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TOUR:Release Blitz Caressed by Night by Amanda J Greene

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours..

Caressed by Night
Rulers of Darkness #2
By Amanda J Greene


Dimitri Arsov, the last remaining pure vampire, was thought to be dead for the past four hundred years. Now, he is back and has a score to settle with the traitor that had tried to kill him centuries ago. But as he waits for his prey to blindly step into his carefully laid trap, his overwhelming hunger for blood is triggered when he saves a beautiful art historian.

Kerstyn Ingmar’s life was normal and straight up boring until the night she is rescued by the dangerously sexy, powerfully mesmerizing, Dimitri.

Unable to resist his diamond blue eyes and intense kisses, she is drawn into his world of darkness and closer to her impending doom.

While their desire consumes them, Dimitri is haunted by images of a bloody and deadly future. As his enemies draw near, he must find a way to save his mate from her destiny before fate destroys them both.
Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/YsLOaeQQX24

Are you all right?” a man asked from behind her.
She relaxed when she realized the voice sounded nothing like her attackers; it was warm, deep, and comforting.
Slowly turning toward the voice, relief flooded her body, her breathing began to slow, and her limbs went limp. She stumbled and prepared to meet the pavement again, but her rescuer caught her. He tenderly held her to him, supporting her. Kerstyn knew she ought to protest and shove him away, he was a stranger after all, but his touch was soothing and reassuring. She had never felt so safe and calm in her life.
Calm was the furthest thing from her savior’s mind.
Dimitri had heard the vampires’ thoughts as they followed the woman from Dark. He knew he had to protect her from the depraved creatures who intended to make a meal out of her. When he materialized in the alley, the weaker vampires caught his scent and fled, leaving him alone with the woman. Instead of feeling anger as he expected, an entirely different emotion settled over him.
Lust. It was no ordinary lust, but a heart racing, blood raging, sexual yearning and it turned his body into a blazing inferno of need. Then hunger like he had never known slammed into him. It gnawed at him relentlessly as it mixed with his unmerciful lust. The torturous combination attacked both his body and his mind. He had never wanted any woman with this kind of intensity.
His body had been dead for so long, no longer responding to sexual stimulus or blood-thirst. Thousands of years had passed since the last time he had fed. The desire and necessity for blood had abandoned him. None of that seemed to matter now. His fangs sprang free as his pants grew tighter about his throbbing shaft. This woman’s blood sang to him, beckoned him to have a taste.
Dimitri ruthlessly fought the temptation to seize her mind and take what he wanted. The dread of not being able to pull away terrified him. Realizing what precious little control he had, he shut down his senses, driving away her intoxicating scent and the warmth of her soft body against his. He forced the color from his sight, only seeing in black and white with shades of gray. Though he knew he would never forget the light fragrance of her strawberry blonde hair, the feel of her in his arms, and the sapphire color of her eyes.
He took in deep breaths and focused on the cool bite of the air. It washed over his body, rinsing away his desire leaving him as always, cold and unfeeling, like death. He was death: a true, pureblood vampire.
“What were you running from?” he asked, his tone controlled.
“I was being followed.”
He peered over her head, his eyes scanning the alley. “I see no one.”
Nausea twisted her insides as she thought of what almost happened. Thank God, this man was here. If it weren’t for him–
“Do not think about it,” he said, his arms tightening about her. “You are safe now.”
She nodded, rubbing her cheek against his chest. He smelled absolutely wonderful, like dark spices. His voice felt like velvet brushing along her skin. She shivered and sighed in contentment.
“Do you need help with anything?”
His last question snapped her back into action. She stepped back, breaking the circle of his arms.
“I need a taxi.”
“A simple enough task,” he said with a shrug.
She scoffed. If it were simple, she would have been half way home by now. She turned her head up intending to face him and a broad chest greeted her eyes. She was forced to take another step back in order to get a proper look at him.
He was huge. Thick. Stacked.
He must be close to seven feet, she thought as her eyes traveled up his torso, over his wide chest, to his face.
Her heart stopped when their eyes met. They were a near colorless shade of blue. Like diamonds. His gaze was sharp, hard, filled with wisdom and strength. Intense. Warrior eyes. Yet, he could not be much older than her, around twenty-six. His golden hair glittered from the light of the neon signs and floated about his shoulders. His face was chiseled and impossibly perfect. His lips were full and Kerstyn wanted nothing more than to feel them against hers. Her eyes traveled back down his hard, honed body.
She stood, rooted to the cement, captivated by the Norse god before her.
Damn, he’s incredibly yummy.
Dimitri forced himself to remain still while she studied him. Again, he struggled against his urges, his heart thundering from the force of the shock of desire that still echoed in his mind.
He knew one day he would meet his mate, but he had underestimated the force of her seductiveness. He never expected she would spark such yearning deep within his soul. He wondered how Dorian had dealt with such overwhelming need when he had found his intended. Dorian had been the first and, until now, only vampire king to find his other half.
Dimitri’s breath caught as her small, pink tongue wet her lips and her sensual thoughts invaded his mind.
She had to go.

