Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2
Director: Bill Condon
Screenplay: Melissa Rosenberg
Novel: Stephenie Meyer
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner (Full cast & crew HERE)

After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.

EEEEEEEEKKKKK.*takes a deep breath* Wheeew. Okay. Where to start... okay. So... I dread lines. I dislike them with a passion. >.< So usually when I want to see a movie the night it comes out, I'll go to the 1 AM showing, because everyone wants to cram themselves into the midnight premiers... and I'm having none of that nonsense xD Anywho, I ended up going later that day around 7:40 PM and holy mother of fecking shit. There were LINES. FEEEECKING LINES! For every single frkn' showing. *sighs heavily* 

Yes, I was all WHYYYYYY!!! I thought to my self for  a second... I should just wait for it to come out on DVD... then it hit me... fuck that! I waited long enough xD 

Okay, okay. On with my review. Let me just say that I am glaaaad there were Twihards all up in my movie theater. I usually could do without all the yelling and ruining of a movie, but this was an exception. 

The Acting: Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan)... I'm gonna have to say she improved. I really think she's come a ways since Twilight. There was NO heavy breathing AT ALL. I wanted to stand up in the theater and applaud her. No awkward silences and touching of the hair that she does in EVERY single movie she's in. So, kudos to her. Though, I'm thinking the Director was all "Aye yo bitch, none of that heavy breathing shit all up in my movie." Thank you Bill Condon. haha. >.< As for Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen). ehh. Nothing special. As far as I'm concerned, he's a decent actor. Did I like him as Edward? Meehh. I'll live. I was really excited that the other Cullens' had more lines.. seriously! Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) had more lines than the last 4 movies COMBINED! That's some major improvements.

Actors: I was more or less excited about seeing all the new vampires. I think they chose really, really well when it came to that.

Can I fangirl a moment over Rami Malek (Benjamin - Egyptian Coven) Wheeew. but he is sooooo darned kaaaaa-ute! I thought he was pure awesomeness. ^_^

Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) Ahhh. This man. He barely has any scenes but when he does, he just steals the whole show. -- Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee) is sooo danged cute. I wasn't feeling all the computer generated images of Renesmee as she aged, but aside from that it was okay. -- Micheal Sheen (Aro - Volturi) is a pure genius. This man... So danged believable. Just... GO WATCH IT NOW! -- Dakota Fanning (Jane - Volturi) Welcome back giiiirl. This girl can act. Seriously. Again. Just GO WATCH THE MOVIE. lol. I really don't want to give away any spoilers, so I'm just keep telling you what to do xD -- All the other characters were great and really tied the movie together nicely :)

The Movie: Was puuuure awesomeness. Like I mentioned earlier, I was glad that my theater was full of Twihards. There was a lot of laughing and screaming involved. Hell, when the credits rolled, the girls were screaming at all the male actors' names and all the guys were hollerin' for all the female actresses' names. Breaking Dawn Part 2 definitely takes all of the cake when it comes to all the Twilight movies. A round of applause for Bill Condon and the rest of the cast & crew that made this movie amazing and wrapped up the entire saga nicely :)

The Twisted Ending:  Oh. My. Gosh. OHMYGOSH! Go watch the movie. NOW. That's pretty much all I can say on the ending. It's definitely a twist. I don't want to say too much as to give anything away... >.< But... this was my reaction...

No. Words.
Buuuut. Bella does sparkle... 
Welcome to the sparkly kingdom of fairy dust biiiatch 

QUESTION (Might be a spoiler so I highlighted it for all you folks that don't like spoilers... roll mouse over to highlight area to see spoiler)

So, in BD pt. 1 Alice can't see Bella's future or the baby right? Same as with Jacob. But, at the end of BD pt. 2, she sees Renesmee's & Jacob's future? That was the only flaw I found. Unless I'm losing it here >.<  What do y'all think?


  1. I'm not a big fan and I haven't even seen the 3rd movie. I think I'll skip on to this one, y'all are raving about it.

  2. From Braine @ Talk Supe

    I'm not a big fan and I haven't even seen the 3rd movie. I think I'll skip on to this one, y'all are raving about it.

  3. o.O definitely need to go see the last movie! ^_^

  4. I'm definitely waiting for the DVD, but I've been hearing some awesome things about this one...Thank you Bill Condon :)

  5. oooh. I'm definitely buying the DVD. Yaaay. lol. Can't wait to see what you think :) & yes, thank you Mr. Condon.


  6. Honestly Bill Condon I would so love to shake his hand , hug him and say a big thank you for making this movie so Epic! I agree Kristan's acting definitely improved in this one.

    I really need to go to your theater there was no reaction other than the collective gasp when the twist ended. I wanted to scream so bad, I was crying then I got angry LOL but had to keep it all in . This was definitely the best out of all the movies.

    I loved Aro too what about that cackle I laughed so hard it was awesome and Michael Sheen rocks! Jane I wanted to rake her eyes out LOL, Dakota Fanning is awesome too. to make me hate her that much .


    oh I would so want to shake his hand too. Definitely did an awesome job with this movie :)

    ooh my gosh. My theater is forever alive lol. You would've been crying and screaming with everyone in the theater.. When the battle started and people started dying everyone was screaming. I'm telling you. EVERYONE. I distinctly heard myself scream "oh hell no" lmbo! I <3'd this movie and I can't wait to watch it again. I'm not big on directors, but now I want to go and look up all Condons' movies.

    OMG. That laugh just killed me. Everyone in the theater was dying of laughter, the guy in front of me said "what the fuck" and that made everyone laugh even more. Ahh. Lol Yeah, I hated her too. When Alice started chasing her and her eyes got all wide and started running away my brother (yes, I dragged my lil bro to the theaters with me & m sis) said "Get that bitch" everyone was clapping and hollering every time a Volturi member fell. So damned good. Aaahh. I think maybe the other theaters heard us too lol. we were that danged loud xD


  8. Neyra @DarkestAddictionsNovember 27, 2012 at 2:12 AM

    Phahaha! Sparkly kingdom of fairy dust... tfff! xD lol great review hon, i know you were dying to spill the frijoles. lol good thing you didn't :p i love every moment of this.. i can't wait for the dvd so i cna watch it forever xD lol

  9. lol for real though. She was dying to become a vampire and join the ranks of the sparkly people! lol... I sooo wanted to, but I held it in. lol. Ohhh me too. ^_^ over and over and over and over.. well yeah you get the point xD