Blogger Spotlight: Interview with Herding Cats & Burning Soup

Welcome back to another night of 12 Nights of Christmas. Tonight, Neyra and I got the chance to interview Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup...And...there was quite a bit of burning going on. 

Ana: *walking towards Anna's house avoiding stepping on the cats* 

Neyra: *sniffs the air around us, and looks quizzically at Ana, then towards the house* ANNA!! OMG, Are you burning soup!?! :o

Ana: *pauses and looks at Neyra* do you think we should call the fire department.? ... tell them there's a fire? 

*They look at each other both coming to a silent agreement, and begin sprinting towards the house*

Neyra: *starts pounding on the door* Anna!! Open up!! Are you okay in there!? Helloooo!!!??? *looks nervously to Ana*

*Ana rapidly pulls out her cellphone and begins dialing 9-1-1*

Operator: 9-1-1 state your emergency.

Ana: We're at the Cade residence there's lots of smoke coming out of the house! I think my friend is stuck inside.

Operator: Miss, calm down. Who's inside? 

Ana: Anna- *holding back hysterics* her name is Anna Cade!

Operator: What's your name, ma'am? 

Ana: Ana

Operator: Okay, Ana stay with me on the line. Dispatch is on their way

Ana: *covers mouth piece & looks at Neyra* they're coming... and I know this might sound shallow but I hope the firefighters are hawt!

Neyra: *looks at Ana incredulously* Ana!! This is sooo not the time!!! *starts pounding on the door again shouting for Anna & mutters* ..I hope they're hawt too.. 

*Anna Cade suddenly appearing out of thin air*

AnnaCade: Sweet Mary, tell me you didn't call the fire department! *whispers to Ana- hun they are DAMN fine* but blast they're SO gonna put me on a list if they get called out here again! 

Ana: *jumps at Anna's sudden appearance* Woah! Where did you come from? What is all that smoke? *gives Anna a pointed glare* were you making dildo cupcakes again? 

Neyra: *shrieks* What the hell Anna!!! Oh, we sooo called the fire department! You're in big trouble missy! *mutters* I better get a damn dildo cupcake for all my worry >.<  

*All three girls hear the siren down the road*

Ana: *gives Neyra a worried look* If you love yourself some burnt dildo cupcakes.. by all means, get in there before the firefighters get here xD

AnnaCade: *snort* I can see the headline now "Heroic firefighters save home from smoldering penis cupcakes". smh. I'm so never gonna live this one down.

*looks over at Neyra* Come on girl lets get you a penis cupcake. Those were yesterday's project so we're good. No So, what's up girlies?

Neyra: *snickers* And we'll make sure of it... Uhm. I mean don't worry hon, we'll be there to support you if things get uglay! Especially if those hawties pose nude ...errr, uhmm... for the headlines ! >.< *rubs palms together* oh yumm penis cupcakes *winks at girls incredulous looks & laughs out loud*

Ana: Thanks for having us over, we're really excited to get this interview rollin' *sniffs the smoke filled air* ahh. I think we'll sit outside today and let the house air out. 

Neyra: Uh huh minus the smoke inhalation & scare, thanks AnnaC.! But AnaB., we're so getting my cupcake before we start the interview!! >.<

Ana: I can go for a cupcake right now *follows AnnaC* 

AnnaCade: *hands cupcakes around & heads out to the deck* Watch out for the turtle. She's ornery and has a thing for biting. And she's real ticked about having to hang in the house since it's getting cold out. *munching on a penis cupcake*

Ana: *steps around turtle and bites into penis cupcake* So Ann- OH. MY. GOSH. This is the best damned penis to ever grace my tongue! *hears crickets and opens eyes* Oh. Shit. *coughs* So, Anna,  tell us,  what got you into blogging? 

Neyra: *Licks Penis Cupcake & almost steps on turtle* Ohh, fucking yesss!! this is really good Anna!! *Bites the hell out of it... looks up to find AnaB & AnnaC staring* What? do I have penis frosting on my face?? o.O *coughs* So, yeah Anna.. tell us what got you into blogging ^-^

Ana: *looks at Neyra* Frkn amazing right? xD *hands Neyra a napkin* uh, yeah... all over the place! *laughs and continues walking with AnnaC.*

Neyra: shit! always all over the damn place *mutters incoherently and starts walking towards the girls*

AnnaCade: *shaking my head and laughing* I'm a total organization freak and thought it'd be a great way to keep track of my new years resolutions and reading. Had no idea it'd end up being such a big project. I'm loving it though :) 

Ana: Woot! And if it weren't for your organizing freak self, we wouldn't have met you! And be a witness to these awesome cupcakes... er- I mean, your awesome reviews and book choices ^_^

Neyra: It's definitely fun *licks cupcake some more* but idk about all that organization stuff >.< did you know some of your blogger buddies before starting the blog? 

