What's In My Christmas Stocking #19

What's In My Christmas Stocking will be a weekly post about all the books & other goodies that I've bought, borrowed or won throughout the month of December!

EEEKKK! It's the last week of December, and my last Christmas Stocking haul. Wow, where in the world did December go? Time sure does fly :( But, I am so excited to be welcoming 2013 :) So, let's get on with my last haul of 2012!
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Other Goodies
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Oh, yeah! I was at Walmart yesterday and saw this beauty...and of course I had to have it :) It's hanging on my closet door, and I'm not all too thrilled about that, but it'll have a new spot soon... er...someday lol. And it was only $5.00 yay me ^_^

Woooot! EEEK. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!! lol. Since the day I seen the preview for the movie, I immediately added the book to my TBR Wish-List. I wanted to read the book before the movie, cause I can't, for the life of me, watch the movie then read the book. Seriously, my Game of Thrones book is sitting idly on my shelf and has only been read half way. Sad, but true. I watched the first season of GoT and was told to read the books, so I tried... and I just can't get through it. BUT, I got Beautiful Creatures from GoodWill *happy thrifting dancing* and I got it for $1.00 *more happy thrifting dancing*
And of course, I bought nail polish. 2 NYX girls glitter polish and one Santee glitter polish. I bought these from my local 98¢ Store for only $1.00 each. ^_^

That's it for my haul, my very last haul of 2012! Did y'all get anything awesome? 

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