Review: Scarred Beauty by Sam Crescent

Published: August 1, 2012
Format: eBook
**my personal copy


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Noelle Evans has lived with a vicious scar down the side of her face since she was in a car accident ten years ago. She doesn't know what it is like to be touched, desired, or loved.

Isaac Welch is rich and stuck in a rut of loveless sex with gold-digging women. The moment Isaac meets Noelle, sparks begin to fly. He is intrigued by this startling beauty who has helped his brother.

What started as a game soon turns to blinding passion. Isaac tries to fight his growing feelings for Noelle, but she is about to learn the truth about their meetings. Will she ever be able to forgive his betrayal, or will Isaac be left with only the memories of his time with his Scarred Beauty?

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking.

Sexxy Thoughts

I want to say that I loved this book, but I had some issues with the characters and the story itself. Now the idea of a scarred woman who finds love is very appealing to me. Because...honestly it's different, right? The female lead is no perfect beauty and the male lead is this gorgeous hunk of a man. I brought the book because I thought it would be somewhat of an more enjoyable read.

My issue with Noelle and Isaac in general were so many things. There was no real development of these characters or this story. I just felt the story was rushed...there was quite a lot of jumping around in these pages. There also was no real explanation of the events that went on throughout the was a lot of things I felt were left out. And there was also a repetitiveness throughout the book as far as characters thoughts and scenes.

What probably could have been a great romantic tale is just a nice romantic story. If you're looking for quick short read with a lil sex, then Scarred Beauty is for you.

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