This Beach Bum Is Taken

Day #23: Write about your relationship status.
Current Status: It's Complicated. My status relationship is complicated BECAUSE, I'm currently seeing Rhage from the Brotherhood. And well, Mary doesn't like that too much, but I can handle a little petite lil thaaang. Bring it giiirl *takes of earrings* And then... because I couldn't help myself, and he was just standing there needing some lovin'... I started talking to Zsadist from the Brotherhood as well. He just needed some REAL GOOD lovin... then he went and got Bella preggers and I don't mix well with baby mamas! He gon' have to pay his child support! Laaaawd. Heard they named the baby Nalla, not like Nala from the Lion King. But, hey. being the spawn of two vamps... girl got chomps! I then decided that I didn't want to cause any more drama within the Brotherhood, so after I played tonsil hockey with Quinn & Blay (yes, both of them, because you can totally see their affection for each other, I had to jump in and make the magic happen *waves magic wand*) I took the elevator up to cloud 9 and had a little roll in the clouds with Zacharel and of course his little psychopath girlfriend threatened me with her massive claws, I jumped clouds and landed in the arms of Thane. Wheew. Thane.. we had a good time. But we had to end our little escapade of foreplay. He always wanted to play the demon and I wasn't having that! So I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan... Yeah... New Status: Mentally sleeping around with all my book boyfriends ;) 

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