Blogger Spotlight: Interview With A Salaciously Sexxy Blogger

Welcome back! Wow, the nights seem to be flying on by... well, with Hottie Santa ridin' his Harley, he feels the need for speed....Tonight we decided to relax a little bit, take a gander on over and explore our salacious side ;) (yes, that was a hint) And... by relax we do mean flirt a lot and drink a lot... xD

*Karaoke bar in downtown LA*

Ana: *singing at the top of lungs* HEY I JUST MET YOU AND THIS IS CRAZY, BUT HERE'S MY NUMBER SO CAAAALL ME MAYBEEEE... *finishes song and takes a bow* thank you, thank you, thank you very much. *hops off the stage and joins Neyra at the table* Are you gonna get up there and sing while we wait for Ms. Sexxy Blogger?

Neyra: *jaw near the floor...sputtering* Oh dear God, save me from this madwoman >.< *composes self.. cough* Wasnt it YOU who forbade ME from EVER singing that song? *raises eyebrow* I mean, really -__- *looks around bar, shrugs...* oh well, here goes nada *takes a shot of JDaniels and marches to the stage... picks a song, annndd...* ...Thank God it's Friday night and I Just-just-just-just-juuuuuuust got paid (money, money, money, money...) Yeah, ohh... *sexy dances* CHECK THE MIRROR, LOOKIN FLY. ROUND UP THE POSSE, JUMP IN MY RIDE, RADIO ROCKIN', HOTTEST JAM.. FEEL THE RHYTHM, PUMP UP THE SOUND. FEELIN' SO GOOD, DON'T YOU KNOW, I'M JUST GROOVIN TO THE BEAAAT... OH, OH OH, OHHHHHH!!!! *Continues singing and dancing as the crowd goes wild* 

*rapping* Yo! some people say my solo is impossible But when I get up on the mic, yo, I'm unsto--uff!

Ana: *pulls Neyra off the stage...* yeah, you must forget sweety, this ain't no damned concert! Anywho, I see Sharonda over there! So stop dancing and making a fool of yourself! 

Neyra: HEY!! I was not... ugh! they loved me!!! -.- *turns to see where Sharonda is* 

Ana: Uh huh... keep telling yourself that, hun. 

Sharonda: LOL! You ladies know I love ya..*checks myself in the mirror * Okay..I look good. Well you know I love when you girls put on a show for me. Blows big kisses you you chickies doing?

Ana: *hugs Sharonda* hey girl.. Loving your outfit! I'm doing good, thanks for joining us tonight.

Neyra: *mutters* Whatever, Ana's nothin' but a HATER! *glares at Ana, but crosses over to hug Sharonda* Looking good girl, I'm good as well :) You ready? Cause tonight you'll be Center Stage ;) *makes our way back to the table and calls for the waitress*

Ana: *rolls eyes at Neyra and turns back to Sharonda* So, Sharonda, what'll it be? Drinks on us tonight... well... we'll add it to Neyra's never-ending-tab. 
Neyra: *narrows eyes* I pay my tabs thank you very much! *looks to Sharonda* Pay no mind to this hoochie, it's not never ending, but yes, drinks on US tonight!

Sharonda: *Hugs both Ana & Neyra back* Drinks?..ah! now we! hook me up :) Me on you guys stage..I'm truly humbled. I'm good..good..just trying to get through these many...many reviews I have. Can you believe I'm back-up from 2011? Good! but I'm almost there so...yeah, I'm going to need a couple of drinks tonight ;0

Ana: Oh *sighs heavily* I'm not even going to touch the review topic.

Neyra: I heard that! *turns to waitress* I'll take a jaggerbomb hon *back to Sharonda & Ana* I'm feeling naughty tonight *waggles eyebrows* Tell me about it though, I still have my reviews for books I've read last year as well.. plus galleys.. and! I have a headache now :| 

Ana: *Stops the waitress* make that two *looks at Sharonda* three's company. Jaggerbomb? |

Sharonda: *eyes pops wide* Jaggerbomb?...oooo! never tried that one before. *to the waitress* Hell! give me one too sweetie.  looks at Neyra "feeling naughty huh?" wiggles eyebrows back...hmmm :) We'll get rid of that headache *turns to Ana* won't we? *sits back* so ladies ask me anything? wait, maybe I shouldn't have said that ;0

Ana: You heard her Neyra, she said ANYTHING. How about we play a game of, "Never have I ever..." 