Also available is Book 1 in the Rulers of Darkness Series....

Caressed by Moonlight
By Amanda J Greene

Book Description:
Dorian Vlakhos is no ordinary aristocrat. He is a vampire king, who will do anything to save his clan from complete annihilation, before an ancient curse can claim his immortal life.
Penniless and orphaned, Victoria Kingston has nothing to bring to a marriage, yet she must shackle an unsuspecting gentleman into marriage by the end of the month or forfeit her rights as guardian of her younger sister. With the help of her dearest friend, Victoria begins her hunt, and vows to stay far away from the dark, mysterious, Dorian Vlakhos.
After meeting the beautifully innocent Miss Kingston, Dorian had to have her. He would do absolutely anything to make Victoria his. One sweet stolen kiss would bring them together while a force, more powerful than any vampire would bind them for all eternity. But treachery, war, and death rule Dorian’s dark world and Victoria would be fortunate to survive.

Get it at: Amazon
Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/caressed-by-moonlight-amanda-j-greene/1100977594
ARe http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-caressedbymoonlight-529040-139.html

About the Author:
Amanda J. Greene is an erotic paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a full time university student, who works part time.

She lives in Southern California with her very supportive military husband and their sweet cocker spaniel.

For more information about her upcoming books, visit


blog www.amandajgreene.blogspot.com

You can also find her at:

Google pages

Amanda is having a release party with giveaways. Please visit her website at http://www.amandajgreene.com/

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Review: Sandman by Morgan Hannah Macdonald

Part of today's earlier Promo Spot (Bewitching Book Tours). In case you missed it, its HERE along with the book blurb....

Published:February 2012
Format: eBook (Review)
Available: Amazon, CreateSpace

My Review:

It’s always a wonderful thing to read a GOOD book in a particular Genre you haven’t read in a while. Sandman was that for me. While I haven’t read any murder/mystery in quite a bit, I was taken away with the writing style of the author. She never left me guessing or scratching my head while reading (well as far as story and character development).
This story was properly detailed and there was nothing left out. You got the impression (or at least I did) that you were in the story with Meagan and J.J. while they tried to figure out who the Sandman was and who his next victim was going to be. I really love this book (and I know I say that a lot, but this was just an amazingly GOODread).
Meagan and J.J were perfect together. You have a strong heroine, a bad-ass cop and a psycho serial killer. You even have a blooming romance…..It all adds up to a dazzling storyline that will have you on the edge of your seat (well my bed…lol).
Well Morgan, you have a new fan & I’m dying to read the next book. I’m so hoping this is a series coz I gotta say; you have me with these Brothers with the outlaw names ;)

My Rating

5 Black Orchids (A Definite Page Turner)



Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Tune in Tuesday

So I found this post while Blog hopping and I just had to participate. I big fan of any type of GOOD music and I see that I'm going to become a fan of this one.

A weekly feature hosted by Ginger over at GReads! that showcases music - Each week posts are done of new or old song in hopes to gain more interest. Help us in spreading the love of music!

Feel free to get involved with this feature by linking up back at GReads!.

I love this song by Kelis. I always think of love gained and lost when I hear this one, it just does something to me. And the video just puts it all of place ;)

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Hot Reads: February

o you ever read books that get you a little hot and steamy? If you do, join in Hot Reads and share some of your favorite sexy reads and find some new ones!

Hot Reads is a Monthly Meme, hosted by Book Savvy Babe and Alive on the Shelves, where we get to share our hottest read of the month! Your choice can be any book, it doesn’t matter the genre, the length, whether it’s new or old. If you read it during the month, and it raised your temperature, it qualifies to be a HOT READ! To make things as simple as possible, Hot Reads will take place the 28th day of the month. So every month, be ready to share your HOT READ pick!

