What's In My Candy Bag #14

What's In My Beach Candy Bag will be a weekly post about all the books & other goodies that I've bought, borrowed or won :)

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What I Received:

♥ Thanks to Kym Grosso for Luca's Magic Embrace (Received for review)
♥Thanks to Wynne Channing for What Kills Me (Won in giveaway @ Picked by Poison)
♥Thanks to Anna @ Hearding Cats & Burning Soup for Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh (Won in giveaway)
♥Thanks to Neyra @ Darkest Addictions for Books #1 - 3 in the Firefighters of Station Five series by Jo Davis

What I Bought:

Ahh. So I was at GoodWill the other day. And I saw this! Its like a mini drawer! Its dsooo damned cute! Its sitting here on my desk. I like it. Its my little storage bin! xD It was only $3.00 so I had to get it :) Well.. I didn't have to, but it was so kaaa-ute! ^_^

Lol! YES! More notepads! ^_^ I got these at Goodwill and they were only .49¢ each! that's a whopping 0.98¢ Pretty damned great price if you ask me :) 

Candy of the Week:
Yes, I know this isn't candy! BUT, its sweet. So, that's enough for me xD If you read my last WIMCB post then you know that my sister and I bought a bag of cookies from Target and they were, for lack of a better word, CRAP! So, while we were running errands for my dad, we picked up cookies from Albertsons. Laaawd. We LOVE Albertsons cookies! Yesterday we got Brownie Cookies. Its pretty much a brownie shaped liked a cookie with chocolate chips in it.... NOM NOM NOM it was good ^_^ 

Well, that's it for my haul this week :) Did you get anything awesome?


  1. Awesome candy bag :)
    Love the covers of the books too! Some of them I want to eat! *LoL*

  2. Jessica@a GREAT readOctober 21, 2012 at 8:18 AM

    Oooh nice! You find good stuff at your goodwill stores! Mine never seem to have anything that cool! Enjoy your haul!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. I like how you decorated your blog for Halloween. Very nice selection of books this week. Like that you called it a candy bag. Great haul of books.


  4. I'm seriously gonna have to send you some money so you can shop for me at the Good Will your always at...you find the coolest shit!

  5. Your Goodwill has a lot of cool stuff! And lots of sexy books too, this week.

    Happy Sunday, Ana!
    Talk Supe BB&B

  6. Lol! I love going thifting now. I used to hate it. But, I find a lot of cool stuff. I have to limit myself cause I know I'd leave broke af! lol. Maybe one day I'll just start posting pics on Twitter and I'll get it for you :p

    Ik ^_^ Can't wait to start on these books!! I'm catching up on my reading, so I'm happy about that .


  7. Thanks :) lol yeah. my original haul post is called "What's In My Beach Bag" and since its Oct. I've decided to switch it up a bit. Still a haul though :) Thanks for stopping by <3


  8. Thanks :) Oh I know. I <3 my Goodwill stores. I've got like 2 by me. Well, its about a 5-7 min drive. But still in the same city so I'm happy. The book section at this Goodwill was crap, but I found other great things :) Thanks for stopping by <3


  9. haha! OMG I want to eat some of them too xD just take a bite ;) Thanks for stopping by <3


  10. Must you tempt me with those cookies! you evil evil woman!! *sobs* D; LOL love your candy bag this week hoochie! ^-^ and you're welcome, I hope you enjoy they HOT SIZZLING, SMOKIN', DOWN RIGHT STEAMY Firefighters of Station Five!! I really should stop doing that xD LOL any who's can't wait to see your reviews on all your goodies, and smh @ you... forever at Goodwill! xD

  11. lol yes I must! when I was eating them, I told you to drive your ass to Albertsons.. but noooooooooooooooooo you wanted to go to Walmart -___- lol. OMG I am so gonna enjoy them.. gonna light a candle and call their station xD lol.. whaaat I've learned to love thrifting!


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