Alpha-Males After Dark #8

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Welcome back to another week of AMAD! This week's sezzy hunk of man-flesh is Jim from the Fallen Angels series by the WARDen. I chose Jim because he is pure awesomeness, he hasn't had his HEA yet, though I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever get one :( But he is their SALVATION! lol. Anywho, this particular scene is from the first book, Covet. And its Jim's birthday and he's in the cab of his truck with Devina, who happens to be a demon. But Jim doesn't know that. Not yet at least. This scene isn't all that hawt and heavy, I chose this scene because I thought it was funny that Jim's trying to be all gentle and nurturing with her deceiving ass. 

      "You're amazing," he whispered.
     Jim bent down and captured her flesh with his lips, sucking on her gently. As she gasped and thrust her hands into his hair, her breast cushioned his mouth and he had a moment of raw lust, the kind that turned men into animals.
     Except then he rememebred the way she'd looked at him, and he knew he wasn't going to have sex with her. He was going to take care of her, here in the trick cab, with  the heater goign and the windows fogging up. He was going to show her how beautiful she was and how perfect her body looked and felt and...tasted. But he wasn't taking anything for himself.
   Hell, maybe he wasn't all bad.
   You sure about that? His inner voice cut in. Are you really sure about that?    No, he wasn't. But Jim had laid her down on the seat and wadded his leather jacket into a pillow for her head and vowed to do the right thing.
     Man...she was drop-dead gorgeous, a lost, exotic bird who'd found a chicken coop for shelter. Why on God's green earth did she want him?
     "Kiss me." she breathed.
     Just as he braced his weight on his heavy arms and leaned over her, he caught sight of the digital clocl on the fash. 11:59. The very minute he had been born forty years before.
     What a happy birthday this had turned out to be.


  1. Jim Herron is a total Babe even if he made out w/a demon ;)

  2. he so is! lawdy. Lol He wanted that demon! xD She's so deceiving haha