Sexxy's Sunday Wrap~Up

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm not part of any Sunday memes, but of course my Wrap-up is inspired by many.
So this is my way of showing the salaciously sexxy happenings that went on this past week at Salacious Reads...

Happy Sunday and welcome to another Sunday here at Salacious Reads...thanks for stopping through!

Lets start with the Wibbitz Text-to-Video

I'm part of some great Tours and Blog Hops and they are still going on. When you click on the title link in the video, it will take you directly to the post...give it a try!

No books brought this past week at SR...maybe next week. I still have my review list to go through, so I don't know...we'll see...

I did however get some great books to review.


From Authors/Publishers/Tour Requests

TV News..So I ask this question on Twitter. I watched Arrow and Beauty & The Beast last night. Arrow I was okay with, but Beauty & the Beast, I was really disappointed. I was expecting more to the show, I didn't have a lot of substance to it...
So I had a lukewarm reaction to both of these shows. Maybe I'll watch the next episodes .maybe not. Did you catch the CW's newest series? and what did you think of them?



  1. Girl my list is getting beyond! I hope to catch up soon though. Beauty & the Beast was definitely a one episode watch for me...I didn't like it.

    Thank you for stopping thru Neyra! ;)

  2. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsOctober 22, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    LOL oh you'd have a heartattack looking at mine... i have my online ones, plus my scraps.. PLUSSSS a notebook! xD *Ana voice* laaaaawwwdd!!!! >.< LOL Hopefully we catch up at all lol.. awe really? :/ I was hoping someone would watch w/ me >.< lol it's okay though i've had those tv shows too smh.

    Yw<3 ^_^

  3. ooh. unfortunately I didn't get a chance to watch these shows. But if they're up on the CW website, then I'll be watching them later. Maybe not soon, but in a week or so. I'm ehhh on Beauty and the Beast... I hear this is the remake of the older series that aired way back when?? As for Arrow, okay.. I'll watch it strictly for his sezzy ass... mmm xD Loving your books you got! looking forward to your reviews on those ^_^


  4. oh gawd! he is one cutie..I was about to slober on my! I remake huh? hmmmm, maybe they should have left that one!

    thanks for stopping thru Ana!

  5. Wickedly DeliciousOctober 22, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    Loved Arrow and still not sure about Beauty and the Beast..

  6. yeah...I feel the same way. It just didn't flow right for me.

    thanks for stopping thru Wicked ;)

  7. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsOctober 22, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    >.< i hear you on the review list Sharonda! gawd knows i have plenty smh. Enslaved looks interesting and hot ^-^ i hope you enjoy it! :D Hmm, i've heard lots about the CW shows, and I actually want to see Beauty and the Beast, too bad I have no tv in my room, and i'll be damned if i watch episodes online, (my net's shitty >.< lol) Great post Sharonda! Have a great Sunday, and thanks for stopping by! ^-^