Neyra: *laughs* Oh hell... I'm not drunk enough to play "Never Have I Ever.." sorry ladies but my dirty little secrets are locked up tight... for now xD *looks at Sharonda* Uh uh girly, you can't go back now once you've opened up that door, there's no way WE'RE letting you off the hook >:D  But we're not drunk enough for that yet either so consider yourself lucky and warned ;) First off, we know how awesometastic you are, but let our fellow bloggers know a little about you.. just to get us warmed up *winks* *sees waitres & rubs palms together* oh yeaaa definitely warming up JaggerBombs ladies! ;)

Ana: damn! *shrugs and grabs a JaggerBomb and thanks the waitress* Guess our little games will have to wait til later.

Sharonda: whew! *wipes brow* and giggles. awww..thanks! Well, I'm just a cooky kinda a gal who lives for her books. Single mom who presently works for nutty book retailer. I have two boys (20) & (11) and a crazy sexxy ass boyfriend whom I'm love feel up every chance I get *weg* . Besides work, blogging has become fave past-time. I love my music, red wine and short sexxy dresses ;)

Ana: *gasp* lucky you! Getting to work for a book retailer. We definitely know you love your music *motions at the karaoke bar around us* You're gonna have to get up on that stage sooner or later. 

Neyra: All's I heard was sexy ass bf whom I love to feel up xD lmao *chugs JaggerBomb & calls waitress back* I do agree though with Ana, I'd love to work in a bookstore, so consider me green right now >.< pfft! 

Ana: *cringes at someones horrible rendition of "At Last" by Etta James* Oh Laaawd. Someone tell that poor soul to get up off that stage!...

Sharonda: *yells across the floor* booo!...stick with you day job.  *Turns back to my girls...* oh me & singing might not go so well, but who knows since I'm!

Ana: *Busts out laughin* Oooh she's bold. I like it!

Neyra: *mutters* that poor fool never had a chance *chuckles*

Sharonda: But working for B&N is a pleasure (on most days)...the best thing about that place is my employee discount...I get a lil nuts sometimes, but lately I've been good about holding my finger on the trigger :).

Ana:  Oh the joys of getting discounts! *downs JaggerBomb and waves the waitress over* 3 more, hun. Let me drown my sorrow of not working in a bookstore *chuckles and shakes head*

Neyra: lol oh i know! perfect job for any book lover, but in a way it's okay not to be working there, cause the God knows I'd be hiding between the shelves reading all the new arrivals *laughs*

Ana: So, Sharonda, we know all about your salacious side and your love for salaciously hawt books, what is your favorite steamy book read this year?

Sharonda: Hmmmm... favorite steamy book this year? let's see...I have three actually  

  1. A Measured Risk by Natasha Blackthorne (that woman can right some steamy historical romances...okay *shivers*  
  2. The Angel by Tiffany Reisz (she is becoming a fav of mine like quickly...I'm about to go seriously by all of her books..uh once I get some!)  
  3. and Masters At Arms by Kallypso Masters (what can I say about delicious military men with issues?..seriously it's a hot ass series) I seriously recommend all of these books.

Ana: *fans self* wheew. I haven't read any of those, but laaaawd knows I've been dying too! *eyes the bartender from my seat* do you think he'll mind puttin' on a show for us? ;)

Neyra: *looks at bartender and smiles* ohh i'm sure we can convince him one way or another ;) *waves at sezzy bartender... & turns to the girls w/ a thoughtufl expression* hmm, im no fan of historical romances, at least not a lover, i've read a couple good historicals.. but yeah... and oh god Tiffany Reisz is awesome! *sigh* my favorite is Wes!! >.< and I'm dying... DYING!!! to read Kallypso Masters i hear her newest releast, Nobody's Perfect is filled with so much brutality it'll leave you shaken to the core *shivers* i want!! >.< Is there any auto-buy authors  you always, no question, just pick up at a bookstore?

