Buddy Review: Masters At Arms by Kallypso Masters

Masters At Arms
(Book #1 in the Rescue Me Series)

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Author: Kallypso Masters
Publisher: Self-Published (August 12, 2011)
Genre: Adult, Romance, BDSM, Erotica, 162 Pages
Format: Kindle

Masters at Arms begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath--forging an unbreakable bond--will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them? (Book One in the Rescue Me series about the men who own the Masters at Arms BDSM Club.) AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an introduction to the series, but does NOT have the Happily Ever After endings that will come in the next three romance novels in the series. Being the back-story that usually is not told in "real time," there are some intense themes in the book, including death of a spouse, incest, torture, a battle scene, and amputation.

Welcome back to yet another buddy review with Ana & Neyra. This week’s review is for Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters! Hot & SExy! Never heard of it? Let us show you what we mean ;)

Neyra: Alright, now that we’ve all been properly acquainted ;) How’s about we start this review Ana? 

Ana: *looks left, then right...* uhhh hell fkn yeah! *rubs hands together* oh but I did love reading this book, what about you, hoochie?

Neyra: *snickers* yeah, I fell in love with it, and hell if I didn’t respond to each story. it was... interesting to say the least ;) lol

Ana: Lol. Right, right. Well, since Masters at arms covers the prequels for three stories, lets start with Adam’s story, shall we?... 
Prequel to Nobody’s hero

Ana: Nobody’s Hero. Whew. I thought Adam’s story was really sad. Having just lost his wife to cancer and then contemplating ending his life because he can’t live without her? Lawd, but that is deep. 

Neyra: it was, i wasn’t expecting Kallypso to toss in that little twist. But i fell for Adam right off the bat, I’m such a sucker for the brooders >.< it must be hard for soldiers to be away from families, and i think Kallypso did a great job in portraying that aspect of what they go through, good and bad when it comes to their families.

Ana: oh, I definitely agree *glares at Neyra* back off my man! xD But, I agree, Kallypso definitely threw a wrench in the mix and it was more than just a man looking for the right woman, hell, he done lost his right woman :( sad, sad for him. buuuut... *coughs* he can have my number ;)

Neyra: *narrows eyes at Ana* he’ll be the one to decide! xD

Ana: *sigh* oh my lanta... give it up hun... *smiles* I don’t mind his need to be rough hahaha. 

Neyra: lmao. you would.. but anyways, i’m with you on that, he wasn't looking for anyone anymore, his right woman was dead and gone :( but i think everyone deserves a second chance at happiness, and KMasters sure brought him back from his brink of destruction. i just don’t like the fact that, and i’m hoping, praying, and wishing on a star, that i’m wrong about the heroine... she’s too young..IMO, that’s just gross *gags*

Ana: right, she definitely spun this story for him, at first I was thinking... okay, maybe the heroine is just there before the REAL heroine shows up? buuuuut.... then she had to go and declare her love for him... *sigh* but uhmmm *raises brow* she is older when he does see her as a woman and not a child... if that helps?

Neyra: lol not really, i did the math, it’s still a 25+ years difference. i no likey. but fans of HEA’s will love the story no matter what, i still love adam in all his sexy soldier glory, RAWR! ^_^

Ana:  lol... yeah, i’ll admit... that still bothered me some too, but I’m kinda glad she grew a few years before adam noticed her in a different light.. buuuuut RAAAWR. back off my man... lmbo

Neyra: *rolls eyes* yeah yeah, just try and stop me hoochie. smh. it is a good thing that he sees her in a new light in the future, but as of the prequel, i’m not a fan of the heroine... as is a sixteen year old, she was whiny.. too much for me. smh

Ana: lol. I believe by the end of Masters at arms, karla is in her early 20’s, yeah... still young, but hey, it’s a step up from a 16 year old girl. 

Neyra: *sigh* i suppose it is. i’m just having one of those moments where, i’m wishing the HEA was different. Still, it was a great start to what promises to be an amazing series. i love it, and can’t wait to continue Adam’s journey! :D

Ana: same here, I’m definitely looking forward to how everything plays out. Adam seems to still be missing his late wife joni, but, *shrugs* we’ll see...

Neyra: yea, hopefully by the end of it all, he can come to terms with her death, and finally, FINALLY find peace he so much deserves!