IMPORTANT: Due to content, this meme is open to participants 18 and older ONLY!

How To Participate:

Pick your HOT READ of the month (ex. on Jan 28, you pick your HOT READ for the month of January)
Make a blog post sharing your Hot Read pick. Include in the post: book title, author, HOT READ button, and links to the hosts. If you would like to include book teasers, book review, etc feel free!

Add the link to your post in the linky back at Book Savvy Babe or Alive on the Shelves, and visit the other blogs to see what others chose as their HOT READ! (you only need to enter your link 1 time)

As always, don’t forget to spread the word! (help us out by tweeting, facebook, etc)
Now, a HOT READ doesn’t have to be hard-core. Maybe the author’s photo made you hot! Maybe the cover art — all those broad shoulders and rippling abs — raised your temperature. Maybe there was just a scene or a setting that made you squirm in your seat — those all qualify! After all, we don’t all have the same taste in men (or ladies, pick your pleasure), so why should we have the same taste in HOT READS?

This is my first Hot Read post and it's going to be Natasha Blackthorne's White Lace and Promises. Catch my REVIEW also. Book blurb is below.

Book two in the Carte Blanche Series

Beth and Grey’s passionate battle of wills continues...

New York Merchant Prince Grey Sexton loves the audacious, spirited young temptress who seduced him in a Philadelphia bookseller’s and made passionate love to him in his carriage. Her fiery nature broke through his cold self-protection. But in a time of war and trade disruption, he cannot allow himself to be distracted. He vows to put business above all else in his life, including his bride.

Shocked and hurt by Grey's distance, Beth wonders whether he truly returns the burning love she feels for him. Beth demands that Grey prove he can truly change once and for all or else she will not start a family with him. But will the dark, sensual secrets she yet keeps repel this arrogant, self-controlled gentleman she has married?

Trust me...this one is a Salaciously HOT read!

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Sexy Snippet

Tuesdays have never been so sexy!
Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines for the 18+ crowd. To join in just grab the button, post a sexy paragraph or two from your current read and share the author & title so other participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like. Then add your post to the linky below so everyone can follow along. Have a sexy good time!

A painful personal experience makes Lord Lockhart believe that a gentleman doesn't inflict his passionate desires on a wife. The marriage bed is for begetting heirs, not animal lust. No matter how much he desires his wife. But under Lady Lockhart's shyness is a determination to tempt her handsome husband, to satisfy them both and spend every night together in her bed.

Innocent waltzing lessons in their chambers soon become indecent, and may lead the newlyweds to overcome their preconceptions and learn to be lovers, as well as man and wife.

"This is waltzing. And you dance beautifully when you forget yourself." His husky voice send shivers through her and her nippels grew tight. His lips touched hers. His tongue caressed her lower lip in feathery strokes. Her lips parted of their own volition and his tongue swept into her mouth. Hot, wet and wine tinged.
Dear sweet heaven.
He had never kissed her like this. She wanted to embrace him but he didn't seem in a hurry to release her from her bonds.

Goodness...I won this one in a giveaway and I absolutely adore Natasha Blackthorne books ;)

Thanks for stopping through..MUAH!
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Promotional Stop: Sandman by Morgan Hannah Macdonald

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today I'm shing my salacious spotlight on Morgan Hannah Macdonald's book Sandman. See the below book blurb and excerpt. As you know, this was my Monday Read so please be sure to catch my review later today on the wonderfully written book.

Book Blurb:
Beware the SANDMAN he’ll put you to sleep. . .forever.

A serial killer on the loose, a woman being stalked, and a homicide detective who must find the connection between the two before she becomes the next victim.

He collects women. He imprisons them, plays with them, tortures them. Until they bore him. Then he removes a souvenir. They call him the Sandman.

Meagan McInnis is being plagued with late night calls, yet when she answers, no one is there. Then one night she makes a grisly discovery in her own backyard.

The caller is silent no more.

Homicide Detective, J.J. Thomas, realizes Meagan is the key to finding the Sandman. Now not only must he protect her, but he must find the connection between Meagan and the killer before she becomes his next victim.