Sharonda: With Kallypso books, I'm on Adam's story, but I'm itching to buy Damian & Savi's story. Tears you will be crying I tell you, she suffered such's crazy. Auto-buys for me are JR Ward, Gena Showalter (her LOTU series) and Kresely Cole (her IAD series). All auto questions. I'm team Soren right now..I love Wesley too, but Soren grabbed my complete attention in the Angel. 

Neyra: Yessss I heard!! So gut wrenching, it's why I'm most looking forward to reading that series, because i want to get to their story >.< LOL and hell yeah Showalter is auto-buy always ! LOLi still haven't read BDB or IAD *shame on me* I'll get to it eventually *shrugs* xD LOL

Sharonda: Neyra! Good Gravy,! we have got to get you reading some JR & Kresley.. 

Ana: Okay.. I see you girl, with your auto-buys! Showalter and Ward are definitely among my auto-buy authors. Lets put your musical interest to work, shall we? If you could pick ONE song for Showalters LOTU series what would it be? Same goes for Wards BDB series, and Coles IAD series. 

Neyra: :o Nice Ana! *rubs palms together* this should be good, lets hear it Sharonda *waves at the bartender again and winks* phew! so sexxxy, I think he's  loving the view ladies ;)

Ana:  *glances at the bartender then back to you girls* oh, he's definitely loving the view ;) 

Sharonda: You know he's loving it *winks at Bartendar* get yourself over here sexxy man & hook us up with more drinks... Now..for LUTO, The Posies's I Guess You're Right, BDB, I would pick GaGa's "Teethe" , Kresley's IAD...Muses's Supermassive Blackhole. What do you think?

Ana:  Oh hell yes!!!  Wheew girl those songs are spot on!! 

Neyra: >.< I've never heard those, and don't ask me to listen to Gaga, cause i hate that chick *looks up to see Ana & Sharonda's incredulous looks* Whaaat? I don't! -__-

Sharonda: ...thank you...thank you..*shakes head at Neyra* how can you hate GaGa?

***Quick Musical Intermission***

Ana: *Stands up and starts singing* Don't want no moneeey, just want your SEX! 

Neyra: *wide eyed and shocked looks at Ana singing* what is she doing?? 

Sharonda: She is about to get her GaGa on

Ana: *walks towards the bartender and hops on top of the bar* take a bite of my bad girl meat 

Neyra: *Looks at Sharonda* please tell me she didn't just say what she said??

Sharonda: *Looking at Ana...* she sure did *shaking head in wonder* 

Ana: *looks down at bartender and snaps teeth* show me your teeth!  *walking along bar* got no direction, *hops off bar and saunters up to the bartender* 

Neyra: *sputters*

Sharonda: *eyes pops wide* 

Ana: just got my vamp take a bite of my bad girl meat. *pushes bartender against the wall* show me your teeth! *makes out with the bartender* 
Neyra: *spills drink* This damn hoochie!! oh hell!! smh, *starts laughing with Sharonda*

Sharonda: *Points at Neyra...* liquor abuse!

Ana: *walks back to the table with drinks...* this ones on him ladies ;)

Neyra: *Still laughing, shakes her head at Ana* Well damn, someone isn't holding back tonight!

Sharonda: Wow

Ana: *shrugs and downs a shot* Sure the hell ain't 

Sharonda: *Quickly picks my jaw up off the bar...looks at Neyra* NOW That was the shit! *knocks back my drink and jumps up on the bar as Muses SuperMassive Blackhole starts*

Neyra: well damn... *takes a shot* we are soooo fired!! >.< 

Ana: HEEEY!  WATCH THE DRINK! *grabs shot glass off the bar and downs it before Sharonda can knock it over* 

Sharonda: Oh, Baby don't you know I suffer? *throws the bartendar back against the bar*

Neyra: Oh that pooor poor bartender, he never saw this night coming... but I'm betting he sure as hell ain't going home grumpy tonight. 

Ana: *looks at Neyra* uh huh, definitely not!

