Talking Zombies #5

Welcome back to another week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Last week we covered S03E06 “Hounded” to see last week's epi of TZ click HERE. Tonight we’ll be dishing about S03E07 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Ana: Ahh. Sharonda... Wow. Just... Wow. Overall I think that episode was a build up just to tell us that next week is the season finale... WTF. I’m not happy. lol. But it was still a good episode.

Sharonda: I totally agree was a good show. But OMG, I want Andrea & Merle dead like right now! That damn Governor too. Glenn took the cake last night. He was so badass..he kicked that zombies ass..lols.

Ana: OMG. The governor... the feeeecking nerve of that damned man! Ugh. You’re right, Glenn totally took the cake last night, but I also think that Maggie was really good. In the middle of an apocalypse and home girl is still sportin’ a push up bra. lmbo. But in all seriousness, she was a badass last night too. I liked when she told the Governor he can go to hell. AMEN! I second that one.

Sharonda: lmao @ the push up bra..ikr. She was all bad ass too, although I swear I wanted to choke her though my TV screen when she gave up where the groups location..buuuut, after I calmed down..I knew she didn't want to see Glenn hurt, so I get it

Ana: So.. Lil’ Ass Kicker finally has a name... Judith eh? What do you think about that name?

Sharonda: meh on the sounds like an old ladies name *shrugs shoulder*. I thought they would have picked Lori o_O

Ana: lol it does. haha. *shrugs* I’m sticking with Lil’ Ass Kicker. lol.

Sharonda: know I hate to ask this question, but what did you think of Andrea this episode?

Ana: ahhh. I think she’s still stupid. I liked when she went and stabbed the old man in the head, cause I mean, come on... these folks have no fecking idea what’s going on. She’s getting way too damned comfortable with the Governor and that’s all kinds of bad. You?

Sharonda: lols..yeah, I'll think I'll stay with lil ass kicker too..much better name..lols. You know, I was kinda like maybe shes starting to get a clue when she stabbed old dude in the head..but no,she still stuck on stupid, especially with the Governor..I mean this chick is just out of her mind. You are so right that these people don't have a clue as to what is going on..BUT she does, she's been out there.

Ana: The Governor.. man... tonights episode was gonna make me go ballistic. When he told Maggie to take off her shirt? oh hell no... hell to the muh fkn no! Maggie definitely held her own, so I’ll give her that. But man.... no.. >.< 

Sharonda: I know..what the fuck was that..sick ass pervert..ugh! Maggie was strong, I'll give her that..girl is tough. I wish she has access to something like Glenn did so she could have stabbed his nasty self.

Ana: Oh, I know right. How about how shocked ol’ boy was when Glenn killed that Zombie when he was tied to the chair? Fuckers was surprised. SMMFH. They live in Woodbury and have no damned clue how hard it is out there, yet they’re killing off people. For reals? SMMFH. Yeah, I’m definitely #TeamPrison Woodbury ain’t got nothin on Rick and his group. Especially now that Michonne is rollin’ with them? 

Sharonda: For reals..yes! They all had that what the fuck just happened look on their faces..hahaha. I was like you go Glenn. I'm definitely all for #TeamPrison because I'm fit to be tired of the Governor and Woodbury. That town needs to go up in smoke.

Ana: In the preview for next weeks epi, Carl says “We have to leave her...” or something along those lines. Do you think he’s referring to Judith? I was going to think that, but I don’t think so. It could be Beth or Carol. And seeing as Carol just made her reappearance, I don’t think they’d kill her off just yet. Well... maybe they will, the skeeery fuckers that they are >.< 

Sharonda: ooooo...I didnt even see that. Wow, I think it might be Beth. She really hasnt had much of a, yeah I think her. But you know, this show is always doing something to shock the hell out of shit IDK on that one Ana.

Ana: Ain’t that the truth. *shrugs* They’re all... “It’s time to kill someone’s a she, that’s the only hint y’all get.”xD Sharonda: lmbo..right. I know they are going to have casulties on both sides though. This show also make you realize that only the tough ones will survive in this Walker world. Ana: That’s true. But, I honestly think everyone in Rick’s group is strong. Well, with an exception of the baby and Beth... they’re just.... yeah lol. Carl isn’t as annoying as he used to be. Maybe he’s finally starting to grow up? IDK. He just hasn’t been annoying me lately. 

Sharonda: This is true..I think Rick wants them to realize that..that yes we can find a safe place, but there are fucking walkers out there and that can't be ignored. I also think Carl is growing up, but..I mean what kid can stay a kid in the middle of that shit..lols.

Ana: What did you think about that scene in that little house where Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar were locked up when the Walkers went after them? And then there was a man in there. He was all “I’m going to call the police...” uhmmm.... dude.. where have you been? Living under a rock? For reals? lmbo. Oscar had that “oh shit.. she just killed him look” and then “wtf, y’all just gonna feed him to those monsters?” lol. I’m glad he’s showing more in the show. Makes me think maybe he’ll last through the rest of the season, Axel has barely been showing... >.< 

Sharonda: I loved that scene at the house with those four..they just took over and I loved how they worked together. I just know that Michonne will be a awesome and vital part of Rick's group. LMAO..I said the same thing Ana. I was like "the cops?! is he talkng about" LOL!! Oscars face was classic, but dude seriously, ya'll aurronded by walkers..what else is there to do *shrugs*..Oscar may stay, but Axel... LOVED that was boss.

Ana: Last week we asked y’all what did you think was going to happen with the Dixon Showdown... here are the results...

Ana: Thanks for joining us this week on Talking Zombies!

Sharonda: yeah..what Ana just said..lols. No seriously, thank you guys!!

Ana: This week’s poll question is...

Sharonda: We knew ya'll were gonna pick Daryl..coz he a boss lols. Okay, this weeks question is..Who will get left behind at the Prison? Beth? Or Carol?

Ana: If you would like to join us next week leave your email in the comment section below :)


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