Talking Zombies #1

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    **As Ana indicated...there are spoilers here so if you haven't watched the last episode, we suggest you
        take a look at it first before reading our post. We don't want to ruin it for you guys.

Ana: Welcome to our first episode of Talking Zombie. Thanks for joining Sharonda (Salacious Reads) and I as we dish about The Walking Dead. 

Sharonda: Hi Guys! ooooo Zombies I'm so excited to be here w/Ana (Beach Bum Reads)...finally someone I can talk to about the craziness going on this season 

Ana: Definitely agree, Sharonda. Lets start with last nights episode. How crazy was that? MORE PEOPLE! BREATHING, LIVING, PEOPLE! Cray. 

Sharonda: I was really excited to see it...I mean a whole town full of normal people. And then the Governor had to go all bat shit crazy..smh, WTF was that?

Ana: That is what you call a psychopath. Did you see the look in his eyes? *shudders* someone get him a straight jacket and STAT! Man needs to do a little self-hugging! 

Sharonda: Oh I saw I was like they better run..hell I rather be out there with the damn Zombies that crazy Mo-fo..smh!  LOL @  a little self hugging. So what do you think of our little friend Andrea? man! what a ho'..I mean Shane isn't even freshly dead yet & she got her eyes set on the damn Governor...I can't stand that slut.

Ana: Lol @ Shane isn't even freshly dead yet... More like rottenly dead *laughs at own joke* I know... She has BAD TASTE IN MEN. She definitely had some daddy issues. I am not a fan of Andrea, I pitied her when her sister died, but she's just a damned fool. Michonne on the other hand? Love her. BADASS! 

Sharonda:  *snorts* Thank you very much Rick for killing that fool! Daddy issues for sure. You know something about her always rubbed me the wrong way. Just something about her..what did I say about Shane? Sneaky Mo-fo? yup...that's her in a nutshell. Now Michonne, that's a smart chick right there & with that Sword! But I think she's starting to see Andrea for what she really is...

Ana: ... seeing her as a biiiiiiiiiiotch in disguise *shrugs* lol. Michonne is awesome. But I'm waiting to see what her story is. We don't know much about her, but I hope they don't kill her off just yet. Andrea on the other hand, oh yeah. Feed her to the WALKERS! 

Sharonda: totally shaking my head with your comment about Andrea..I hope she dies like really, really soon. I don't think I hated a TV character as much as I hate her & that skank Lori. Well lets hope they'll give us some background on her. I agree she is totally kick ass & I think she would be a awesome addition to Rick's group. Here to wishing she gets out of that crazy town intact..but from last night sneak peak. I think she's going to use the Governors craziness to her advantage. So what say you about the Governor? crazy much? lols

Ana: lol. and you're shaking your head at me? *shakes head at your comment* lol. You're right, she'd make a great addition to the group, but the way things are looking? The Governor seems to be running a tight ship. He's mad crazy. And what the hell was up with those zombie heads in the fish tank. They ain't fish FFS! It's like his little trophy shrine. WTF! SIIIICK! I don't like him. I didn't like him from the beginning, but I think people are scared of him. He needs to be killed off like, before the season started. But, I have a feeling he's gonna stick around for a while. Ever since they killed off Shane, they needed another bad guy. The Governor fills that roll perfectly. 

Sharonda: LOL...wait, I'm shaking my head at your comment...oh never mind..lols, let's hope they understand ;) Zombie heads in fish tanks??! Yo, he is straight out of his mind. Nope, not liking this dude. When he killed all of those soldiers, I damn near jumped through my TV...straight cra cra right there. But your're right...they need another bad guy & damn if this dude don't fit it perfectly. I wonder how he got so damn messed up...I mean did you see the pic of him & his family at the end...smh. But you know there's always a nut in the mix when stuff like this happens. 

Ana: He is. He really, really is >.< OMG. That was.. horrible. The season barely started and so many LIVING PEOPLE are getting killed off. Me no likey! AT ALL! I'm thinking he lost his fam and went bonkers. Or, his inner nutcase decided it was time to show itself when the walkers started roaming their neighborhoods. I don't like him at all, but I'm definitely curious to see how everything plays out. But the look in his eyes.... ugh. NO! All bad! What do you think about Hershel getting bit? I was shocked to see him open his eyes and still be there, I was crossing my fingers on that one. I love Hershel.

