Vote For My Halloween Cover Remake!

Ahhh, yes! I's back again! lol. Not too long ago, I've entered in the cover contest over @ Confessions of a Bookaholic. All you had to do was take a book of your choosing and make it skeeeery! lol. So, of course, I was like... hell fucking yes! I'm entering! I always love challenging myself when it comes to designing and well, this definitely was a bit of a challenge. Simple, but challenging.

I originally wanted to do something vampish.. but that one ended up looking so.... blah? So, with the go ahead from Neyra (my partner in crime) I demonified a little girl. lmbo! You're all probably thinking I'm crazy. I'm not... yet. I went ahead and chose to remake Heather Gudenkaufs One Breath Away. In my defense, I am not the first person to demonify a little girl. And most likely, not the last. 

ORIGINAL                                                                   MY REMAKE

To vote click HERE and leave a comment in the comment section with "#6". Of course, there are 7 other designs aside from my own, so if you like any of the others, have at it! Vote for theirs ^_^ 

And here is the original photo I used for the cover.

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