Blogger Spotlight: Interview with Ning of Darkest Addictions

Welcome back to another super-fantastic night of 12 Nights of Christmas. Neyra and I had the awesome pleasure of interviewing Ning of Reading by Kindle Fire, BUT now Ning is a co-blogger over at Darkest Addictions with Neyra... Bad timing lady! lol kidding ;) you're still awesome ^_^ 

 *Back at BeachBum Addictions HQ*

Neyra: *shutting down laptop & walking towards Ana’s office* You ready Ana, we gotta be at the Harem Lounge in like *looks at watch* 1hr. Ning’ will be there soon. You know she’s on a tight schedule at the moment.
ANA: *looks up at Neyra and finishes up the rest of my paperwork* Yeah, yeah. I'm comin'. *hurries and files papers and looks at watch* oh shit, okay lets go *locks up the office and jumps on my Harley* I'll meet you at the Lounge *fastens helmet on and takes off*

*While waiting for Ning in the Harem Lounge *

*Shade walks into the lounge wearing his paramedic uniform ready for work, coming in to say goodbye... properly!*

Neyra: *watches as Shade begins to walk off to get to UGH. And turns to face Ana* I have a bad feeling about having moved our Harems to the same remote spot Ana. I mean- *notices the mischievous glint in Ana’s eyes & narrows her own* ….it’s not like we haven’t agreed to keep our…. *sentence trails off as Ana begins moving towards Shade… Pulls out Sig Sauer, steps in front of Ana & points it at her* BACK OFF!!!!
ANA: *sees Neyra reach for her sig sauer.... pulls out her glock and points it at Neyra* HOLD UP!! PUT IT DOWN!!!
Neyra: I WILL NOT BACK DOWN, BACK OFF & I'LL BACK OFF >.< *At a standstill w/ Ana in the Harem Lounge*
ANA: *walks around with glock pointed at Neyra* PUT DOWN YOUR GUN! WE CAN DO THIS IN A CIVILIZED MANNER!
ANA: ARE YOU MAD?! I AM NOT PUTTING DOWN MY WEAPON! *backs up to the entrance of the building and presses the call button* CALLING MY REINFORCEMENTS!!
ANA: *backs away from the building door and moves away* ARE YOU FUC- NO! YOU PUT YOURS DOWN AND MAYBE WE'LL COME TO A SOLUTION. YOU PULLED YOURS FIRST *feels the floors vibrate with heavy footfalls and looks to the left* WE CALL AND THEY COME.. PUT YOUR GUN DOWN!
Neyra: *starts to feel the floor vibrate with more heavy footfalls… turns to the right* I WOULDN’T OF HAD TO IF YOU’D JUST KEPT YOUR DISTANCE!! YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THERE WAS NO NEED FOR APPROACHING HIM ANA!! *feels the floor begin to rumble even more so* SHIT! SHIT, SHIT!! THEY’LL ALWAYS COME WHEN WE CALL… PUT IT DOWN ANA!!

*with a loud bang the Harem Lounge entrance by Ana comes tumbling down… the glass on the opposite side near Neyra scatters with a loud crash*

Neyra: *see the shadow looming by the window before it crashes through* SHIIIIT!!! *jumps out of the way and rolls to the left*
Ana: SHIT! *jumps and rolls to the right* 

*1 hour later* - *Ana & Neyra are sitting on opposite sides nursing wounds*

Ana: *gives Neyra a pointed look* I told you to put your weapon down, you couldn't even do that. I am so not cleaning this up and YOU are so paying for this! 
Neyra: *looks up from neck massage* Are you insane!? I AM NOT CLEANING THIS! You're the one who just had to call reinforcements! Shoulda kept your damn distance, that's what... -- *notices a shadow moving on the left from the corner of her eye and jumps up with gargantua dagger in hand*
Ana: *glaring at Neyra, I notice a shadow moving from the corner and reaches under the cushion and aims Glock at the movement then lowers gun when she notices it's just Ning...fashionably late* 
Neyra: Welcome back Ning! *gets up off couch and heads towards Ning for a hug* I can’t say your harem’s been missing you, cause they’ve been with us but.. we sure did ;)
ANA: Welcome back! *hugs Ning and giggles* oh yeah, they’ve been busy alright ;)

NING: *hugs Neyra and Ana* Group hug!! Yay!! I needed that! It’s good to be back. It’s good that you kept my harem entertained, because left alone, who knows what they’ll get themselves into? But now that I’m back, you will stay away from my harem!! *quickly finds another safe location for her harem*

Neyra: All teasing aside hon, and before we get to the juicy bits, would you tell our readers a little about yourself?

