Talking Zombie #4

Welcome back to another week of Talking Zombies with Sharonda & Ana! Last week we dished about S03E05 “Say The Word” you can find that HERE. This week we are talking about this past Sunday’s episode “Hounded” S03E06.

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Ana: Holy. Fucking. Shit. I knew it. I fuuuucking knew it! It was Lori’s ol’ dead ass on the phone xD Rick lost his mind, but I think he’s back... The ending of Hounded shedded a little bit of light on that.

Sharonda: LMAOOO!! thank god for that..I was seriously starting to question Dude..wth is going on with you? But I'm glad he got his good sense back.

Ana: Right, when Hershel went to find Rick and picked up the phone, I was all.. oooooh shiiiet. There you go! xD Rick done went bonkers. lol. Ahh what about Andrea and the Governor? OMFG. Ho. WHAT A HO! >.<

Sharonda: Yep...I like how Hershel was like..oh..Ok. It was funny as hell. I told you those two were going to do the Nasty..lols! Ugh but they worked my nerves..I can't stand either of them..once they are killed off, I'll be totally happy.

 Ana: What did you think when that girl who was with Andrea on the wall said “This is not a game”? after Andrea leapt over the wall and killed that walker? Because, personally, I think that totally contradicted everything that has happened to far since being introduced to the Governor and Woodbury. If it isn't a game, then why chain walkers and brawl in the middle of them? >.<

Sharonda: ikr..on one hand..I'm glad somebody finally told her ass that becoz she's still with that I have something to prove crap. And on the other hand, it makes you wonder if everyone is "all in" with what's going on in that kid was a bad shot. OMG, she missed that zombie like how many times...smh. Are you not happy that Darryl found Carol?!! I was so excited for him ;) I totally did the snoopy dance in my livingroom ^_^

 Ana: Right. Andrea needs to be put in her place. And I was like.. holy fucking hell, she can’t shoot worth a damn! And she said she was good >.<  That’s all bad. OMG. When Darryl found Carol I was all “omg yes yes yes yes yeeeees” lol. I knew he liked her! lol. He was so torn up about it. 

 Sharonda: I think that Andrea is totally living in a fantasy world too. I don't think she wants to face reality and realize that the world is not what it once was..if the ppl in Woodbury are in denial, this chick has on big ass blinders for sure.

Ana: You’re right. I mean, yeah it’s cool and all she wants to find a safe place to reside and where she doesn’t have to worry 24/7 but come on. These people don’t even know what it’s like to live out there. And she LIKES the fights? WTF. That bitch cray. 
Sharonda: lol @ that bitch cray..yes..yes she is. I know she better wake the hell up. Its sad to see these ppl walking around everyday like it ain't no fucking Zombies right outside their damn door. That whole damn town is cray cray I tell you.

Ana: What did you think when Merel took Glenn and Maggie? Gosh.. no no no no no NOOOOOOOO. 

           credit: AMC

Sharonda: OMG.I seriously fell on the floor screaming lil one was like ma you are so dramatic over this show...LMBO. But damn, I hope they survive until Rick's group is able to save them and I pray like hell they don't tell where the group is..but I seriously want Merle’s ass to die. I love Michonne, but I wished she would have helped Maggie & Glenn..
Ana: Lol @ your youngest xD I wanted Michonne to do something too, but she was hurt, so you had to think of that, you know? Maybe she could have done something, maybe not. But I did like how she showed up at the prison though and Rick had that WTF look on his face xD 

Sharonda: LOL! That shit was funny..he seriously did have that look on his face...shoot even I was looking at her in awe :)

Ana: I just can’t get over Daryl and Carol. Ahhh. *sobs* I thought he was for sure gonna lose it when he found Carol’s knife. I kinda figured she was growing on him last season ever since Sophia’s disappearance. 

Sharonda: True...I felt so bad for him when he was stabbing that damn wall..but I’m happy she’s alive. I think they will make a cute lil couple.
Ana: Okay, so is it just me or was Axel missing in this episode? I saw Oscar, but Axel was MIA. >.<

Sharonda:’re right...what happened to that dude?...hmmm, I may win the bet after all *evil laugh*.

Ana: Haha … pshh win my ass! xD I’m still in! His death has not been confirmed lol...Back to Maggie and Glenn, in the preview for next week’s episode, it shows Michonne telling Rick and his group about the Governor and his fucked up little community and Rick and a few others going to find Woodbury. I don’t think Glenn or Maggie will give up the location, but do you think one or both of them will die before Rick and the others find them? I hope not, but you never know, right? 

