Blogger Spotlight: Interview w/ Talk Supe

Welcome back to another awesome night of 12 Nights of Christmas! Hosted by Ana of Beach Bum Reads and Neyra of Darkest Addictions. We got the chance to meet up with tag-team/cousin bloggers Braine & Cimmaron of Talk Supe! And because they both live in different states we decided to take this interview to Vegas ;) Shhh :p What happens in Vegas.... ;)

*While waiting for drinks & Talk Supe at the LAX bar*

Neyra: *turns to Ana* You know, I'm not really sure coming to Las Vegas to "Meet Braine halfway" was such a good idea..
Ana: *sends a flirty smile towards the bartender* yeah, can I get JD on the rocks, please. *turns to face Neyra* why do you say that? Cause... What happens in Vegas... *lets the sentence trail off when the bartender comes back with my drink* Hello there good lookin' 
Neyra: Aannndd she's off smh, point proven.. FOCUS honey, we're working lol.. *turns to bartender* I'll have a Vodka & OJ babe *winks & turns back to Ana* you already- *spots Cimmaron & Braine by the staircase.. grins* Look, they made it! 
Ana: *Smiles & waves Braine and Cimmaron over to the bar then turns back to the bartender* Hey hot stuff, 4 shots *turns to look at Neyra* Think they can hang?
Neyra: *smiles a wicked grin* I guess we'll find out soon enough.. *turns to face the girls* Ladies! Thanks for joining us ^-^ Oh come on don't be shy, grab a shot ;)
Ana: Hey ladies! Yeah! Don't be shy... we don't bite... much ;) *grabs a shot and waits for Braine & Cimmaron to pick up theirs*
Neyra: *chuckles* Speak for yourself ;) *picks up shot glass & looks to Cimmaron & Braine with a smile*

…We know it’s a busy time of the year for all of us, so thanks for taking the time to join us in Sin City.  Welcome! And remember… what happens in Vegas… ;)

Braine: Thank you for having us. This interview is going to be real interesting *rubs hands together*

Cimmaron: Thanks for having us! I’m so excited to be in Vegas. Look at the cool prostitute cards I’ve collected just walking down the Vegas strip! *throws a dozen prostitute cards on the table* 

Ana: *picks up prostitute card* interesting xD *downs shot*

Neyra: *looks at cards* Oh! I’m missing this one from my collection! *covertly puts it away in purse before Cimmaron notices* >:D

Ana: Let’s kick off this interview with a few personal questions shall we? Hahaha. *winks* just kidding. So, ladies, tell us a little bit (or a lot) about you! The stage is yours!
Braine: I'm not sure how personal you want me to get so I'll just give the basics, I like to keep my "personna's" separate if you know what I mean. Split personality or something LOL.

Neyra: *looks at Braine* Lol seriously? My split personality sister xD

Braine: I'm a single mom. Virgo. Filipino. English is my second language and sometimes it shows on my posts, emails, reviews, etc. I'm my worst critic. I love my carbs & my sweets. I love to run to clear my head, way cheaper than hiring a therapist. I escape life through my books. I have an opinion about most things. I love shoes and bath and body stuff.

Neyra: Oh see, there you go again, Books are my reality escape as well. Common trait for book lover? *raises eyebrow*

Cimmaron: I hate answering this question. I wish I had a cool answer for you but I just end up sounding like a generic profile. I’m 32 and a Leo. Still waiting for my Prince Charming or sexy addicted Billionaire to sweep me off my feet. As you already know, I love to read and have a terrible book buying habit. I also have a pretty bad addiction to shoes and handbags. I’m hoping to win big in slot machines cause Mama needs a brand new bag!

Ana: I’ll drink to that one. I need some new shoes!

Neyra: I’ll take a sexy addicted billionaire any day, and no worries at some point we all gotta sound like a generic profile *laughs at the shocked expressions* just saying.

Ana: *raises eyebrow* No, Neyra. YOU need to sound like a generic profile. Can’t be scaring away potential candidates with your naughty ways xD
Neyra: Oh poop, but what fun is that? *takes a shot*

Alright ladies, we know you each started reading at a young age, but for you Cimmaron, your love of reading was taken away by having to focus more on classic literature in high school, until Harry Potter. Had you not been introduced to this series, do you think you would have picked up a book again? And Braine, Sweet Valley by Francine Pascal was the first series you fell in love with, but had to persuade your mother to actually let you read it. Had she put her foot down and said absolutely not, would you have considered continuing in the world of literature?