WARNING: SANDMAN is a Romantic Thriller that contains adult language, explicit sex and graphic violence


Sean climbed out of the water with his board under his arm. He dragged his hand down his face to brush the salt water away from his eyes. His breathing was labored; he’d gotten in a good workout today. He walked up the beach a good distance before he detected a strange odor. As he neared his destination, the stench invading his nostrils became more pungent.

I hope there wasn’t another damn sewage spill.

Soon he heard a strange buzzing sound. He stopped, brows furrowed, and concentrated on zeroing in on the exact location of the noise. Failing at this, he shrugged, and then continued up the strand. But with each step his uncertainty grew. The irritating cacophony had increased in volume.

Within seconds Sean found himself about fifty feet from where he’d left his gear. Before him lay a blanket of black that appeared to be moving. “What the fuck?” He hesitated, waiting for the synapses in his brain to start firing, before taking another step.

When he found no logical explanation, he gently rested his board on the sand and made his way closer until he stood directly in front of the sight. His hand cupped his nose. The stench reminded him of hard-boiled eggs gone bad. Very, very bad.

Okay, strike the moving blanket crack. It was more like a black cloud hovering over his belongings. Flies. He had an inkling that it was not the seaweed they found interesting. Something dead had washed up on shore and he was less than eager to find out what it was. A seagull? A fish? A seal? Whatever it was, it would not be pretty no matter how long it had been dead.

Slowly, he reached down to pick up his sweater with one hand, while the other reached for the strap on his backpack. The flies swarmed up for a brief moment, just long enough to reveal their prey, before settling back down into a dark writhing carpet.
An unintelligible sound escaped Sean’s lips. He gasped for air while instinctively taking a step back. He’d seen some hairy things in his life, but nothing even close to this. Icy fingers of fear raced up his spine; his heartbeat hammered in his chest.

Sean couldn’t look away even if he had wanted to. Some strange fascination took hold of his brain and wouldn’t let go. Systematically, his mind dissected the grisly scene before him.
Sticking out of the rolling mound of seaweed was a woman’s arm. It was stiff as a mannequin’s, extending skyward as if reaching to him for help. The mottled blue hand wore long red fingernails, two of which had been broken down to the quick. Seaweed was wrapped around her arm like a feather boa.

Sean’s gaze then locked onto another object protruding from the sandy grave: a leg that seemed to be severed mid-thigh, but closer inspection revealed that it was really half-buried. It too appeared tangled in the bubbly brown vegetation.

The foot, like the hand, wore a shock of bright red polish on its perfectly manicured toes, clashing with the bluish pallor of the flesh. His eyes grew wide at the sight of flies and sand crabs greedily devouring the soft tissue. He choked back bile.

The spell was broken.

Sean stepped backward so fast he tripped over his own feet and landed on his butt. He scrambled up and raced toward the shore. He couldn’t get away fast enough. He reached the water’s edge before collapsing to his hands and knees. His insides lurched so hard that he thought he would spew his stomach lining. Dry heaves continued long after his stomach had emptied. He collapsed on the sand, exhausted. A wave washed over him, but he hardly noticed.

About the Author:

Morgan Hannah MacDonald writes Romantic Thrillers-Not for the faint of heart. She has always been interested in writing and serial killers, but it wasn’t until she found she had dated one herself that a true writer was born. She belongs to Romance Writers of America’s San Diego Chapter, as well as the Kiss of Death Chapter. She resides in San Diego, California where she is busy working on her next novel.
Email: morganwrites@yahoo.com
Website: www.morganhannahmacdonald.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MorganHannahMacDonald.Author

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Monday Reads


I'm Reading...

(Courtesy of Goodreads)
Beware the SANDMAN he’ll put you to sleep. . .forever.
A serial killer on the loose, a woman being stalked, and a homicide detective who must find the connection between the two before she becomes his next victim.

He collects women. He imprisons them, plays with them, tortures them. Until they bore him. Then he removes a souvenir. They call him the Sandman.

Meagan McInnis is being plagued with late night calls, yet when she answers, no one is there. Then one night she makes a grizzly discovery in her own backyard.

The caller is silent no more.

Homicide Detective, J.J. Thomas, realizes Meagan is the key to finding the Sandman. Now not only must he protect her, but he must find the connection between Meagan and the killer before she becomes his next victim.