Sharonda: Oh, Baby can't you hear me moan *slides down and then back up to meet that gorgeous face* You caught me under false pretenses... Sike! Now serve 'em up honey, me and my girls got all night

Neyra: *shakes her head in amusement* wow... just... wow....

Ana: *laughs and grabs shot glass* 

Sharonda: *Winks at the bartenders slick smile...hops back over the bar to me seat.* Ana, you are a bad influence that I'm becoming to enjoy a whole!

Ana: *laughs at the bartenders shocked face* You crazy, Sharonda! *holds up shot glass* CHEERS!

Neyra: *downs jagger, and mutters* I swear I ain't drunk enough for this shit! >.<

Ana:  *nudges Neyra* soon enough girly ;)

Sharonda: totally agreeing w/Ana...yup soon what's the next question? ...Man, these Jaggerbombs ate really...really good

Neyra: *laughs* yeahhh, good luck w/ that ladies cause i ain't easy to get drunk! lol.. and yess they're awesome aren't they ;)

Ana:  *takes a sip of Corona* you've told us what your favorite books were this year, now. Tell us, what was your least favorite? 

Neyra: *looks at Ana's choice of brew* ew. Corona ? -__-  *takes a sip of V&OJ and looks at Sharonda* Ohh, nice, I'd like to know what made it to your "Now I need to go feed my brains to a zombie because it was so horrible" list xD LOL

Ana: *gives Neyra a pointed look* Don't worry about what I drink, sweetie! 

Neyra: *snorts* Whatever Hoochie... fine, drink your pee.. i mean Coronoa *gives you a sweet angelic smile*

Ana: *looks at Sharonda, then looks at Neyra* No this bishh didn't. *tosses drink in Neyras face* 

Neyra: *sees Ana's intent seconds before & ducks* Damn you!! I'm not wearing waterproof Mascara tonight!! *walks away from table*

Sharonda: I'm a pacifist (sometimes *weg*) & I really don't like to give any book I've read a bad rap, but I did come across some that I was like "You know...this just ain't working" *heads over to Goodreads*..hmmm lets see... one for sure was Vampire Underground: Rescue...I 'll leave the author's name out, but this one was just not my glass of Mascoto ;). I think there was a working  for a very good story, but it got all caught up in nonsense and then some of the sex scenes, words were just unreadable. If I could have washed my eyes out with soap after reading that book, goodness I would have. Another one was UnderCover Submissive..again I'll leave the authors name out. It was the first BDSM book that I truly dislike and just didn't get. Another story line imploded with nonsense and things that just didn't was just all over the damn place. That one I didn't even finish, I was so upset with the characters. But you know as bloggers, you will come across some books that you just aren't going to like. I believe as long as you are respectful of the persons work, it's all gravy. I know some people don't like to see a negative review of their book, but hey honestly everyone isn't going to like your stuff and you should definitely have thick skin for the bad stuff that may come your way. 

Ana: Oh wow.. I haven't heard of these. But, I think... that's sounding like a good thing. 

Neyra: *walks back w/ a mischievous smile on her face, and hears the end of Sharonda's answer* ...Oh I agree, no need to get nasty with other peoople... just the book xD  but i believe that if you can't take criticism of any kind, be it just a bad review, or a snarky ass one, then maybe being an author isn't the proffession for you.. ? just saying. *sits back down & mutters* this damn hoochie' done ruined my make up *sips V&OJ* Sharonda, how'd you get sucked in to the reading world?

Ana: *look at Neyra & shrugs* You'll live. *looks back to Sharonda* I agree with Neyra, no need to get your panties (or briefs for all those male authors) in a twist because of a bad review. *shrugs* 

Sharonda: Well I've always been a reader...ever since I could remember I had my nose stuck on a book. Of has it's distractions and lord knows i'm easily! Anyways, around August last year I discovered Goodreads and then Blogger and I was like..well damn people really are on the internet talking about the books they love? Nerds..lollll! But then the BF was like uh you're one too and I'm like "oh yeah" ;) I think my first review was When You Dare by Lori Foster and here I am a year later. It's good to know that I people can share my love of books with ;) 

Ana: That's right! Your 1 year blogoversary passed.. Oh, that was memorable for me. I sang the hell out of that Happy Birthday song ;)  *holds up shot glass* \_/ I would like to make a toast. *nudges Neyra* pick up your shot glass  hoochie! 