AnnaCade: Not a one. I'd hardly even visited a blog. I like just jumping into things. Drives the fam crazy! That's kinda how we ended up with the slightly evil turtle. *looking a little embarrassed about THAT one* Aaannyways. I've met some great bloggers now and even run into a few in person. Have yall met Sharon from I Smell Sheep? She's a hoot and ends up at a lot of the local events here which is fun. And of course there's you two ;) *smiles sweetly*

Ana: Nope, I haven't met her, but she can consider herself on my stalk- I mean, "Must-Befriend" list xD  We hear you just got a job at your local bookstore. We are so jealous right now! Congrats! Hows that working out for you? 

Neyra: ohh i bet the evil turtle story is a good one, i'd love to hear it sometime, off the record of course ;) Sharon? Hm, no does not ring a bell, but I'll be stalk- err'... i'll be right along Ana perusing her blog soon enough xD Got anymore of these delicioius penis-cakes? *licks frosting off the corners of mouth and fingers* And I'm totes jealous  of you right now, but definitely happy you've got yourself a bookstore job! ^-^ 

Ana: *snags two more cupcakes off the platter and hands one to Neyra* We're so gonna have to get her recipe for this. 

AnnaCade: *total girly sqee* OMG I'm LOVING working at the used bookstore. Total bookjunkie best job ever. I just finished my second day and I'm wiped out. But I got to spend hours surrounded by thousands of books. Total book bliss.♥   Neyra the evil turtle story is hilarious and involves a bitten penis of the non-cake variety. Roma and Preston are really well known at the vet school. smh.

Ana: OMG! haha! We'll bug you about that story later :p 

Neyra: *laughs out loud* Oh wow, now i REALLY want to hear more of that story!! xD just, I am totally jealous right now. I am so glad you love it though, how many hours will you be working? :D

AnnaCade: *chuckles* One day I'll tell yall all about my girlie and her evil ways. The bookstore's really great so far. I'm just working part time in the evenings so I get to spend 4 hours every day petting, uh, I mean, arranging the books and helping people :)

 Ana: haha. Go ahead, pet away xD They need some good lovin too ;) 

Neyra: *chuckles* right, good lovin xD But that's good though Anna, you'll get all the new arrivals before anyone else ;) lol

Ana: What are some of your favorite books read this year? Worst?

AnnaCade: *rubs hands together* I know, right? I"ve already got a huge stack I'm keeping my eye on ;) lol

Oooo, okay, favorite reads this year...

  • Vampire Vacation by CJ Ellisson (cheeky vampire series set at a fantasy sex hotel)
  • Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day (panty melting historical)
  • My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair (BDSM the way it *should* be done- the woman's brilliant)
  • North of Need by Laura Kaye (the hero is so damn cute and has a junk food fetish plus he builds his heroine an igloo ♥)
  • Lover Awakened by JR Ward (Zsadist will *always* be my favorite PNR hero)
  • Lothaire by Kresley Cole (Lothaire made evil really damn sexy) 
  • Cross Your Heart by Michele Bardsley (cus I LOVE a dirty talker and Tez made my mouth drop open a couple times. He's GOOD)
...hmmm... *looking over list* so I kinda like smutty books it turns out  :O

And worst? *looks a little nervous* Okay, now, remember those penis cupcakes are *really* good so don't waste them chucking em at me. *deep breath* Fifty Shades of Grey *shudder* I actually picked cleaning the kitchen over reading for like the first. time. ever. 

Neyra: *GASP!!!* :O You... how...OH.MY.GOD.... *wipes away tears and stands up..... looks at Anna and hugs her* I don't care how uncomfortable you are that i'm hugging you, but i totally love you right now!  xD I.. cannot stand that book! Finally! Someone who isnt Greysessed *gags* all! I hated that book with a passion, i ranted a little x] I read bits of it while I was at work, but like you... i actually preferred working over reading for the first time, it made my head hurt. *sobs* 

Ana: OMG! YES, YES & HELL FRKN' YES! I ♥ J.R. Ward and the Brotherhood ♥ Still haven't read the other books you've mentioned but they're def in my TBR pile. 

Neyra: *smirks* smutty book lover? welcome to the club ;)  And I've heard so much awesome from all those books, and I hear Cherise Sinclair is an evil genius w/ her Mountain Masters and Masters of the Shadowlands series! I'm looking forward to digging my heels into those ;) Aahhhhh!!! * pushes chair back * Ana!!! :(   I see Vamp books... get them away... please, get them away!! *sobs hysterically* xD
Ana: *hands Neyra a penis cupcake* there, there child. *whispers to AnnaC* She has a bit of a thing against vamps. She's very picky. *laughs* Speaking of Vamps. Are you more of a "Bite-Your-Neck-And-Suck-Your-Blood" kinda girl? or a "Loping-Around-On-All-Fours-And-Growl-At-You" kinda girl? 

AnnaCade: *jumps around hugging Neyra right back* I'm not alone!!! OMG finally! Everyone I know *loves* those blasted books ::shudder:: Ana that's an excellent call not picking em up :) And yeah Cherise is freaking brilliant! She writes BDSM like you wouldn't believe and her men are damn good Doms and honorable as hell. *whispers to Ana* Really no vamps at all? Not even Zsadist or V?! o.0 

Ana: Nope, *wipes away stray tears* not even those sexy hunks of vampy goodness 

AnnaCade: No worries Neyra I'm so a shifter girl at heart. The growly bit totally works for me :) Kitty and dragon shifters are my faves. Have yall read Shelly Laurenston? OMG her shifters are to die for. All kinds, bears, wild dogs, wolves, lions (damn those are "good"). She does dragons in another series too. 