Ana: amen! preach sista xD

Neyra: *raises hands* ...and the light shall set you free! xD

Ana: lmbo. *shakes head and flips to Damian’s story*
Prequel to Nobody's Perfect

Neyra: *shrugs* just saying. lol ….*turns the page* 

Oooh! Damian!!!! RAWR, and HELLOOOO GORGEOUS! MIO!! ;) In all my years as a reader, I've yet to run into an adult LATINO hero to fall in love with (I've read about a YA LATINO HERO ;]) and thank you, Kallypso, you have made my dreams come true.!! xD 

Ana: lol. really? eeek. I’m racking my brain right now and nothing is popping up, so Ms. Masters gets a golden trophy for the new latino hero ;) and yes.. but he is sooooo damned sezzy. 

Neyra: Mhm, that he is ;) lol yeah, definitely a plus for me. I love latinos.. I happen to be latina, soo yeah ;) lol.. Damian and Savannah’s story.. this one’s a real heartbreaker.. i’m honestly disgusted by what she’s had to endure her whole life... and by the one person who should always be protecting her...  her father.. *shudders* no child should have to suffer at the hands of their parents.. and Damian? wooh! he’s got so much on his plate it seems >.<

Ana: lol that you are! ooh man. While I was reading the prequel, I was just... lost. I couldn’t believe it. Ms. Masters had me sitting here thinking “WTF - NO NO NO NO NOOOOO NO NO NO” why :( And then in comes Damian on his Harley and baaaam. Knight in shining armor... well, something like that. The way he cared for her and took care of her while fighting his desire to just stick it in lmbo.. sorry. but, jeez. I can’t help but think these stories are gonna be hard to read. good, but difficult to handle.

Neyra: definitely with you on that. But i’m ready for this story.. theirs is the story I've been waiting for.. I've read an interview before on it, and ohmygod, i wanted it so bad, finally i’ma get my greedy little hands on it. Now, before we start fangirling about the upcoming books, lol.. the prequel was so sweet and heartbreaking. After enduring so much at the hands of her father, Savannah has decided to end her existence, but like you said, Ana, in comes Damian in his sexy shiny armor ;) and gives her the most beautiful day by the beach. *sigh* I want! >.<

Ana: lol. I’ll just bet you do. I can argue that “beautiful day” I thought it was nice, but... it was a cave... it was cold... but.... hey, who am I to complain? I got my smutty scene out of it lol... but, IDK. I wasn’t expecting it to go down that fast, maybe more hesitation on her part? *shrugs* idk.. just me though. too fast. for my liking. Especially with all she’s gone through. The story though, is definitely heartbreaking. 

Neyra: it’s just you. lol xD I thought that because of what she’s been through, and BECAUSE of the fact she was considering suicide, it was necessary... idk sort of like, in that moment, with Damian, she was safe, she found her peace, you know? although, she was still fighting her past.. i think it was in a way, liberating for her.

Ana: well, you've got a point there, but... idk.. we can agree to disagree I guess. 

Neyra: yeah, this one’ll be the story we can disagree upon lol. it’s all good, can’t win em all :p

Ana: Lol. Sure can’t. But aside from that, I think Damian's story is going to be really, really good. With him having joined the marines and then the firefight in Iraq... there’s definitely a lot going on with him and he does grow a lot as well. 

Neyra: it will definitely be interesting to read about. I've heard it’s one of those that makes you weep. ahh, i can’t wait. if only they were paperbacks! *sigh* wishful thinking, i guess.

next up... a very.. very sexy italian! RAWR! Me loves Italians ;) 
Prequel to Nobody’s Angel

Ana: Lol. Oh, I know’s all about you and Italians. Marc, Marc, Marc... Master Marco ;) haha.. wheeew. yeah. I really like Marc’s story. He’s definitely going through a hard time, what with his brothers death and all and deciding what to do with his life now. Cause it sure as hell ain’t the fam bizz. 

Neyra: right. And being the middle child I can definitely understand where he’s coming from. Always trying to be as good as his older brother, but never quite seeming to satisfy his mama as he did. black sheep? i think so. 

Ana: Mhm. Def. black sheep. And I agree. *sigh* it’s so hard being the middle child lmbo.  

Neyra: Lol. seriously, I was proud of him when he finally decided to stand up to his mama and do something for himself. he sure did need it, and it looks like joining the Navy gave him something other than himself worth fighting for. I thought we’d get a glimpse of his HEA though. 