Sharonda: I don’t think they’ll tell where the group is either. Man, I hope neither one of them dies...I would feel so bad & I’m really starting to like Maggie....Glenn too. *sigh*..yup, you never know with the show and it’s kills me every time it goes off because you just know something bad is going to happen when it comes back on

Ana: What about Andrea? Do you think she’ll put a stop to their little interrogation or do you think she’s completely gone coo coo for cocoa puffs? *shrugs* Part of me thinks she’s taken a drink of water from the Governors little zombie head collection and gone totally wack job. 

Sharonda: Nah...that skank is in lala land and she’s definitely drinking whatever the Governor is selling. Watch the stupid butt look all crazy when she DOES find out that Maggie & Glenn are being interrogated. It just boggles the mind that she’s that dense as what is going on, I truly don’t get her character at all.


Ana: I don’t either. Maybe she’s just there to make things more interesting. She’s unstable. First she tries to kill herself after she loses her sister. Then she wants to become a badass and follows Shane around and ends up liking him some, but laaawd already knows that Shane has a thing for Lori but will fuck anything to get his frustrations out (lol >.<) and then he dies. Then she gets lost and finds Michonne and ends up in Woodbury where she just drops Michonne like she didn’t just save her ass the past six months while she was a sick little shit and now is sleeping with the Governor. Yeah... she’s unstable and is in dire need of a zombie bite so we can finally be rid of her. 

Sharonda: You are soooo right...OMG! it’s like she doesn't appreciate all the shit that people are doing for her...remember how she was with Dale??

Ana: OMG yeah. I loved Dale. He was always there for her and tried to help her cope with all her bullshit and she treated him like shit and when he died she wanted to feel all bad.. >.< She gotta go. and STAT! 

Sharonda: Exactly...the bitch is nuts,I don’t like her & as soon as she dead, I’m happy because she really is a waste of space. Hell, I think her sister was better off alive then she is..okay...I can’t talk about her anymore...gah! I hate her friggin!

Ana: lol. Yeah, I agree with you. Enough of Andrea’s ass. When Rick finally got his shit together and went to hold the baby, I really thought he was gonna like lose his shit again and kill the baby :\ That would have been really, really bad for the show... but... Lol. I couldn’t help but think that >.< 

Sharonda: I feel the same way...I thought he wasn’t going to touch lil kick ass. But I’m happy he finally came around. & I’m soo happy they didn’t drag it out on the show, that would have worked my nerves to no end.

Ana: Oh, I’m glad too. We need the old Rick back. The one who is take charge and really cares about the well being of his group. Not this new wacko Rick. >.< … So now that Michonne has found Rick’s group, do you think more people will die once she tells them about the Governor and Woodbury? Will we lose some of the group? Or will it just be a confrontation and no bloodshed? 

Michonne like..."Zombies?! what fucking Zombies?"

Sharonda: oh for sure more people are going to die...who, idk. I also think there will be a big confrontation. I think it’s going to happen at Woodbury. I believe those people need a serious wake up call & I think those Zombies they are holding hostage for sport will come back to bite them in the ass...neck...face..just all over the damn place.

 Ana: Oh I agree, the people of Woodbury definitely need one helluva wake up call. -- I’m really looking forward to the reunion of Daryl and Merel. I want to see if there is going to be beef or one happily ever after with those two. I know Merel loves his brother and I know Daryl does too, but I can’t help but think that Merel is fucked in the head. He’s always been for himself, but when he keeps asking about Daryl, you never know.

Sharonda: I hope Daryl kills Merel & I honestly think he will...He may struggle with it, but once he sees what Woodbury has done to Merel...I think he won’t have any choice. Especially after looking at Glenn’s face from the next episode. I believe Daryl know where his loyalties lie..Merle is just all fucked up.

Ana: Lol. I think you might be right, we definitely have a question for this weeks poll. The Dixon Showdown xD Last week we asked y’all who did you think was on the other line of the phone when Rick picked up... Here are the results.      

Sharonda: ooo...I like that question :)

Ana: This week’s poll question is... 
Sharonda: This week’s question...What will happen with the Dixon Showdown? Who's going to win? Daryl? or Merle? or will it be one happy-go-lucky reunion?

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Sharonda: Thanks Ana for hanging out with me’s always a pleasure to talk Zombies with you ^_^ and thank you guys for stopping through and joining us as well.


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