Thanks for stopping through...MUAH!
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Guest Blog: Skye Warren ~ Trust in Me

Today, Skye Warren will take over to talk about The Sound of Dark Erotica. Welcome Skye and she's all yours...

The Sound of Dark Erotica
By Skye Warren

Thank you for having me! I'm excited to share the playlist for my dark erotica release, Trust in Me. My taste in music is somewhat eclectic and I think that overflows into my writing as well. I always write erotic because, well, I have a dirty mind. And most song lyrics have a dirty connotation as well, at least to me.

The genre of Trust in Me is officially dark erotica, which is a necessity because it contains explicit sex and graphic violence, taboo sexual scenarios and captivity themes. It has strong elements of suspense. I’ve heard it called an erotic thriller and erotic horror, both of which are accurate enough when you look at it from the right angle. And, of course, romance. There is also a strong romance thread, although erotic romance on its own would be too soft a descriptor. So, with all of this suspense and violence and, yes, sex-sex-sex, what would the soundtrack sound like?

The songs do match up to certain scenes of the book. There's an thread of haunting, raggae and urban sounds connecting all the songs. Have a listen!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

TRUST IN ME by Skye Warren
Mia may be a whore, but that will all be over soon. She’ll free the shipment of human cargo from her mobster boyfriend, a.k.a. her owner, and, if she’s lucky, die in the process. But luck abandons her yet again when she finds out that the security expert in charge of the shipment is none other than her childhood crush, Tyler Martinez. Turns out he’s an FBI undercover agent with the same goal as Mia. Though he doesn’t trust her, Tyler and Mia must work together to free the slaves – and stay alive. Trust In Me is a dark story of erotic pain and incipient romance, spiraling ever faster toward betrayal or redemption.

Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica for those who like a little struggle with their sex, a little pain with their relationships. Her books are raw, sexual and perversely romantic. Visit www.skyewarren.com to read the free erotic romance and femdom erotica stories.
Book Page / Book Trailer

oooooo...she added music, YOU guys know how much I love music!!!!(just hit the stop button on my player to listen to Skye's music...it's lovely, LOVE All the Above by Manino & T-Pain...)

Thanks for Stopping through...MUAH!
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Book Spotlight ~ Playing the Game

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Hosted by Sizzling PR, today I'm shining my salaciously bright light on Stephanie Queen's Playing The Game.

Book Blurb:
What would happen if the “priest” of basketball, the man most admired by all dedicated superstar athletes, Barry Dennis, met his match?
And his match was a woman?
Roxanne didn’t set out to figure what made the superstar tick, but she found out.
Playing the Game: about more than a ball


“Damn it,” Roxanne muttered. Her drink had splashed on her dress. The crowd was dense. Looking right, and then left, at the partygoers around her, she took a surreptitious glance down to inspect the damage.

A very large, dark, wet spot spread over her left breast. Luckily it was only ice water. Or maybe not so lucky, on second thought. She watched in horror as the red silk material clung to her skin.

“Double damn. My nipple is showing!” This time she forgot to keep her comment under her breath.

“Now that I’d like to see.” The man appeared from nowhere, towering beside her. He watched her reflection in the floor to ceiling window.

The heat of embarrassment ignited her face. The man was no gentleman. Her embarrassment turned to anger in a flash. She jutted her breast out for him to see.

“You can look all you want,” she dared, wanting to shift the discomfort to him.
She thought she’d succeeded, until the signature dimpled half-grin split his face.

“I’m Barry Dennis.” He held out his free hand for her to shake. He held a bottle of beer in the other. The famous lopsided smirk remained in place.

“Must be my lucky night.” She ignored his hand.

He laughed.

Biting her lip, she reminded herself to behave professionally. He was the star attraction at this gala and they were both there to raise money for a good cause.

“I’m Roxanne Monet.” She shook his hand. She eyed him, wondering if he’d dare to say something about her nipple.

“I know who you are. I watched you get fired from your job at the TV studio a few days ago. You were supposed to interview me.” Unrestrained amusement shone in his eyes now and his grin widened. She was really starting to dislike this guy.