Neyra: Smh @ you Sharonda for calling us all nerds >.< *picks up shot glass* gaaahhhddd, you don't have to poke me so hard!! *glares at Ana* I've been meaning to pick up Lori Foster, but yeaaah.. >.< LOL happy year-aversary though it's late and all ^_^  

Sharonda: You two are a mess *shakes head and smiles* welcome back Neyra..Lori Foster writes some good books I hear and I really liked When You was good and you know we're nerds..lols, but at least we're sexxy as all hell.*knocks back a shot of Patron* yes..yes..I remember you singing Ana...that was awesome.

Ana: *clears throat* like I was saying, I would like to make a toast, to Ms. Sexxy Blogger and her one year blogoversary. *downs shot* Wheew. Wait til your blog turns 20, that's 20 shots of Patron! 

Neyra: *downs shot as well* hell yeah 20 shots! phew! lawd we' gon need more than one Bartender for THAT celebration!! *winks & then cringes as the lady on stage screeches 'As Long As You Love Me' by Justin Bieber in her attempt at singing...* wowza! no bueno!! >.<

Sharonda: Gah! she's sucking my high right down...good gravy get her off the stage somebody..please! and Justin Beiber too!

Ana: *rolls eyes* Oh, hell. Not Justin Bieber *tries my best to block out the horrible singing and turns back to Sharonda* What was the highest moment for you this year in blogging? And what was your lowest moment? 

Sharonda: High point was when I got my blog made over...thank you ms. Beach Bum it fits me perfectly and another was when Natasha Blackthorne said my review left her speechless. I thought that was so sweet..she really is such a nice person and she always asks me to review a book of hers. 

Ana:  You're welcome, girly ♥ Ooh don't you just love when authors send you a thoughtful message? Woot!

Sharonda: I love it and it always totally makes my day...The only low point I had was when no one entered a giveaway I was really disappointing. I hope that doesn't happen again. That's really it for low points. I've been fortunate enough to have many at all.

Ana: Aww. *enters in all your giveaways* There, there *pats Sharonda on the back* Shot? Lol. but I hear ya girly. 

Sharonda: Damn..that Patron is stronger than a mo-fo!

Ana:  wait til we get to tequila, they should spell it To-Kill-Ya xD 

Neyra: *snorts* you have no idea Sharonda.. and yeah i hear that about Lori as well. I hope to get to her books sometime soon -__- *calls the waitress over for another round* I don't believe I've heard of Natasha Blackthorne, but now I'm interested, i'll have take note of her work. Sorry to hear about your giveaway slump-day (since you said it only happened once) 

Sharonda: *giggles* @ Ana...I have a crazy Tequila story..but I'll save that one for another day.

Ana: Lol... right, can't be telling the whole world your tequila stories xD

Neyra: Uh huh, cause then we'd all have something to hang over your head ;) LOL

Sharonda: lol! Neyra..make sure you pick up one of her books soon. She write erotic historical romances..girl, they are good! But I love my followers and I appreciate all of 'em, ya know. 

Neyra: ahh, yeah i know i love my followers too >.< And yes ma'am *stands up to salute* xD 

Sharonda: I love it when folks stop by to say hi, comment and enter my giveaways when they can. I understand that we can't be on the internet 24 hours a it's all good in this hood..

Neyra: *ducks* we's in the hood? :o

Ana: *looks around* I didn't know we was up in the hood xD Lets move on to more Holiday topics shall we? Have you been a good girl this year? Will you be on Santa's good list?

Sharonda: worries, it's a good hood. I've been naughty *slick grin comes across my face*..but I do hope to be on Santa's list still. I mean I wasn't all that bad, you know..not enough not to get anything for x-mas o_O. What about you girls...have you both been? naughty or nice?

