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    Golden Chariot
    (Book #1 in the Dangerous Waters series)
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    Author:  Chris Karlsen
    Publisher: Books to Go Now (March 15, 2012)
    Genre: Romance, Suspense, Thriller, 316 pages
    eBook Words: 96,700
    ASIN: B007KNLC02

    Myth, murder, and money clash in this gripping undersea adventure.

    The rare discovery of a ship sunk during the time of the Trojan War has been found off the coast of Turkey, near Troy. Charlotte Dashiell is an American nautical archaeologist and thrilled to be part of the recovery team. The wreck may contain proof of her highly controversial theory about the Trojan War.

    Charlotte is present when the Turkish government agent assigned to guard the site is murdered. Her possible involvement and a questionable connection to a private collector of black market relics bring her under suspicion. Atakan Vadim is the Turkish agent sent to investigate her. Unknown to either of them, the smuggler behind the murder plans to steal a valuable artifact and frame Charlotte for the theft...after they murder her.

    Golden Chariot takes you on an adventure of mystery and romance all tied together perfectly. Although, it did take me a while to get into the book, it eventually picked up and I was hooked since. Chris Karlsen takes you through on an adventure with archaeologists who are diving for hidden treasures off the coast of Turkey. Charlotte Dashiell is in the middle of a murder investigation while continuing on with the team of archaeologists diving to discover a ship that was sunk during the Trojan War. 

    This book has different point of views, which I appreciated. A lot of the characters mentioned in the book has their own POV at some point, and it's not a raving mess either. The transitions were smooth and easy and definitely doesn't have you going "Woah, wtf was that?!" Yeah. None of that nonsense. Getting the different POV's also ups the whole book. Not only are you getting Charlotte's thoughts and everything see she's, but you also get to see things from the "murderer's eyes as well as a few other key players throughout this suspenseful book. 

    As I said earlier, it did take me a while to get into this book. BUT, when I got about 10% into the book, everything picked up, and so did the romance. Hand deliver me a romance in any form and I'll be one mighty happy camper. The characters were well developed and very much believable. I wasn't too sure if I should like Atakan Vadim, Charlotte's diving partner, but as I continued to read, he grew on me and I was just wanting to push both he and Charlotte closer. I'm nothing if not a hopeless romantic. I also enjoyed the dives and the findings of the treasures. Makes me want to go on down to my beach and pretend i'm diving and find me something awesome. 

    I would definitely recommend this book. Chris Karlsen definitely knows how to weave a story together. All my romantic junkies out there, although this book doesn't drip with romance, I would definitely recommend this to you. It's definitely on the light side, but the story that goes along with it is a major plus. If you enjoy a bit of a mystery and suspense, then this book is most definitely for you :) Golden Chariot pulled me out of my reading slump and I am eagerly waiting for the release of book #2 in the Dangerous Waters series.


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