Movie Review: Magic Mike

Monday, November 5, 2012

Magic Mike
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Starring: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, and Oliva Munn (Full cast & crew HERE

A male stripper teaches a younger performer how to party, pick up women, and make easy money.

Aaah. I finally got a chance to watch Magic Mike! With my mother no less! You see, my mom has a thing for talking during a movie. She'll point out little facts (which I don't mind, I'm used to it) But for this movie? Oh-My-Lanta! If you've seen the trailer for this movie when Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) & The Kid, Adam(Alex Pettyfer), are dressed as cops and are at a sorority house then you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Mom: That's exactly how my bachelorette party was.
Me: *turns to mom* WHAT?
Mom: Yeah, just like that. 
Me: *facepalm* oh laaaawd

So this continues throughout the movie. You know when Magic Mike performs to Genuine's "My Pony"? Yeah...

*beginning of routine*
Mom: He can dance
Me: Yeah, mom. 

*Tatum loses shirt*
Mom: He can really dance 
Me: *looks at mom through corner of eye* uh huh

*Tatum dry humping the floor*
Mom: Oh, he's good! He can dance.
Me: *looks left and right for escape route* uh.. yeah, mom.

All theatrics aside, this movie was... okay. Definitely watched it for the sezzy half naked hunks who can have sex with the air and leave women panting and throwing dollar bills like it's nothing! *waves a bunch of dollar bills in hand* come to mama! haha. The storyline was...boring and I didn't find myself entertained. Though, the dancing scenes made up for it. Channing Tatum, as always, I thought did a great job. I love him as an actor and the man can DANCE. Alex Pettyfer? Ahhh. I wasn't too thrilled about his character. There's always a climax in a movie and the climax point for this movie was so anti-climax. >.< I didn't like the actress that played Brooke, Adams (Alex Pettyfer) older sister. I just wasn't SOLD. I thought her facial expressions were rivaling that of Kristen Stewarts'. 

Ditching the storyline, I want to point out a few of my favorites in this movie ^_^

Channing Tatum - Magic Mike 
 Wheeew *fanning self* Yes, yes and HELL YES! That's all I gotta say. ;)

Joe Manganiello - Big Dick Richie

Gosh. This man is gorgeous and frkn' sezzy! Though he had few lines, I didn't mind ogling his sezzy ass. 

The other characters I could care less about. They didn't really "pop" to me. Matt Bomer CANNOT dance! lol. He is cute though ;) 

Overall, this movie was okay. Not so great of a storyline, but the half naked men is what kept me watching ;) If you're watching this for that alone, just use the flash-forward button. This movie is only getting 3 Movie Reels because of the sezzy men. If it weren't for them, this movie would have gotten a 1 - 2 Movie Reels.



  1. Kelly TheWellReadRedheadNovember 5, 2012 at 1:53 PM

    I really need to get this on Netflix the next time my husband goes out of town. LOL. major kudos to you for watching with your mom--hilarious!!

  2. Tasnin TheWildReaderNovember 5, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    haha your mum is seriously awesome and funny!
    I'd probably only watch the film for the hot men.

  3. I liked MM too, while the story was nothing earth shattering, but the men were HOT

    (I'm not brave enough to watch this with my mom XD )

  4. lol! That was the first and LAST time I watch something like that with my mom xD Thanks for stopping by <3


  5. haha yeah, she's the best ^_^ This movie is def worth the hawt men. Storyline aside xD Thanks for stopping by <3


  6. ^_^ you so totally should! And just fastforward to all the hawt parts xD lol. Thanks for stopping by <3


  7. Nice review! I just watched this movie yesterday after
    getting it in the mail with my Blockbuster @Home package from DISH, and I
    definitely wasn't impressed other than the nice looking men! I thought the
    story line was super boring, and every time I saw the older sister actress I
    cringed. She was horrible, and I can definitely see what you mean comparing her
    to Kristen Stewart. I also didn't like that Tarzan guy either, he had no skills
    lol! Other than that I would say this movie is only worth the watch for the eye
    candy, but I’d still probably rank it lower than a 3. I am glad I took my
    coworker at DISH’s advice and rented it in Blu-ray at no extra charge though,
    because WOW did Channing look amazing in that quality! Haha, thanks for
    sharing! :)

  8. Emery,

    Thanks :) I watched it via DISH too! haha. I <3 the Blockbuster package. Other than that, I dislike Dish >.< Lol Thank gaaawd someone agrees with me on the older sister! Thought I was alone there for a moment. Oh, I didn't like Tarzan either. I thought his character wasn't much needed. They showed him ODing or something in the beginning, but no follow up on that. >.< Just taking up screen time? HOW DARE HE! lol. I was gonna rate it a 2. Hell, even a 1.5 (but I don't give half ratings lol. I either love it or hate it) But Channing Tatum's "Pony" routine is what had me paying YouTube a visit and adding that extra star. I'm pretty damned sure that if that scene weren't in this movie, it wouldn't have gotten the rating I gave it xD

    Thanks for stopping by <3