Tuesday Jams - Another Lil Mix~Up

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Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Jams, a weekly posted hosted here @ Salacious Reads. This is my way to share with you another one of my loves...music. Wanna share your favorite song or artist, just comment linking back to your site & I'll be sure to stop by.

So again this week, I'm drew a blank on the artist that I'm feeling. I've been listening to so many different kinds of music lately, especially since my oldest has been home. So I thought I mix it up some more w/two of the ppl I've been feeling more than the rest..Beyonce' & Chris Brown.


Oh & I thought I add a funny too...love me some Kevin Hart

Happy Tuesday! & remember to get out there and vote!



  1. aaahhhh!!! Chris Brown?!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO *sobs* lol. jk. ahh. I'm not a big fan of him. I like some of his music though. Did you see what that fool dressed up as for Halloween? smdh! >.< I likes Beyonce though. Nice mix girly!


  2. boooyyy ooh killing me softly! And I'm still falling. Still the one I need, I will always be with you haha ^_^

  3. I know...but I love his music...well some of it :) & this last album I think is really good. Yeah, I heard...my son told. He goes Ma come look what the fool dressed up as..lmbo. Young, dumb & too much money & time on his hands. I hope he grow up soon..I can move on, but you can't keep doing & saying stupid stuff..smh.


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