Running Out Of Stones

Ahhh. So I've missed a few days *sigh* I've been posting. I've just been too tired to do more than one post these past few days. BUT, I'm mustering up the strength. Bare with me ♥

Update: I was sooo gonna post this, this morning around 4am but a frkn spider scared me away from my comp :( Needless to say,  I went to sleep paranoid -____-
Day #18: Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?
NO. NO. NO! lol. Whyyy? Laaaaawd. *shakes head* I'm content with my life. I think I'm pretty, or so my mommy tells me! *chuckles* and I really pity the famous. No privacy. Life must be a bitch & a half eh?

Day #19: One of your favorite shows.
Oh gaah. Just one? PSSHHH. How about 5? xD  lol

1. Sons of Anarchy

2. Nikita

3. Revenge

4. Hart of Dixie

5. Grey's Anatomy

Day #20: Why are these shows your favorite?
1. Well, lets see. I started watch Sons of Anarchy with my dad. I believe Season 2 was just ending (I caught the ending of it) I went downstairs to get something to drink & my dad was watching this show. I just saw a whole shit load of violence and sat down and started asking my dad questions. So, ever since then, I've been hooked. And now, me and my dad have a show in common! If you haven't heard of SOA then you are living under a rock! lol. kidding. but you're missing out on an awesome show. If you don't like violence or nudity or just down right murder, then this show isn't for you.

2. Ahh. Nikita. airs on CW on *checks website - 1 minute later* holy shit! The new season started YESTERDAY! Oh laawd. I love CW. They put all shows aired the previous day on their website! SOOO, you don't have to wait eons for it! Okay whew. back to the show. I frkn love Nikita. She's a rogue agent from a secret agency called Division. She's bad ass and smart as all hell. And shes gaaaawgeous. I love watching and seeing the different missions that Nikita goes on and how in the hell she's going to get through it all. Nikita just started season 3 and its bound to get better now that a certain "bad guy" is out of the picture.

3. Revenge. Laaawd. Just, if you haven't started watching this show. Seriously, start watching it. The second season just started (few weeks ago) and its awesome! Major twists since the first season, but its still oh, so good! 

4. Hart of Dixie. Okay,  so I needed something more girly. Less action and more "OMG-Kiss-Her-Now" kinda show. And, Hart of Dixie does that for me ^_^ The second season just started a few weeks ago and I'm just AHHHHHHHHHHHH aggravated by a certain character. *sigh* Just.... its good. :) 

5. And last but not least, Grey's Anatomy. I will always love Grey's Anatomy. So many season and I do hope that the next season isn't the last. The last episode of the last season, left off on such a cliffhanger that I was just sooooo mad! UPSET! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Okay. So, yeah. Love all the docs and I love all their drama. ^_^ 

This was a bit hard. And after writing this out, I know there were a lot of shows that I missed, that I absolutely love. Maybe next time ;)
Day #21: What is your favorite movie?
Hmmm. Well, here's my top two!
1. Armageddon

2. Braveheart

Okay, that's it for my stone throwing! Feel free to answer the questions! If you have any questions for me, just leave them in the comments below :)

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