Tuesday James ~ Christmas Songs (Week 1)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Jams, a weekly posted hosted here @ Salacious Reads. This is my way to share with you another one of my loves...music. Wanna share your favorite song or artist, just comment linking back to your site & I'll be sure to stop by.

Well, its that time of year again. The year has gone by so fast and now Christmas is here. Am I really that excited about it...no, it's jut extra money that will be spent of gifts people will probably not even use...wear...etc. Do I sound scroogy? eh? but it true.

Anyways, I'll be playing yule time songs this month. There will be some old R&B, some rap and more..so sit back and enjoy..

Up first...some rap..

Don't you just love this song by Run DMC...

Lata Days...MUAH!



  1. To be honest when I think Christmas Songs, Run DMC is not on the list. LOL This is a good addition to the playlist though

  2. lol @ it's just extra money that will be pent on gifts people will probably not even use...That's true... thank the lawd for gift cards! haha.. I'm with Braine, I did not picture DMC when it came to Christmas Tunes, but hey, I like it *bobs head up and down* I can dig it ;)

    Ana♥ @ Beach Bum Reads

  3. whaa???!!..why not?...lol! I love this jam by them, it was one of my favorites. Glad you're adding it to your list Braine :)


  4. lmbo...gift cards are my secret weapon. You too?! come on now...stop it. You guys are killing me hear...lol! But I'm glad you like it :)