Talking Zombies #6

Welcome back to another week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda! Last week we covered S03E07 “When The Dead Come Knocking” to see last week’s TZ click HERE. This week we’ll be dishing about the mid-season finale, S03E08 “Made To Suffer”
Ana: Wow. Just.... wow. oh my gawd. That was...February is toooo far away :(

Sharonda: Seriously...that is just too long of a wait. I don't think I'll last that long. I mean who teases their fans like that and makes a "midseason" Finale..that truly!

Ana: Well, looks like they hella tricked us when Carl said “You have to leave her.” Shit. That was a curveball! No bueno! I mean, I’m all for new peeps, but dang. craaay.

Sharonda: ikr..I was like wow, for sure that was cray cray, a new group? Damn, thats a whole new thing to worry about. But its good to know that there are other HUMAN survivors out there, you know??

Ana: Oh, yeah. Most definitely! I’m actually glad to see another group similar to Ricks. Only thing is they have really bad weapons. I mean, hey, take what you can get, but... uh, I’m sure they could’ve found something better than a shovel. Idk. That’s just me though lol

Sharonda: I see Rick is losing his damn marbles again...Wth was that shit during the gun fight? I mean did he start seeing Shane?! smh, and here I thought he was okay? This is real bad man. I think we gonna have a crazy Rick on our hands again..
Ana: Lawd I hope we don’t have to go through another Crazy Rick phase. The first was good enough. But, I don’t think he’ll completely lose it. He just wants to go get Daryl back.

Sharonda: True...but did you see the clip where Hershel yelled at him to “Get back here” I was like oh..ok. Hershel got a little base in his!

Ana: Lol @ Hershel got a little base in his throat. Mhm. Bet he’s tired of Ricks’ trips to Loony Land xD OMFG. Michonne shoulda killed that mofo! ugh. So disappointed. I mean, yeah she took out his eye... but damn... >.< she couldn’t like... aim for him throat or somethin’? lol

Sharonda: I think so Ana. I mean seriously, I know you have a group to protect, but these lil space trips have got to stop. It’s starting to get on my nerves too.
lol! I know...I know. I was yelling at the TV...Cut his goddamn head off...lmbo! Michonne kicked his ass though..damn, that girl can fight!

Ana: Lol. Yeah she can. I’m kind of upset that Rick is still “iffy” about her. *shrugs* She’d be a major asset to their group. Do you think that Andrea will do something to stop the Governor from killing Daryl and Merel?

Sharonda: I honestly don’t think Rick knows how to take Michonne & I kind of feel him on that one..because she doesn’t really share anything about herself and she’s always so closed I can see him not trusting her that much. But it was kind of upsetting to see them turn their guns on her AFTER she led their butts to Woodbury.

Andrea is still iffy for me...I don’t really trust her instincts. I mean look how she went after Michonne when she almost killed the Governor, it was sad to see. I think she is starting to see some cracks in the facade he’s been putting on, BUT I don’t think she will do much..I just don’t know about her. It’s like she has no backbone when it comes to these jacked up men she “calls” herself in love with.
Ana: True, and I guess really it is her that’s making them so hesitant. I do think that Rick is less and less trusting, because lawd... all bad. But, I think Michonne needs this group as much as they need her. I just hope they don’t add her in as a replacement for Daryl (please not let him die, please, please, please!)

Yeah, Andrea is... eh. But, the look on her face when she saw it was Daryl? Maybe she’ll grow a backbone and stop letting others think for her. She seems to always need to be carried throughout this show >.< haha @ “calls” herself in love with... ain’t that the damned truth.

Sharonda:Daryl grew on me so much. I really like his I’m with you on that one. I don’t want him to die. Merle can go to the devil however..lmbo! I pray like heck they don’t kill his character off...THAT would NOT be good at all. I think people will be so mad if they did that.

But I loved Merle’s face with the Governor turned on him. I was like “good for your sorry ass”..rat bastard makes my skin crawl. But you see, I knew the Governor was gonna to do something like that...I just didn’t know if it was going to be Andrea or Merle....

