forced myself back to bed xD

    P.S. Neyra is a very strict mistress xD


  6. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsOctober 16, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    No! >.< lol so rude -.- xD of course, cause i spend that time w/ you -__- we are such nightowls LOL Thanks, I do believe my nugget is the awesomenest! xD LOL

  7. lmbo. Yes we are ^_^ Ain't nothing wrong with that xD your nugget is awesome...est to you lol. I miss my Monster :(




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