Talking Zombies #3

Welcome back to another week of Talking Zombies! This week we’re covering S03E05 “Say The Word” If you missed last weeks episode of Talking Zombies (S03E04 “Killer Within”) click HERE.
Sharonda: I'm really liking the new Darryl..all take charge and lets get shit done;) told ya...crazy uncle.  

Ana: Shit, shit, shit! *runs downstairs to watch last nights episode* Thank the lawd there's DVR!!   

Ana: Wow... just wow. I loved that Darryl took charge in the beginning. Rick has definitely lost it. >.< No bueno! And what about the Governor? Fuuuuck is wrong with that man? And those people! Andrea’s ass shoulda left with Michonne. 

Sharonda: He was totally awesome..Maggie too. I don't know even what to say about Rick..just whoa! 
Ah..the governor. A total nut job right there..I knew he was hiding  something, but the zombie kid? Wth?! Ol dumbass Andrea..yup she should have left w/Michonne..but oh noooo! I really wish they would hurry up & kill her off. 

Ana: Maggie is awesome! She’s so badass. Rick... I think it’s safe to say that he’s lost it. Did you see the way he stabbed that zombie that ate Lori? (It did eat Lori, right?) lol I didn’t think the Governor was hiding his zombie kid. I just thought he was completely psycho. Literally crazy. lol. I doubt they’ll kill off Andrea anytime soon. She’s... too much drama right now. lol. Though, I’m looking forward to what she’s going to do next episode, now that she knows what the Governor’s all about xD 
Sharonda: Maggie is growing on me *shakes head up & donwn* I like her more...totally doing her part. 

Man, poor Rick. I talking to the TV the whole time like what are you doing man! Hell, I felt bad for the Zombies he was cuttin’ up left & right. LMBO, uh...I hope that thing ate her, I mean that’s a bad way to go, but damn can you imagine a zombie Lori? *shivers*

Ana: Lol @ you feeling sorry for the Zombies. xD Rick just needs to chill tf out. He’s def gone off the deep end.  Yeah, I can imagine a Zombie Lori.. walking around all “Where’s Carl?” hahaha.  

Sharonda: LMBO @ a “where’s Carl”..that is too damn funny!

Ana: What did you think when Michonne took off on her own? I was hoping Andrea would go with her, but no, dumb biaaatch wanted to act like the Governor and his “peoples” was all gravy. smdh. 

Sharonda: I think Michonne did the right thing. At some point I think her & Andrea would have separated anyways. Michonne can handle herself...whereas Andre needs people to help her out. I thought she was always more of a  liability anyways. 

Ana: That’s true. Andrea definitely has to have some sort of support. >.< is that biiaaatch WEAK or what? Draggin’ everyone down! Oooh. What about the name for the baby? What do you think they’re going to call her? I loved Darryl’s suggestion... “Lil' Ass Kicker” xD Darryl definitely stepped up in this episode and I’m beginning to like him a lot more than Rick. Rick’s just.... NO!
Sharoda: Lil Kickass or something like that...gotta love Darryl man...he boss! Yeah, Darryl did it for me this week. Looking all Clint Eastwood with he Poncho!

Ana: He sure the hell is xD -- haha @ his poncho. tff.  ♥ Me some Darryl Dixon ;)

Sharonda: What do think is going to happen to Rick. I know he done went Psycho...but what now?

Ana: Oooh. Gosh, I don’t even know. I think one episode is enough for him to lose his head, but I think sooner or later he’s gonna turn around. For the better? Probably not. I think he’s still gonna be all “torn up” about Lori. But damn. MOVE THE FUCK ON! 

Sharonda: hahaha @ Move the Fuck On..but you are right. He need to let it go and remember he still has Carl & a baby..although whose baby *shrugs shoulders*

Ana: lol @ whose baby xD Damn.. And to think we was done with Shane’s ol’ shady ass haha. What do you think is going to happen with Andrea next episode? Is she going to try and make a break for it or stay her ass there in Woodbury? 

Sharonda: true! I don’t know..from the sneak peek...looked like her stupid self jumped a wall & then some way or another she ends up back inside Woodbury..Maybe Merle went after her. But I think her & the Governor gonna do the! So I think she will be there for a while.

Ana: lol @ her and the Governor doing the Nasty... nah, IDK about all that. I think after what she saw in the last episode, her and the Governor are on some “you cray cray” type standoff. lol

Sharonda: I’m soooooo glad that she saw Woodbury for what it was. Because that proves that Michonne was right. 
Ana: I am too. Michonne knew it from the beginning, hell I mean damn. You can’t be all “happy go lucky” in that kinda time. TF is wrong with those peoples.. Who knew they got off on Zombie fights. SMDH! Fucked in the head, the lot of them! 

Sharonda: I think the Governor got those pple all screwed the fuck up. Just like she said..he has them thinking that the walkers aren’t dangerous. Watch some crazy shit happen at the end of this season & all those dumb asses die...smh!

Ana: lol @ all those dumb asses die. SMH. That would be a shame. But, I miss just seeing Rick and his group. Tired of all these living people acting like there ain't zombies roamin’ around. 

Sharonda: I totally agree with you. I mean hell, it’s a zombie show right? so come on...let’s get some LIVE ppl killing Zombies!

Ana: What do you think is going to happen to Michonne? I really hope they don’t kill her off just yet. I really like her. Do you think she’s going to run into Rick and his group yet? 

Sharonda: I don’t think they’re going to kill her off yet. She plays a major part in the comics...But I hope she runs into Ricks group. I think she fits better with them. But I think we’ll find out more about her going forward. 

Ana: Right. We shall see ^_^ And what about Carol? She’s been MIA for a whole episode!! When they showed Darryl putting a flower on a grave. Was that grave for Carol? I just keep flashing back to season 2, when Carol lost Sophia, and Darryl said some stuff about flowers. Or something like that to help Carol move on.
Sharonda: IDK...I hope she turns up soon. I don’t think she’s dead, but hell didn’t we think that about Sophia? smh. I just hope she shows up soon & alive. I can’t take all this killing off live ppl anymore. It’s messing with my ;o

Ana: lol @ it’s messing with your brain. I hear ya. I don’t think they’ll kill her off. It seems the group has deemed her “dead/zombie bait” and haven’t put much effort into finding her. Whereas with Sophia, it was their whole cause, to go and find her. Which then, I was all “well, homegirl is zombie lunch and is probably a zombie herself” So *shrugs* 

Sharonda: “Shaking me head up & down” I agree....I agree. And that just seems strange, I thought Darryl would have looked for her some, but I guess after that shit that went down last week...I guess they figure why bother. So yeah “shrugs shoulders*

Ana: Last week we asked you “How long do you think the new guys (Oscar & Axel) are going to last in TWD?” and here are the results for the poll...

Sharonda: Did I win?!

Ana: Lol. No you did not win. Axel and Oscar are still alive, so the bet is still in tact! Thanks so much for joining us this week for Talking Zombies! 

Sharonda: awww man! lols that sucks rocks big time. Another wonderful talk Ms. Beachbum...thank you...thank you and thank you guys for joining us again. 

Ana: This week's poll question is...

Sharonda: Who do you think was on the phone when Rick picked it up? See the choices below. 

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