Braine: LOL you guys are so awesome doing your research! I'm impressed! *applauds*
To answer your question, yeah, I think reading per se isn't a problem, my dad is a big fiction reader too so books aren't the problem. She's just concerned about whether or not that particular book was an appropriate read for an 11/12yo kid. She doesn't want me getting ideas about boys and stuff. She wasn't wrong though, Jessica & Elizabeth's love lives dazzled me and had me moving on to Sweet Dreams, Harlequin and Mills & Boon after I got bored with SVH's "juvenile" romances. LOL
Cimmaron: Have you guys been stalking our “About Us” page? You ladies did your research, very impressed. *high fives Ana and Neyra*  But to answer your question, yes I’m pretty sure I would have gotten back on my reading path. I took a few literature classes in college where we read Nicholas Sparks novels and a few other chick lit stuff. Then again I read for class so it felt forced. Harry Potter was the first series after high school that I read strictly for pleasure and reminded me that I could find reading to be fun again.

Neyra: *looks sheepish* Actually yes, we are guilty of stalking your page xD
Ana: *glances away… coughs* Neyra’s *cough* plan *coughs… downs a shot*
Neyra: *narrows eyes at Ana’s incessant coughing and mutters* I didn’t see YOU oppose to the idea!
Ana:  *rolls eyes* we needed intel!

Anywho… Idk how to follow up Neyra’s question so…. THINK FAST! Your house is on fire *knocks on wood* and you only think to grab ONE book, what book do you save from the fast growing flames?

Braine: Hmmm... this is a tough one... only one book? Will my Kindle count? If it's a physical book I think it has to be Memnoch The Devil by Anne Rice.

Neyra: Mhm, Ana’s making us all masochistic right now by choosing ONE book -_-
Ana: *shrugs* You know you have a lil’ masochist in you

Cimmaron: Are you fecking serious? Just one book. Oh hell no. I wouldn’t be able to choose. I would probably end up throwing my book collection out the window. Bookshelf included.

Neyra: I know right, I’d sob like a baby and refuse to budge not caring if I was consumed by the flames, I’d go happy with my books. LOL

Ana: Don’t you wish you were that chick from Firestarter? The flames at your mercy xD

Neyra: Smh, silly Ana. That’d be cool though *sees a hottie passing by* oh lord.. *coughs*

.. It seems 2012 has been a debut year, with lots of great reads from both YA and Adult. Ladies, who are your favorite authors from 2012?

Braine: Blogging has really opened the floodgates for me, I started reading genres and authors I never even knew existed. But to narrow it down to six (I like to be random, sue me), and these might not be "debut authors" it has to be: Tiffany Reisz (The Original Sinners), Sylvia Day (Crossfire), Tim O'Rourke (Kiera Hudson), Amanda Carlson (Jessica McClain) & Chuck Wendig (Miriam Black); G.T. Almasi (Shadowstorm)

Neyra: *squeees* Eeep! Gideon!!! >.< And I love Tiffany Reisz as well, plus I’ve made a mental note I need to check out Tim O’Rourke sometime in my life. lol
Ana: *holds back a sob cause I still haven’t read any of those books*

Cimmaron: Oh I love discovering new authors especially self-published authors. Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire and Tara Sivec are some really great self-pub authors whose work I’ve really enjoyed. I was so excited when Colleen and Jamie got signed and I’m hoping that Tara’s Chocolate Lovers series will get picked up soon. 

Ana: Tara Sivec is awesome! She is on my “forever-reading-and-forever-laughing” list.  I loved Jamie McGuires’ Beautiful Disasters Travis “Mad Dog” Maddox yuuumm!
Neyra: Damn, I want some yumm *sobs*..I still haven’t read their books, I’m on the verge of getting Colleen Hoover’s series though, so I’m excited ^_^
Ana: *turns Neyra to look at hawtie across the bar* there’s your yumm girl, drink it up xD
Neyra: *looks towards bar* Well hawt damn! Uh, ladies… I hope you don’t mind a brief intermission while I uh… *coughs* freshen up *coughs and gets up from table and looks back to the girls* BE BACK IN 20!
*35 minutes later*
Neyra: Phew! Soo, what’d I miss? *fixes hair and makeup* ;)
Ana: Next time you say 20 minutes, we’re ditching you and not coming back. And you missed a lot. We played 3 rounds of shot games and had the bartender over there *looks towards bartender and winks* give us all free lap dances.
Neyra: *rolls eyes* you had your phone right? …oh I got my free lap dance girly don’t worry *looks back to bar where hawtie is sitting looking at us and winks* anyways, moving on! ;)
Ana: *sighs* Oh laaawd. If you start singing Carrie Underwoods’ “I Don’t Even Know His Last Name” I’m gonna bust out laughin…
Neyra: *shrugs* I won’t start singing that’s for sure though ;) LOL
Ana: Sooo.. Ladies back to the interview. Are these favorite authors the authors of your favorite books of this year? What is your favorite YA & Adult book for this year?