NING: Well, sure. I’m in my early twenties. I moved to the US from China ten years ago. I’ve always loved reading and reading is basically how I learned English. I just graduated from college this past May. Now I have a stable job with a public accounting firm. I don’t have as much time to blog as I did before. I sure miss school!

ANA: *watches Paris pass by and winks before turning back to Ning* So miss thang, when did you start blogging and what did you expect to get out of blogging?

NING: Huh? *too lost in staring and Paris*

ANA: Earth to Ning!

NING: *looks back at Ana* Oh sorry. Anyway, blogging… Well, I tried blogging back in 2010, but didn’t really keep up with it, but last year, after I read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, I had to share, so I impulsively wrote up a blog post!! Seriously, it’s been a year since Thanksgiving, because I remember finishing basically one book a day during my Thanksgiving Break last year.

I honestly did not know there was such a huge blogging community out here with so many passionate readers. I don’t have anyone to talk books with in real life. I can’t express how happy I was that I decided to start up blogging. Otherwise I have no one to talk books with… and no one to fight for my Harem *glares as Neyra and Ana*

Neyra: Whaaat? If you’d just SHARE your Harem we wouldn’t have to fight, Ning. *shrugs and looks up as Wraith walks into the lounge* Ooh, hey baby! Ladies, I’ll uh... be right back! *winks and takes off with her sexy sex demon-vamp*
Ana: *rolls eyes and sighs heavily* Not again!

*1 hour and 30 minutes later*
Neyra: Ahem, soo where were we? That’s right, blogging! Ning,  a blogger’s life isn’t always as easy peasy as it seems, what has been one of the most challenging things about blogging for you this year?

NING: Just keeping up the pace of it. I never thought it would be so time consuming, and I gave up a lot of other things to read and blog, like playing video games. My PS3 has been sorely neglected. It wasn’t so bad this past year because I had a lot of free time, since I already had a job offer and didn’t have to stress about find a job after graduation, but with my current job, it’ll be extremely difficult to find the time to read and blog.

ANA: There’s a lot of holiday spirit going around, if you could give away one series, what series would it be and why?

NING: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. It started all this blog craziness, so everyone should definitely read it, if you haven’t already. Actually, that’s a good blogoversary giveaway idea. Thanks Ana for mentioning it!!

Ana: ^_^ no problem :)

Neyra: We here at the Dark Shores Lounge pride ourselves in the HOT-BROODING-ALPHAS we’ve come to obsess over. From the Special Force to the hot sexy shifter heroes that we’d like to go bump in the night with ;) What kind of alpha hero is your fave, and please, tell us, why? ;D

NING: VAMPIRES!! My paranormal romance obsession began with The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon (another must read series for PNR fans)! Then comes the Carpathians, then BDB! It’s something to do with their immortality and strength and out-of-this world appeal!!

ANA: Our hawt hunks don’t mind a little dessert in bed, are you the “lay-it-on-and-lick-it-off” type or “no-mess-here” type?

NING: I’m usually “no-mess-here”, but if it’s Acheron or JZB or anyone in my harem, oh yeah, give me some of that whipped cream!

Neyra: It seemed 2012 was the year every author decided it was time to up their game, and the stories they provided us were epic, obsessive, and at times, heart wrenching. What has been your favorite read this year?

NING: Oh my god, I have to pick? You guys are cruel!! *looks through her Goodreads list* If I just pick from 2012 books, then it’s gotta be Lothaire by Kresley Cole and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. I narrowed it down to 2, you guys should be proud of me. 

ANA: Lol. oh yeah, round of applause for Ning! xD

...We’ve got your favorites down, what about least favorites?

NING: I can’t think of anything published in 2012, but the Goddess Test by Aimee Carter. For a book with such an awesome blurb, it didn’t meet any of my expectations. Even the guy wasn’t even that hot.

Neyra: Any books on your ‘MUST-HAVE-RIGHT-NOW-OR-I’LL-DIE list? *looks at Ana & Ning’s worried expressions* Am I the only one with this kind of list? xD

ANA: Wow... uh, yeah you are >.<   

NING: *agrees with Ana* I wouldn’t go that far, but I’ll give you the top 5

ANA:  There’s a big book blowout event going on in the middle of nowhere (because, I’m harsh like that) where all of your favorite authors will be giving away free signed copies of every single book they've ever written... IN HARDCOVER!. To get there, you have to...
        1. Win the Hunger Games
        2. Beat Emmett Cullen in an arm wrestling competition
        3. Steal Aladdin’s magic carpet...
        4. ...take said magic carpet and retrieve “the ring” from  a very possessive Gollum.

