Tuesday Jams #12

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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For the past few weeks, we've (my family and I) have been going through one helluva rollercoaster ride. And through these trials and tribulations I like to listen to music that make my heart feel like the burdens have been lifted. At least for a little while. Some of these songs are Christian songs. If you know me, then you know I'm not big on religion. When my sister asks me if I want to go to church or bible study with her, I find myself saying no or just ignoring her completely. But lately, I've found myself falling back on prayer. Praying isn't anything new for me, but as of late, it's much much more than saying grace. 

 Songs (in no particular order on the music player)
James Morrison - I Won't Let Go
Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
Sade - By Your Side
Jimmy Needham - If I Ever Needed Grace 
Phil Wickham - All I Am
John Legend - I Love, You Love


  1. sometimes prayer is what we need to get through the tough things. I hope you and your family come off the rollercoaster safe and okay :)