Sweet Tooth

Day 2: Question: Hmmmm... Ana, what's your favorite candy? :D *random i know >.< lol*
Okay, I know this post is kinda late. it's been a semi-busy day for me, but here it is! This question came from Neyra @ Darkest Addictions. Let's see. My favorite candy would have to be snickers. I love, love, love SNICKERS! HUNGRY? Grab a Snickers! lol. seriously though. Its fulfilling! I'm just a chocolate junkie all together. If there's chocolate in it, I'm so eating it! lol. Me & Chocolate have been having an ongoing affair for the longest! lol. FACT: I call my ex white chocolate. Cause he's white and he talks like he's a thug. I oughta just slap him for that one. But it's cute. To me anyway. xD 

So, what's your guys' favorite candy? You know you have a mighty sweet tooth! Do you like them sweet or sour? 

Feel free to leave questions in the comment box & I just might pick it for my next question to answer :)

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