Ana: Oh, I know :( I wanted more and I wanted to read that he’d have a HEA, but nooooo >.< Ms. Masters likes to make us wait for that, I guess. After the whole marines incident, I felt Marc was kinda aloof. Maybe losing his way a bit? 

Neyra: I was thinking that too. He didn’t seem himself after the incident. I hope the demons he’s fighting don’t affect him so much in the long run, I’d hate to think of my sexy Italian suffering :(  but the story... so heart stopping! I don’t remember shedding so many tears in a long time. the last book i shed tears for was Reflected in You by Sylvia Day.... *sigh* Gideon ♥ This was good. I loved it!

Ana: The story was definitely heart stopping. I couldn’t help but scream noooo..... aww, you wanna be his shield  lmbo....OMG. I cried too. oh. my. lanta. When you texted me and said you were crying your heart out, I laughed.... lmbo. I’m pretty sure it’s a specific scene too, huh? xD ;( 

Neyra: of course i do!! >.< *sigh* you would laugh at my expense, smh. but it wasn't just one scene, these guys each pulled at my heartstrings, I love all three, and I hope they find the peace of mind they so deserve. Marc’s story was the set up for the next book, Nobody’s Angel. As well as the back-story to the owner’s of the Master’s at Arms Club. 

Ana: Lol. sorry. You’re right, there were specific scenes in each of their stories that were slowly making my heart ache. little by little. Oooh. I was sooo excited to see the club come together. And how MS. Masters would connect all three of the hero’s. I automatically knew Adam would be mentioned in Damian's prequel. But, When Ms. Masters said Marc was joining the navy, I all but scratched my head and said... waaaaiit hooold up. He’s gonna be all on by his lonesome? No bueno... she tricked me! 

Neyra: uh huh. i don’t think Marc’s ready for his HEA though, still has some growing up to do. he’s still not seeing his worth, what having been his brother’s shadow all his life and all. 

Ana: I don’t think so either. But, I’m definitely looking forward to his story, he’s definitely a dom and I’m definitely interested ;) haha. I just hope that Melissa doesn’t show up in his story... *sigh* me no likey her...at all >.<

Neyra: lol smh, you would... i have a feeling she will. though. she’s a part of his past unfortunately.

Ana: *sigh* I guess.... Other than that, I love his story lol. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more about the club and digging deeper into these heroes’ stories. 

Neyra: Of course! As a whole, Masters at Arms is a riveting introduction to the Rescue Me series, these men need some soul and heart rescuing, although it seems KMasters isn't willing to give in to their sexiness and hand them their happily-ever-afters right away, they must prove themselves for that to happen. I fell in love with these guys, and I have a feeling, the next three books will pull at all my heartstrings and well, let’s just say they’ll be plenty of tissues involved! xD

Ana: Right, Masters At Arms is by far the best prequel to a series I’ve ever read. And different at that. Ms. Masters covers the backgrounds to the next three books in detail without giving away anything and keeping you wanting more....Lmbo. yeah, you and I are gonna need tissues girly.  gotta buy em by the truck load. 

Neyra: Lol I’ll see if they deliver before the holidays, christmas is coming up, and we’ll need em soon! xD All in all what’s the verdict Ms Beach Bum?

Ana: Oh, they better deliver before the holidays... Verdict - GUILTY, FOR MAKING ME CRY. lmbo. kidding Masters At Arms (Prequel to the Rescue Me Series) gets 4 fantastic (if a tad bit more alcohol) tropical drinks ;) what say you Ms. Addictions?

Neyra: LOl nice, always knew you was a big baby :p I’m giving this one 4 Riveting Stars, if only because I dislike Karla. Other than that, Masters at Arms is amazing and needs to be read by everyone! ;) *coughs* alcoholic! *coughs*

Ana: lmbo... so my eyes like to leak a lot... not my fault.. it’s a malfunction, I swear >.<  *cough* So *cough* What *cough* you *cough* are *cough --* okay.. enough of that... you’re an alchy too. admit iiiiit! 

Neyra: Right, right, malfunction *rolls eyes* ….*stands up* Hi, My name is Neyra... and I’m an alcoholic. xD

Group: (In unison) Hi, Neyra  hahahaha

Neyra: lmfao! Review time is clearly over, let’s exit the premises before we are pelted with rocks by our blog readers! xD

Ana: lmbo. I agree. I’m too pretty to have rocks thrown at me lmbo *busts a James Bond* leeee’go! ,

Neyra: *sighs* She so would.. *exits the building while James Bond’s theme music plays in the background*

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