Braine: Yeah, the authors I've mentioned are for this year alone.

Adult: Tiffany Reisz's The Prince. This girl just broke my barriers and I devoured every scene and situation she wrote. And some of the stuff in her books would usually make me uncomfortable but oddly, I embraced every word without flinching.

YA: Michael Scott's The Enchantress. His series is special not only because my son and I read it together but because I really got invested in the characters he created like I was with Harry Potter. This is the last book of the series and he had me sobbing for several of his key players.

Ana: *still sobbing*
Neyra: *hands Ana a napkin* You are such a baby -__-
Ana: *wipes away tears* I’ll remember that when you come to me with a handful of chocolate, ice cream and sad chick flicks.
Neyra:  *throws head back laughing* Uh huh, you’ll eat it all up along with me so hush !

Cimmaron: Most definitely. Colleen, Jamie and Tara wrote 5 of my favorite reads this year. Colleen’s Slammed series really moved me and the characters hold a special place in my heart. Jamie’s Beautiful Disaster was just awesome college drama. I was so engrossed with that book and Travis Maddox is one of my top book boyfriends. Tara’s Chocolate Lovers series really surprised me. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard while reading a book and I was glad to find an author who wasn’t scared to say vagina, vagina, vagina. Another author that I really fell in love with was Sylvia Day. Her Crossfire series was just pure bliss. Gideon and Eva’s tumultuous relationship has consumed me and I can’t wait to read more about their drama.

Ana: *looks at Neyra* Cimmaron should take a shot every time she says the word “vagina” xD
Neyra:  I agree! *hands Cimmaron my shot and asks for another two* alright Cimmaron, you heard the lady!

We all have a “go-to” author or genre when we’re in a slump, which are yours?

Braine: My go-to is a genre. Like most people, I'm a mood reader. Right now I turn to dark, crime, suspenseful, murder-mystery thrillers. I find stories about "real"people more terrifying than creatures that goes bump in the night.

Neyra: *contemplates* I’m actually NOT a mood reader, if I’m angry I can’t read to save my life.. this includes when I’m upset >.<
Ana: I’m with Neyra on that one. Definitely not a mood reader.

Cimmaron: J.R Ward. She is the Queen B and her Black Dagger Brotherhood series always gets me all fired up when I’m in a slump. It usually takes me a few days because once I start one I have to read another two. Wrath’s and Zsadists book are my two “go-to” books.

Neyra: Ewwww Vampires *gags* ^-^ LOL
Ana: *rolls eyes* she has no idea
Neyra: Whatever, show me a brutal ass kicking vamp who’s not afraid to show the “human female “ what he is, and MAYBE I’ll reconsider my statements… oh wait! *smiles mischievously* I already KNOW a vamp like that ;)
Ana: OMFG! *looks to Cimmaron* She has NO FUCKING IDEA! *rolls eyes at Neyra* Go on with your Vamp-Nazi self!
Neyra: *snorts & rolls eyes* Whatever
Ana: Let’s spice this up a bit. You’re on a blind date show (you know the ones with 3 contestants)
  • Behind Curtain #1: you have a sexy lead guitarist with dazzling green eyes, who knows how to spice things up  ;)
  • Behind Curtain #2: there’s a hot, brooding werewolf shifter with a feral, yet intriguing face. He’s all about control, all Alpha baby!
  • Behind Curtain #3: he’s a sex demon with a set of fangs and a troubled past. Too  feral to tame, but still makes your heart ache. Think you can handle him?

Alright ladies, take your pick. Will it be the bad boy lead guitarist; the brooding alpha who melts your panties; or the lethal sex demon/vamp with a heart of gold he doesn’t know he possesses?

Neyra: Give me the sexdemon/vamp any day of the week, I’ll cure his heart ;) *coughs*
Ana: of course you can xD

Braine: I don't find Demons sexy so it's between 1 & 2... I think I'll go with #2. I am partial to werewolves to I'm leaning towards him. I have a strong personality too so I think that date will be pretty interesting. It's like an audition, see if we can "tame" each other. LOL Now you're getting me all fired up!