Are you down? Or will you pass?  Oh.. and you have a MINUTE to WIN IT, GOOD LUCK lmbo (gameshow reference)

Neyra: *Quirks eyebrow* Minute to win it.. really? lol smh..
ANA:  GOOD LUCK! lol. yes, that show... is good xD

NING: Seriously? A minute? For books? I’m down!

Ana: Haha! No hestitation!

Neyra: It’s Christmas, and Hottie Santa is coming to town! His naughty elf has gone amiss, and he wants YOU to take her place. He’s granting one wish, anything you want, but you MUST give him control. Are you willing to submit to his every desire, or deny Hottie Santa his one Christmas wish?
ANA: Hottie Santa huh? move aside, Ning! lmbo

NING: Hey! My interview, me first! Get in line, Ana! Oh yes, Hottie Santa! Who am I to deny this Christmas wish?

Ana: Lmbo!! Not a chance xD
Neyra: It would be a crime to do so, good answer Ning ;) LOL 
ANA: I’m gonna dig a little deep here (and I do hope you don’t mind) *winks* How kinky does it get in your bedroom? Or are you strictly a vanilla ice cream kinda girl with no sprinkles on top?

NING: Of course, I should’ve known this is coming. There’s a little bit of tying down and spanking *blushes* But it’s hard to be kinky when you’re in a long distance relationship *sigh* But both my bf and I are both pretty open to exploring different things. So if you ask me this in maybe 5 years, my answer hopefully will be a lot more colorful.

Neyra: Girrrl, don’t I know it! *Sighs in frustration* I like them kinky too ;) lol

In the spirit of Naughty Christmas, if you could ask Santa for any hawt hunk of burnin’ alpha male love and any sex scene to go with him, what would you pick? ;)

ANA:  Don’t be afraid to lay out your most hunkiest alpha males ;) Neyra & I test dri- I mean, put them through a thorough inspection to make sure he’s every bit as BIG, BAD AND ALPHA for you ;)

NING: Geez, no fair that I get to miss out on all the fun!! Well, Jericho Barrons when he was trying to cure Mac of her “sickness” in the Fever series. Honestly, if I had Barrons all to myself for a few weeks/months serving my every sexual need, I wouldn’t want to be back to normal either.

ANA:  Thanks so much for joining us, Ning! I’ve gotta say, meeting you (and you too Neyra) was the highlight of my blogging experience. You girls are awesome!
Neyra: *sniffs* you big ol’ softie... *turns around and blows nose on a handkerchief* I’m with Ana though Ning, meeting you  girls was so much fun this year, here’s to many more blogging years together :D *raises glasses brought over by sexy Lord of the Var Reid* RAWR! I’ll see you later tonight hottie ;)
ANA: *raises glass* to the THREE MUSKE-- bloggers ;) haha.
Neyra: LOL you dork *shakes head at Ana* ..Thanks so much for letting us probe your mind Ning, we had so much fun as always :D

NING: *laughs* You girls are so awesome! I’m so happy to have met you! Seriously, I agree with Ana, meeting you girls is definitely the highlight of my blogging experience! *cheers* Now I’m off to celebrate with my harem!! Ciao! 

  Laughing as she watches Ning take off to her Harem, Neyra turns to Ana. “Think she’ll notice the scratches, bites, and, uhm.. love marks on her men, hoochie? After all, they were off limits, but we seem to be immune to those words when it comes to men. I just hope she sees what we were ultimately dy--I mean, trying to accomplish here; to keep her harem from feeling neglected during her two month hiatus.” She winks and takes a sip of her strawberry daiquiri. 

Taking a sip of her drink, Ana turns back to Neyra, “hmm... Oh, she’ll mind, but she can’t complain. We were only, as you put it, keeping them from feeling neglected.” With her drink finished, Ana set her glass back on the table, “Well, Hoochie, it was fun, but... I hear mighty alpha males calling for me.” With a wink and a sway of her hips, Ana makes her way out the door. 

© This has been a Dark Shores Production. No Alphas were hurt during the interview process.
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