Salacious Randomness: The Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo

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So today's randomness is this. There was a question going around the blogosphere a couple of weeks about about what book that was all hyped up and you didn't like..get or care for. I didn't participate in the meme, but I did have one book that came to mind and that was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Now when I read this book, I just didn't get it. It was a slow read for me and I put it down and never picked it back up. I thought the story dragged & I just couldn't understand what the hell everybody was flapping their lips about. Anyways, I caught the movie last week on STARZ & I say this...it was better than the dog-on book (In my opinion)...

Very graphic, this is definitely a 18+ movie. Daniel Craig was good, but Rooney Mara stole this one, she was just out..muthafucking..standing. She took that role and made it her own.

I watched the movie & got it, now why I didn't get it with the book? like I said it was slow...boring, my first DNF'd before I knew what the heck that meant, lol! But if you can catch the movie, watch it. It's really good, but it's very graphic. There is a rape scene that had me ready to jump through my TV, but man did she get is ass back...literally!

Now I saw the American version
American Verion
Swedish Version (subtitled)

I also came across the Graphic Novel by DC Comics while stalking Edelweiss. The special edition preview is an automatic download, so I thought I try it. Basically retelling the story with images. I think it's good, they attempted to stay true to what some of the characters in the movie looked like..but not so much. It's a different kind of a read though, it took a little getting use to again to read the words with the images. But I enjoyed it..it was different & I like that ;)

Available November 13, 2012, the full graphic will contain 152 pages (Hardcover)
Barnes & Noble / Amazon

What did you think of the book? And the movie (if you saw it)?


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