Neyra: *gasps* Say whaaatt? *sniff* It’s like I don’t even know you Braine! I love me a hawt demon, and if he’s a SEX demon all the better ;) YUMMY is too tame for them LOL
Ana: It’s okay Braine. Neyra is an undercover SUCCUBUS. I love me some werewolves too ^_^

Cimmaron: I’m not big on demons so Bachelor #3 would be the first one I cut. I love werewolves but I always think they would smell like a dog and drool. So I would go with the sexy guitarist. Is Bachelor #1 Brian from Backstage Pass? Please tell me it’s Brian. He’s….well he just oozes sex.

Neyra: *looks incredulously at Cimmaron* Not you too!! *sobs* what is wrong you girls!
Ana: *takes a shot and looks to Cimmaron* Again… SUCCUBUS. xD
Neyra: Must you reiterate what needs not be obvious? ;) LOL
Ana: Always *holds up shot glass* To Neyra and her succubus ways!
Neyra: *laughs out loud* Well… I’ll drink to THAT! *raises shot glass with the girls*
Woah that was good! So ladies, what say you, are the characteristics for a great male, or female protagonist in a series/novel?

Braine: I don't like females who whine and act all helpless. That's just a disgrace to us, our ancestors went through all the trouble of busting our of their corsets and burning their bras for equality, it'll be a shame to see all that go to waste.

Ana: AMEN! No weak heroines here!
Neyra: Mhm, thank you! They are not needed nor wanted here!

Braine: The men should be well-mannered, protective, smart and loyal. Oh and I like 'em lean and dark.

Neyra: *Le sigh* Yes, lean dark, and all the above, plus the ability to make you weak in the knees with ONE intense look… Oh mmm, Gideon… *coughs* oh I mean! xD
Ana: Whew! All the above! *shakes head at Neyra* don’t let your thoughts run wild now.
Neyra: Well it is Vegas right? ;)

Cimmaron: For a female protagonist…she definitely can’t be whiney or a damsel in distress. I  can’t stand female characters who just seem to wait for someone to save them. I just end up wanting to scream at them. Some of my favorite female characters are bold, outspoken and sarcastic.

Ana: *ghetto girl voice* Mhm… Shooot. Dats a weak biiiitch right thuur.
Neyra: Yess!! It’s like, really girl… you can’t walk to the car alone? Seriously? Smh!

Cimmaron: As for a male protagonist, they need to be assertive, devoted, humorous and know how to treat a woman right. In and outside of the bedroom.

Ana: *sighs* You just had to say it Cimmaron… *motions to Neyra’s theatrics* … 
Neyra: *looks away daydreaming* Oh Gideon…. *hears Ana calling her name* Huh? Oh.. I was doing it again? *sheepish grin* They say bedroom and I think Gideon Cross *shrugs* what can I say, the man is a GOD! *sighs*
Ana: What, to you, makes a great book? Is it the characters? The storyline? Or the whole shebang?

Braine: Well all of those things of course, those elements have to be woven perfectly. But then again, we get attached and relate to the characters more than the other stuff, after all it's their lives we follow. So they have to be fleshed out right, the rest are just icing on the cake.

Neyra: Oh definitely, if I can’t somehow connect to the characters, even in a small way, I can’t find it in me to enjoy a book. Even if the storyline is good.. but then if there’s one lead being a pain, and the other I love, well that’s different ya know?
*calls for more shots* We ain’t walking outta here sober ladies, I hope ya’ll remembered your room keeys and how to get there!
Ana: Definitely agree with you, but there are times (though rare) where I love the storyline rather than the characters.
*grabs shot glass and looks to Neyra* You mean you’re not my designated driver or anything? xD
Neyra: *laughs and shakes head* You so would believe I’D be the responsible one in Vegas! Smh! xD
Ana: I was hoping… lol

Cimmaron: The whole shebang. I love characters who I can connect with and engage me. The story has to be interesting too. I mean it would suck if you have all these awesome people and they just do boring things.

Ana: Oh ikr! It’s all “today…I watched the paint on the wall dry…dude” yeah. So boring.
Neyra: *looks at Cimmaron* Oh I agree 100% I’ don’t think I’ve ran into that predicament though, and I’m hoping I never do, I’ don’t want another reading slump :(

Nowadays, in the YA world, it seems the male leads are taking to abuse rather than just simply controlling. I mean not physical, but mental.. what is your take on these type of situations, either for YA or Adult?