Ana: Oh, nice! I love me a great shifter book. So I'm definitely going to have to look up this Shelly Laurenston. Me + dragon shifters = fiiiiire ;) 

Neyra: You are not alone my friend *sniff* :') but yeah, one girl I grew up with read all three books and said they were good, & I'm sitting there like, "-___- you must be new" Smh. Cherise is definitely on my top list though, but *coughs, and points covertly to Ana* ...she took my wallet from me :(  *shudders* ugh, vamps -__- no, not even Zsadist or V... I've only every made TWO exceptions for vamps.. Wraith & Conall from Larissa Ione's Demonica world ^-^ I LOVE THEM! ♥ And oh! girl after my own heart, I love kitty shifters, especially the Panthers ^-^ Mmm. LOL have you read Michelle M. Pillow's Lords of the Var? So good! I don't remember reading any dragon shifter books, oh scratch that, I read Gena Showalter's Heart of the Dragon -__- it was a good read, not hawt hawt, but good :) Still, like Ana, I'll have to check out Shelly Laurenston. ^_^

Since we're all talking about yummy delicious shifters and HOT HOT GentleDoms' ;) Tell us Anna, would you be afraid if said shifters bit, scratched and ravished you? Or if a Dom took you and pulled your hair, and spanked you? We're talking Kinky Fuckery here with any of these Alphas ;)

AnnaCade: Bwhaha. "Oh you must be new". Oh hell I'm so gonna have to use that on someone. Yay another dragon fan!! Ana you gotta check her out. They're more urban fantasy-ish but damn they're good.

Kinky Fuckery? o.O OMG. smg. Okay, hmm. I say bring on the shifters baby! Drives me nuts in books when the heroine totally flips over finding out shifters are real even though she's been reading about them forever. I mean, really now? Okay, so I'd totally slip with an "oh fuck" if a guy shifted in front of me no warning but after that? As long as he can make me purr I'm good ;) 

Oooo a spanking? LOL. I would be the. worst subbie. I'd get myself in so blasted much trouble but damn if I wouldn't give it a try. Especially with the right Dom :D Yeah I could so get behind a little hair pulling fun ;) 

Neyra: True story. I think ‘newbie’ readers find 50Shades of Grey the most compelling, it’s understandable because they aren’t familiar with other authors and their works. Maybe with some editing and a few revisions of the characters, FSoG could have been a great story, but, as it were... it’s not. 

Ana: Ahh.. Didn’t read 50Shades >.< not really wanting to. anywho lol... 

Neyra: silly Ana :p  you saved yourself from a horrible experience, i’m still damaged from the whole thing D: lol

lol yeah, I really do hate that about some of the heroines in books, but I know what you mean, and “oh fuck” at first, then it’s “oh, lets fuck” ;) lmao.

well, actually Anna, the spanking would be up to you or not.. a sub has the power did you not know that ? ;) lol 
AnnaCade: Ahhh yeah a good editing would have done wonders! I gave up after the heroine, hand-to-god Ana, blushed for the 100th time. In like 150 pages. *twitches uncontrollably* 

LOL. Hun I totally know my safeword ;) 

Ana:  haha you are so silly. And Amen for saf— I mean, *cough* I’m so vanilla ;)

Neyra: bahahaha, sure Ana, strictly vanilla. *rolls eyes* Oh and Anna’s right, that damn heroine, fml just thinking about her gives me a headache, and you would not believe the amount of times she said “oh my” in one chapter D: *hangs self*

Well, as long as you never forget it Anna ;) lmao

AnnaCade: *laughing* yall are too much. Oy and hun I gotta sell that book now days! Constant battle not to twitch and roll my blasted eyes. 

Ana:  *makes a grab for another penis cupcake* I am so gonna have to get that recipe from you ;) Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us, Anna! 

Neyra: Hey! Save me some you damn hoochie! No fair hoggin all the penis!! *makes a grab for cupcake* ...Seriously, Anna thanks so much for putting up with our probing. We had so much fun, and these cupcakes are delish. *mutters*.. I wonder if my lover would mind some frosting on his--.... ohhkay then, see you!! xD *hugs Anna*

Ana: mhmm done caught yourself lol *hugs Anna* Thanks again :) It’s been fun. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy New Year :)

Neyra: I have no idea what you’re talking about ;) Merry Christmas Anna and Happy New Year! :D

AnnaCade: LOL Thanks for coming by ladies! *hands over a couple more penis cupcakes for the road* Yall have a great Christmas too! Hope Santa brings you something nice! Or, maybe, a little naughty!

Neyra: I don’t mind naughty, not one bit, nope! ;) *snags Anna’s cupcakes and taunts Ana* If you don’t hurry hoochie there'll be no penises left for you to devour! xD

Ana: *walks away with a box full of cupcakes* we'll see about that, hoochie xD

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