Sharonda: Man!...poor Hershel. Now one-legged Hershel,,,smh. I was hoping like hell, he would have bit the shit out of! but hey a girl can wish, right? But I'm glad they didn't kill him I said, he's the common sense to everyone else's crazy. I know he'll bring some level headness back into the Group. Maybe talk Rick out going completely nuts. When he locked that prisoner out there with the Walkers, I was like damn..they done drove Rick nuts..lols. 

Ana: *spits iced coffee out and starts laughin* omfg! ahahahaha! Wheew. *composes self* Right, when Lori was giving him mouth to mouth, I was like... biiiiiiite her!! xD Didn't Rick blame it on Lori? how she turned Shane and him against each other and then put the gun in his hand to kill Shane? But yeah. Hershel definitely plays an important roll. When and IF Rick goes mad, I'm voting Daryl in as leader! lol. 

Sharonda: that's right...she did, she kept pitting them against each other & then the ho' had the nerve to get mad when Rick finally killed his ass...what an mess that situation happy its over. But now we got another nut to deal with...who do you think is watching the group at the prison? I can't wait to find that out, should be some good stuff coming up in the next episodes. Oh & I so vote for Daryl to take over. He's like that crazy uncle you want to sic on everybody when shit gets out of hand...lmbo!

Ana: ooh. my gosh. I almost forgot about that. The person who was watching Carol. Ahhh. I don't even know. But the preview for the episode 4 was crazy! Hopefully we find out then. *keeps fingers crossed* Lol @ crazy uncle. oh laawdy. True enough, he swears he doesn't have emotions, but you know he has a soft spot for Carol. I think he's a good guy that was dealt a shitty hand in life. But his shitty hand more then makes up for this dang apocalypse! 

Sharonda: we have episode 4 to look forward to? what is your take on it? What do you think will happen? I think the group is going to finally find out who is watching them & maybe possibly meet up with the Governor? too soon you think?

Ana: I don't think they're gonna meet up with the Governor just yet. In the preview Merel says that Andrea gave him directions to the farm house they were staying at. So, now I'm on the fence. Either Andrea is really blind to the Governor, or she's playing at stupid and and keeping her enemies closer? Idk. Food for thought, I guess. I think the group is going to find out who's been watching the, but I think that'll be revealed in the end. We'll see. They just might throw a twist and everything gets all eff'd up lol. What do you think about Carl? I, personally, don't like him.... AT ALL. 

Sharonda: True...she did, she did. I don't think she's stupid, possibly a lil gullible? idk either ..though I do believe she is blind to what the Governor is up to. Plus I don't think she would purposely want the Group hurt. At the end for sure we'll find out whose watching them...they always kill me with the cliff hangers at the end of the's so not right of them, lols. Hmmm...Carl? a spoiled, rotten little brat....big ass cry baby. Seriously kid, put you big boy drawers on & grow a pair. I can't stand Lori, but she needs to put foot way us his ass. As my mom would say "zombie apocalypse or not...I'm about to whump you ass! who you think you talking too?!" lol! He has gotten a little bit better, but that talking back shit would have to stop for me...seriously. 

Ana: hmm. I don't know about gullible. Maybe. Andrea is... a world of her own lol. Thank Gaaawd! I thought I was alone on this one. I don't like Carl, he's exactly what you said, a BRAT! Lori either needs to give him a whoopin' (Walkers or not) that kid is long overdue for one!  haha! Your mom and my mom alike! Yeah, he's just.. nope.. not doing it for me. Well, this week's Talking Zombies was a great one. Next weeks will be even better! More surprises and more... cliffhangers. lol. To wrap up this weeks Talking Zombies, we have a poll for you. Take it away Sharonda.

Sharonda: Thanks for hanging out with your girl Ana. I had so much fun! You guys make sure you check     back next week for more Talking Zombies with myself & Ana. So what did you guys think? like? of course you!  

Leave your comments below and now for that poll.



  1. Norman Reedus is the only reason why I catch an episode sometimes. Zombies aren't really my thing...

    Thanks for breaking the episode down.

    P.S. I sent an update about The Weird Girls tour, it might have landed on your junk folder. Let me know if you didn't get it, I'll resend the email.


  2. Norman Reedus is the only reason why I catch an episode sometimes. Zombies aren't really my thing... Thanks for breaking the episode down. P.S. I sent an update about The Weird Girls tour, it might have landed on your junk folder. Let me know if you didn't get it, I'll resend the email. Thanks! Braine on Talking Zombies #1

  3. thanks for stopping by Braine. I'm going o send you an email, I don't think I got the update.

  4. This was fun ^_^ definitely looking forward to Sunday ^_^ woot woot lol.