Braine: I remember telling Cimmaron before that leather-wearing-biker-riding-bad-boys are passe. The trend now is with wounded, troubled men. I think that's reflective of what's happening in the real-world, abuse is universal and is not exclusive to race or sex.

However this is a sensitive subject to base characters on. Words and thoughts are powerful and at the hands of the wrong person, a golden ideal could turn deadly. We adults can police ourselves but I hope parents are involved in their children's reading choices, especially impressionable young adults, make sure that topics like abuse, discrimination and the like are put in perspective.

Neyra: True, and I understand some actions the male leads take in a storyline, cause you’re inside their head most the time, but when it gets to a point where the heroine feels debased, insulted, scared, etc… well, that’s just a whole new ballgame and makes for a very, “What the fuck kinda literature is this” type of situation. I don’t condone physical or mental abuse, that’s the worst of them all.
Ana: *nods head and takes another shot* What Neyra said.

Cimmaron: I don’t read that much YA so I can’t really comment on the trend of damaged or wounded male characters in YA but I do love them in adult reads. Wounded characters really call out to me. Some of the peaks and valleys these characters go through is so moving and I just love following them in their journey of finding their happiness. 

Ana: I definitely love a wounded character; reading about their battles really adds more “umph” to the book for me.
Neyra: True, and I agree wholeheartedly. It’s always the wounded heroes with the broken hearts that call out to me the most. The can be so damaged and sadistic that they isolate themselves from the world, but get inside their heads and hear their heart, and I’m a big puddle of mush for them. Zarek (Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon) is a perfect example of that *daydreams some more* xD
Ana: You’re in a bar with a hunk from one of your favorite books, do you play it cool, or do you drool over him?
Neyra: *tells bartender* an empty bucket for me please
Braine: I think in my head I'm playing it cool but in real life I think I'm drooling, smiling too much, saying/asking the wrong things, touching my hair every 5 seconds and emitting a shrill laugh because in my head I'm flirting. I'm not a good dater, I'm a train wreck on dates which explains why I'm still single.

Ana: *giggles and slides another shot towards Braine* Liquid courage will help you a bit ;)
Neyra: *laughs* Train wreck pretty much describes me in front of HOT men, I just… my brain malfunctions. Uhm… no pun intended -___- lol

Cimmaron: I could sit here and confidently tell you that I would play it cool but in reality I would probably be bugging out. Like if Christian Grey or Gideon Cross just walked into this bar I would be hyperventilating and not know what to do with myself. I would probably watch them like a hawk and imagine all sorts of things in my head that I could do with them but not have the nerve to walk up and say HI.

Neyra: If Gideon Cross walked into this bar, I’d buy the whole damn tequila supply, down it all, and find my way to his amazingly strong, sexy arms… oh lord! *looks away blushing*
Ana: lol. For a minute there I thought you were gonna say “I’d buy the whole damn bar and force everyone out for some alone time with him” *shrugs*
Neyra: Oh I’m not opposed to that idea either hon, I just believe buying the tequila supply would be much faster than trying to get ALL  *motions to the club* these people out. Know what I’m saying? *waggles eyebrows*

Speaking of hunky men, and fair warning ladies we’re about to get personal here… how kinky in the bedroom would you get with your book boyfriends? :x *gasps*
Ana: *wiggles eyebrows*

Braine: As long as there's no blood involved (that's why I don't like vampires), canes, fists, and being immobilized in a rack of some sort, I'm in!

Ana: whew. Sounds like that bedroom escapade will need an emergency room team standing by.
Neyra: Hmm, okay yeah I wouldn’t want any of that either >.<

Cimmaron: They could have their way with me. Ravage me. Whatever. I’m up for it all. Well, maybe not all. No anal fisting, caning, or blood shed. And no animals. I’m not into beastiality.

Ana: oh yeah. We likes it rough…wait... Animals? Sex? WTF :\
Neyra: Ew, people use animals during sex? So gross, *gags* I’m all for a good flogging though or handcuffs, whatever works for the man I’m with ;)
Ana: Christmas is coming up, are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list? He tends to check that list twice ;)
Neyra: I was a good girl ^_^

Braine: Expound on "naughty". There's the nice kind of naughty and the bad kind of naughty...

Ana: Lol. Ain’t no difference in my books. Naughty is NAUGHTY.
Neyra: Exactly! So go on with ya Naughty self-Braine ;)

Cimmaron: I’ve been a good girl who has had a lot of naughty things float through my head.

