Feature & Follow #11

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This Weeks Question Is:
What is the last book that made you cry? Tell us about the scene...
Ahh. I absolutely loved Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx. The scene I cried... and I mean practically bawled for more than 5 minutes... STRAIGHT! lawd have mercy on my eyeballs! lol. So, that scene... Ahh, it's pretty much a big spoiler, so if you want to see why, rollover the highlighted area below :) (see, I'm nice... highlighting my spoiler) lol

The scene I cried and cried and CRIED was when Libby rushes to the hospital after getting a call about Aidan, her husband, and Cass, their son. Cass just got the okay from the doc's that he can go out but to take it easy, you see, Cass has leukemia. Well, Libby is a lawyer and the best at her job. She takes on a case against a drug lord in another country to help a woman who is trying to keep her son safe and away from him. Yepp, you guessed it, that lady (Evita) and her son are his... and when Aidan, Cass and Manny (Evita's son) are out to get ice cream, a van pulls up and snags Manny and Cass. Aidan gets a few blows. Once the kidnappers notice that Cass isn't the one they want they shove him out of the moving vehicle. Where he gets pretty roughed up and taken to the hospital and passed away later that night.

The chapters that follow this scene is what had me in tears. I swear someone broke the water faucet and my eyes just wouldn't stop leaking. Libby loses it. Cass is her whole world. And you can't help but feel what she's feeling. Her heartache and her sorrow. Aidan too loses it and when a man cries...wow... you know that's rare and it was really heart wrenching. 

Well, with that being said, Ms. Marx definitely knows how to sell a story. If you haven't read Binding Arbitration or the prequel to Aidan and Libby's story, Cutters Vs. Jocks I suggest you do so now :) Cutters Vs. Jocks is free on Amazon, so get it while you can :) 

Happy Holidays :)

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