Talking Zombies #2

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

    **Okay guys, again there are spoilers, yes again we suggest you  take a look at Episode 4 (The Killer Within) first before reading our post. We don't want to ruin it for you guys..but then again..

Ana: *turns off TV and turns to Sharonda* Holy shit! That was good.

Sharonda: *blinks* OMG..that was just straight crazy...damn too many of the living are dying. *blinks again* I think I'm at a lost of words her Ana...Damn!

Ana: That was... wow. Were you expecting that person as the one who was watching Carol in the last episode? I was shocked. I thought for sure he died. 

Sharonda: To tell you the truth, I sure as heck didn't expect Andrew...I thought he was Zombie! but OMG, just imagine how Rick feels..loosing Lori & then the guilt of knowing that possibly this could have been avoided..

Ana: Right, i mean we practically heard his dying screams. They tricked us!! I am still stuck on Rick. If we thought he lost it last show, he's definitely lost it now.  

Sharonda: I heard screams too...damn trickster, lol! I mean I totally wasn't expecting them to get rid of people so early in the season, you know? I mean it's only the 4th episode and all. So Lori & T-Dog...dead. Carol...lost because we don't what the hell happened to her and the rest of the group?...smh and this baby?...OMG!

 I wasn't sad to see this Ho' go....

 I'm gonna miss you T-Dog..I don't have a beer, but would you care if I poured  some Mascato on your grave?

 Where she at? I mean where could she possibly have gone...

ANA: yeah, they killed off 2 people in one episode and the other goes missing. Laaawdy. But i do like the new two folks. When Lori died i was all "oh shit, now they have a cripple & a babaaay. How they gon' survive?!?!" lol Now they just have to kill of Andrea and we's good to go lol.      

Sharonda: LMAO!!! @ at a  cripple & a baby. How they gonna feed that baby yo? that's my once they get rid of know what? I'm good ;). Smh, I honestly don't know where they are going now...with the show that is. I read some of the comics &  I think they're veering off a little. How about you? what are you thinking so far?

Ana: I honestly dont know where they're going. I didnt think to pick up the comics though. But i believe its veered toward the Governor & his peoples. They didnt show much of them on this episode, but Michonne should have just taken off. Somethings going to happen, just waiting to find out when.

Sharonda: I so totally agree w/you about Michonne. I personally would have left Andrea ass right where she was. Okay back to the they technically lost two because we don't know yet what happened to Carol & now they gained two. This episode was really intense & heartbreaking. The question is what do they do now? we already know that Rick is gonna loose his marbles...

ANA: The preview was a bit intense. Rick obviously loses it. But maybe the baby will turn him around?  

Sharonda: *stealing your words here...* LAWD! I hope so, lol. I hope so though. Hopefully someone in the Group can reach him..make him realize that it's not all over...*sigh*. I'm feeling for that man right now. I cried right along with him, especially that part when he leaned down & looked at Carl...ugh, I was like shit here come the!

ANA: Omg when he bent over and looked at Carl i lost it too! Damn. Rick aside, what do you think about the other characters? The two new guys?

Sharonda: I hope they step up more. I think your comment about Daryl last week is gonna start ringing true. I think he's going to step up big time. Maggie will probably have baby duty. I never know what's going on with Glenn, he's like a Asian T-Dog to me. Hershel is still a question too. I actually like to two new guys, I think one of them isn't going to be there long...who? idk. what say you missy?

Ana:  I think so too. With T-Dog out of the picture, the only one I see stepping up would be Daryl. I might have said Hershel before he got bitten, but you never know, with his levelheadedness that just might be enough with his ass on crutches. I don't think Maggie will have baby duty. Her sister Beth might though. Maggie's too much of an asset (on the fighting level) Same goes for Glenn. He might not be Rick or Daryl, but they do send him out on the riskier missions. He's fast and he's good. Very valuable. I agree, the new guys are great, I like them. But you could be right, one might not last, but I think they'll probably last this season. *shrugs and looks at Sharonda* wanna bet on it? haha. 

Sharonda: LOL how much? but we shall see...You know I forgot about Beth..that's right. So yeah, she'll probably end up with baby duty. SMH, this episode was just crazy. Totally wasn't expecting them to go the route they did.

Ana: *takes out wallet* I got $10 to The Book Depository says they last through the season. *crosses fingers* lmbo! .. Lol, yeah Beth is a minor character, but seeing her little "eye contact" moments with Carl is making me iffy >.< Right, this episode definitely took a left instead of a right! *shakes head* 

Sharonda: I was never the type of gal to turn down a're on $10 to The Book Depository then. "crossing my fingers too*

Ana: Haha. You're so going down! xD 

Sharonda: *bows gracefully* It was fun as always Ana...thank you again for sitting with me through the nutty episode :0

Ana: Last week we asked y'all to take a poll. The poll question was... "What do you think about the new characters?" And this is how you answered... 

This week's poll question is...This week's poll question is...




  1. Chaaaoooo! I had so much fun girly! <3 Can't wait til the next episode ^_^


  2. LMBO! me too ;o
    next week is going to be exciting...Gah! I can't wait!