Neyra: Amen!! Ain’t no fun when you refuse your devilish side to play :p
Ana: lol. I totally just pictured Christina Aguileras number in the movie Burlesque “I Am A Good Girl” 
Definitely got the whole good girl routine down pact eh? ;)
Neyra: Any naughty gifts you’re looking forward to? If you were good like me, I’m sure he’ll bring them to you ;)
Ana: *raises brow at Neyra* The only gift he’s bringing you, is a paddle to the ass for being naughty.
Neyra: Well if he’s a hottie Santa, I’ll be naughty all year long for him ;) LOL
Ana: I’ll just bet you would >.<

Cimmaron: Ooooo….I hope Santa gives me a giftcard to There’s a few things on there that I would LOVE to get

Ana: *covertly pulls out phone and types in “ –must visit” on memopad*
Neyra: *makes a note* I’ll have to visit this for some, uhm… research >.<

Braine: LOL @Ana. One whoop on the ass to Neyra as she spells his name. Naughty gifts... I don't know... nothing specific that would point to bedroom devices like chains and whips, I'll let my Santa surprise me. But to set the mood, some nice bedroom attire would be nice whether it's leather and lace or silky lingerie.

Ana: loving the bedroom attire! Hopefully your Santa reads this interview ;)
Neyra: lmao I sure wouldn’t mind that Braine, Hottie Santa can make me spell his name all he wants ;D
Ana: If you could give away one series what series would it be and why?

Braine: Kiera Hudson. I think more people should read it. Tim's writing is simple but very enthralling. I am wary of vampires and yet I have no problem devouring his books in one sitting. It's also a self-published series and his success in staying on Amazon's bestseller's list is testament to how good his books are.

Ana: I have been meaning to get my hands on that series! One day… one day.
Neyra: Oh wow a self pub’ed best seller? Definitely need to get my hands on those.

Cimmaron: I would want to giveaway Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood. Oh, and Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate. Loved that one too.

Neyra: And Cimmaron, I need my greedy little hands on your picks as well. Still might be the only reader who hasn’t read BDB yet >.< *shrugs* It’s the damn vamp thing -___-
Ana: I still haven’t read KMM’s Fever series :( but I love me some BDB. Wheew. YES! Gonna have to check out Gail Carriger though.
Neyra: Last question, Holidays mean it’s hell on earth for all of us, besides reading with a nice hot cup of cocoa, what are you looking forward to?
Ana: A nice hot cup of hunkin’ alpha-male? ;)
Neyra: Serve me up a cup of that ;)
Braine: Aside from having the perfect excuse to binge on holiday food? Just the excitement of the season in general. The air is practically electric this time of year.

Ana: Nom Nom Nom. Holiday food. *sigh*
Neyra: I know right, one thing I notice during this time of year, is that MOST people are actually polite to each other. Should be all year round but *shrugs* eh, I guess LOL

Cimmaron: I love the holidays. There is really something special about this time of year. I love all the eating yummy food, shopping and spending time with family. It just seems like there is always something to do every weekend and I can’t wait for my family’s game board marathon. We could plays hours on end of Monopoly and Clue.

Ana: Yay! Family time! Ooh. I’ll bet you’re a Monopoly champ! I always lose at that game :(
Neyra: Oh I love family time during the holidays as well.. and of course the yummy food.. we use to love playing Monopoly until Christmas when we were younger >.< LOL I love it!
Ana: Thanks for joining us tonight ladies! We had a blast!
Neyra: We sure did! But the night is still young, and Vegas is waiting, so what say you we call this interview a wrap and get on down to the dance floor? Thanks for the awesome interview!

Braine: Great interview ladies! After a few tries we finally got it down pat! It's your turn to stop by our blog and we guarantee that we'll make it VERY naughty. Santa's waiting with his paddle.

Cimmaron: Thanks ladies, this interview has been a lot of fun. Now lets get on that dance floor and dance the night away. I didn’t buy this new outfit just to sit here all night.

Ana: Can’t wait for that Braine! I’m looking forward to Santa and his paddle. ;) Ain’t gotta tell me twice, Cimmaron. My outfit is too cute to go to waste! *downs my last shot*
Neyra: Lol @ Braine, that’s right we finally got it down. And we’re looking forward to visting Talk Supe as well. *turns to Cimmaron & Ana* as always looking good ladies, I know I sure didn’t get this outfit, these heels, and my hair did (well it’s already sort of ruined wink wink) for nothing.. *take a shot and takes off with the girls to the dance floor*
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