Neyra: Of course I've been good! I don't know about this hoochie however! *points to Ana with an amused grin* 

Ana:  *looks at Neyra* Hey, now! No pointing! This interview is all about Sharonda :p So don't mind which list I'm on xD  *looks back to Sharonda and takes a sip of my drink* What is your favorite part about the Holidays? Tell me it's half naked hunks dressed up as a naughty Santa Claus ;)

Sharonda:*looks at Neyra* she must have been naughtyyyy ;) 

Neyra: *smirks* uh huh of course she has ;)

Ana:  *rolls eyes* I am forever on his good list xD 

Neyra: *chokes on drink* riight.

Sharonda: honestly a half naked man on ANY holiday will do it for me...just give me a cute face, a nice butt, oh and definitely a six pack. I love the sense  of family and seeing happy faces when gifts are open..eating until you're in a coma and can't! I just love it.

Ana:  Oh, yes! Just toss a bow on that bad boy and we're good to go ;) omg. foodcomas are awesome! *makes plans to go to Sharonda's house for the Holidays* lol. 

Neyra: We are sooo carpooling to Sharonda's hoochie xD Only a cute face, but and six pack Sharonda? I must be greedy cause I'm looking for waayy more this Holiday season ;) Any particular book you're hoping to get from Naughty --Err i mean Santa-- Clause ? 

Sharonda: Come on and join my nutty family...we loves everyone ;0. Yeah..I'm vain like that *knocks back another drink and signals another round from the bartendar*. 

Ana: Oh, we're definitely coming over! 

Neyra: I hope you know Sharonda, we're recording this convo, and you sooo cannot take that back! We're coming over for sure! xD lol

Sharonda: Bahahah...naughty clause? *snorts* love it! many books, but the one I really want is Larissa Ione's 4th horseman book. Reseph had my attention from the start of the Horsemen series...he really did. I'm like dying to read his story. I want the paperback though so I can cherish know like that ugly little dude from The know the one...that "my precious" dude o_0

Neyra: Eeek, i think you'll love Reseph's book... he was such a wicked playful man ;) i loved him from book 1 too, it broke my heart everytime i saw him make an appearance as Pestilence :( *take a sip of v& oj*

Ana: I haven't read that one! lmbo @ your cherishing the book... you're gonna be all "myyyy preeessshhhiiiiooouuuussss" *rubbing book seductively* hahahaha

Neyra: *chokes on drink* fml! *coughs* ....*recovers and bursts out laughing* i can soo picture Sharonda like that xD *dies* 

Ana:  Lol. right xD *waves the bartender over* yes, you sezzy thang, can we get one more round. *raises shot glass* To Sharonda, thanks for chattin’ with us tonight, you’re awesome! I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New Year :) 

Neyra: *eyes bartender* Ooh, hey hottie! You can stay with me, we’re just wrapping up. Mm, mm, mm... *faces the girls and sees Ana’s annoyed glare & Sharonda’s amused grin* Whaaat? *blinks in confusion*

Sheesh, you’re no fun hoochie! *raises shot glass* To a fun filled Holiday Season with all our Alpha’s and loved ones ;) Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Sharonda, crazy is not the word I’d use for this little rendezvous. LOL I as well hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D

Sharonda: LMBO @ Ana you a mess missy, but hey get yours *winks*. Gives Ana & Neyra a big ol hug. Thank you ladies for having me...I’m really just so happy that you shared this time with me, you guys are the best *gets a little misty eyed* I wish you both a Merry Merry Christmas and a wickedly sexxy New Year

*As Sharonda is making her way to the door a spotlight shines on her and Video Phone by Beyonce and Lady Gaga start blaring from the speakers* 

Ana: *looking around the bar, Ana turns back to Neyra* wow, some exit. Where’s my theme music at? lol

Neyra: *perplexed Neyra looks to her friend* Shit, I know right? Talk about ‘Hey DJ! One thing leads to anothaa’ *winks* LOL

Wrapping up this rowdy interview we will be doing a giveaway! ONE WINNER will get their choice of an eBook copy from Sharonda's salacious fave reads of 2012 :) Masters At Arms is currently free (kindle copy) on Amazon. If the price changes you can select this one :)

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