Ana: Ahh you’re not alone there girly, I ♥ me some Daryl Dixon ;) haha @ Merel. True, but With Daryl there, idk...anything could happen. Right, I’ve read around that people are saying that if they kill Daryl off that they will stop watching TWD. Meehh. Me? Not so much, yeah I’d be upset if he was killed off, but I think other characters would step up and they’d grow on us too.

Lol. I know right, I kind of wished he’d have said something, but these people are so wrapped around the Governor’s finger, it’s a lost fucking cause. >.< But, I think he’s always known that Governor is a backstabber of sorts. I mean, come on, the fucker killed the National Guard. For reals? Hell nah.
Sharonda: lol @ ppl would boycott the show...whaa??! wow, that is a little extreme. I’m with you Ana, I’m going to watch regardless because I love the show and yeah, the other characters will step up. EXACTLY, how can you trust a man that goes around killing off other survivors because in his own little warped mind, they dangerous to fucking WOODBURY, I mean come on now! The ppl in the town are just dumb and the quick they’re all dead, the better.

Ana: What do you think will happen with these new comers? Will Rick make them leave?

Sharonda: I liked them until that dude starting talking stupid...something about taking over the prison. I mean didn’t somebody just save your ass?! But I think Tyrese is going to put a quick stop to that. He looks like the leader of that group. I think Rick is gonna try to make them leave, but I think this is where him and Hershel are going to bump heads. I also think Carl is going to start to question Rick too...

Ana:  Yeah, Rick just might kick em out and have them go their own way, but laaawd, they could use more people in their group. Yeah it means more mouths to feed, but it’s a stronger front. I ♥ Hershel, he’s like the papa of the group lol. You really think Carl will start to question his dad? Ahhh. We’ll see. Carl is growing on me. Definitely stepped up his game. Last week we asked you, who do you think Carl ment when he said “You have to leave her?” Uhhh... yeah.. So wasn’t anyone in Rick’s group.. Here’s what y’all answered though...
Sharonda: Right!...especially with the Governor & Woodbury coming after them now, they are going to need all the help that they can get.  I mean without Daryl...who does he really have? Glenn is jacked up..and now all he has is just a bunch of women. I mean Michonne is all kick ass, but he really needs to realize that he needs more ppl.

I think so...I think he’s going to see Rick starting to slip and like you said, he’s growing up & stepping up. I don’t think he’s just going to follow his dad blindly especially if it’s not know?

Ana: I agree, he needs to understand it’s not just them trying to survive, he keeps losing people and gaining very few.

A few episodes ago, Sharonda and I made a bet. That bet was to see whether or not Oscar and Axel (Prison guys) will make it through the entire season or not... and I LOST! *sobs* What was on the line? $10 to The Book Depository. Lucky, lucky you Sharonda.

Sharonda: lol...yay for me! But I really did think it was going to be Axel & not Oscar. I kind of like Oscar. Axel is a dang on pervert...ewww, did you see him trying to come on to Beth *nasty* aww!  thanks Ana :)
Ana: Lol, yeah I saw that...smmfh. Then he thought Carol was gay. Lawdy. I thought it would be Axel too, but there was a big chance it was going to be Oscar, since he’s busting missions and Axel sits his ass in the cell. *sigh* They killed him off too early, but, I guess they needed a casualty, it was either him or one of the others. I can’t say which I would have preferred.

Thanks so much for joining us! It was fun :) As most of you know, Sunday’s episode was the MID-SEASON FINALE. And TWD won’t be back on til Feb *insert sobbing noise here* So, that means you won’t be seeing TZ until Feb. Sad story, I know. This week's poll question is...

Sharonda: LMBO...that shit was funny when he thought Carol was gay...I was like, damn he stupid too..rotfl! Carol just shook her head and walked away...smh, I really don’t blame her.

*sobbing w/Ana* that sucks!...totally sad story :(....thanks for joining us again!

Poll Question: What do you think will happen once the season picks back up in Feb?

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