What's In My Candy Bag #15

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What's In My Beach Candy Bag will be a weekly post about all the books & other goodies that I've bought, borrowed or won :)
Okay, I didn't get much this week. Or, hardly anything lol. This week was a very slow week indeed.

Received For Review:
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Candy of the Week:
So, this week (last night actually) my mom came home with goodies! lol Whoppers, popcorn & Red Vines. AAAANNNNND we watched The Walking Dead. YES, I know Walking Dead comes on, on Sundays. BUT, AMC was taken off of Dish, so we were stuck without it :( People (according to my moms co-workers) had a lil party for the premier of the new season. (Again, because AMC was only showing on certain cable providers) BUT, alas, AMC is back on DishNetwork and I got to catch up with TWD. ^_^ So, Whoppers was a part of my celebration. lol

That's it for this weeks haul. Like I said, very small haul. Did you guys get anything awesome?


  1. I love Whippers, if not for the cavities I would definitely indulge my sweet tooth all the time.


  2. Comment from Braine @ Talk Supe

    love Whippers, if not for the cavities I would definitely indulge my sweet tooth all the time.


  3. Me too ^_^ lol. I loooove chocolate, anything chocolate, as much as I would love to eat them 24/7, I prefer real food lol. Thanks for stopping by <3


  4. yay! I can talk to someone about The Walking Dead...what do you think so far? small hauls are just as good, especially when your review list looks like its never going to end ;)

  5. YAY ^_^ Walking Dead buddies! lol. Well, at the end of the first episode, I was like.. "Holy shiiiit, more people!* I was excited to see more people lol. and then.... they wanted to go and be stupid. -_____- So far, its ehh but I'm still looking forward to tonight's episode. What about you?

  6. Jessica@a GREAT readOctober 28, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    Nice! Haven't heard of this one! Hope you enjoy it!

    I really like the Reese's Whoppers they made! Love Reese's peanut butter cups since forever and the Whoppers version is good too!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  7. Thanks :) ooh . I haven't tried that one. <3 Whoppers, I'm gonna have to try the Reese's one though. Thanks for stopping by <3


  8. I'm liking it so far..I can't stand Lori's ass & Andrea is a slut..lol! I'm a big fan of Mashon's...the governor is crazy & poor Rick is loosing it..lol! We should so do a post about this

  9. OMFG. Lori gotta go too! But, of course, they're keeping her alive -___- I don't like their kid either. I feel bad for Rick :( But damn... no hesitation when he killed ol' boy in the last episode. OMG We so totally should! ^_^ I'm down!

  10. Yeah Carl is a dang on whiner...ewwww! I think I would have killed him, just to shut em up...lol! yay! let's set it up Missy...oh it would be so much fun!

  11. He is! OMG. seriously though, that kid. ugh. And the way he talks to his mama. I know we don't like Lori, but still. RESPECT! Zombie Apocalypse or not! lol. Haha, I wanted to kill him too, but the look in Ricks eye when he did it. damn. Lol looking forward to doing that post with you girly ^_^



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