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Book Tour & Spotlight: The Forsaken Series ~ By Elise Whyles and Ciara Lake

Today, my salacious spotlight is going on an upcoming new series...check it out;)

The Forsaken Series
By Elise Whyles and Ciara Lake

Series Overview:

Among us walk immortal beings – cursed to hide within the shadows they live along side us as they have for centuries. Using, feeding, living off the mortals so reviled for their weakness – yet there are some who will be awakened and immortality will be given.
Now, an ancient evil stirs – rising to threaten not only the Immortal Realms but the mortal world. A cursed vampire General stirs, plotting his revenge on those who have forsaken him…but he’s forgotten about the innocent, who like him have been punished.
There are those who are Forsaken.
It could be anyone among us…

Series Website Elise Whyles Facebook/Ciara Lake Facebook

The first book, Forsaken Heart by Elise Whyles is set to release in April 2012. The second book Curse of a Dargon’s Claim by Ciara Lake will release shortly after.

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)

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Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by us at Under the Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets. We hope that you will all join us!

To participate in the meme all you need to do is:

1. Be a follower of Under the Covers.
2. Create a post in your blog taking the meme image (code above) and copy instructions.
3. Answer the question we propose! This can be done in any way you like, post a video, write a post etc.
4. Then add your link back at Under the Covers.

Non-bloggers: We want to hear from you as well!!! Let us know your answer in the comments!

We hope you join us and let us know your Dirty Little Secrets!

This week's question:
It's lent and time to give up your favourite things for 40 days and 40 nights (or sneak some when no one is looking!) What series of books would you have to give up, and why?

Well, hells bells...what a question ladies. Hmmmmm, I guess it would have to be The Southern Vampire Series (Sookie Stackhouse).

I became addicted (does that sound bad? lol) after watching the TrueBlood series on HBO. I read the first two books in the series and that was all she wrote, well...no it wasn't, but you get the idea :o (love me some Eric too!). I would only give it up not because of the sexy vampires and OH so hot wolves, faeries and others but because of Sookie herself...she can be such a ditz sometimes. BUT, don't let that stop ya...it really is a good series to read and the TV series just makes it sooooo much better. Check it out if you haven't.

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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So we have some winners of a couple of giveaways hosted here at SalaciousReads. So without further ado....

Romancing The Valentine & Bonnie Bliss Giveaways
Name: Antane Armstrong Facebook
Email: nayjf@yahoo.com

The Mask Giveaway

An Unexpected Bride Giveaway

Naughty after Dark Hop Giveaway
Name: Pauliina Oksanen
Email: pieniatarinoita@gmail.com

Congratulations to all of the winners and emails will go out shortly. You have until Friday to respond!

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: C791 by Eve Langlais

Hosted by Sizzling PR, today I'm shining my salacious spotlight on Eve Langlais's C791....

Book Blurb:
Machines aren’t supposed to feel, but this cyborg can’t help falling in love.
Assigned as a specimen collector for a captured cyborg, Chloe is intrigued by the machine disguised as a man. Kidnapped during his daring escape, he takes her on an erotic adventure and shows her that despite the chip in his brain, his humanity is not completely lost.
Formerly known as unit X109GI, Joe is on a quest to discover his origin. While he doesn’t find the answers he’s looking for, he does discover that affection and lust aren’t just for humans. But when it comes to a battle between logic and love, which side will the cybernetic organism--once a man--choose?
Evaluating his feelings will have to wait though, because the military isn’t done with Joe. When they threaten the one thing he wants above all else, he’ll discover something shocking that will rock the new cyborg nation—and fuel a desire for vengeance.      

Excerpt (Adult Content Ahead):
The sight of Chloe and Seth so at ease with each other, and worse, touching each other set something off inside Joe, a combination of irrational anger sprinkled with a covetousness he’d not experienced but had heard of. Jealousy.
Whatever the name for the emotion, he found himself unable to halt it as he ripped Seth away from Chloe’s side and sent his fist into the grinning face. He maintained enough control to not beat his friend to a pulp — barely — but he couldn’t stop himself from slinging Chloe over his shoulder and stomping off to their room.
“What the heck was that about?” she exclaimed as she dangled down his back.
“You seem to have forgotten who you belong to.”
She didn’t say anything for a moment. “Are you jealous?”
“No.” Yes!
“It’s normal to feel that way. It just never occurred to me you would.”
“I don’t. Jealousy is a human emotion. I am a cyborg. We are above such petty wastes of our time.”
“Really. Well then, someone should probably explain that to Seth’s face,” she drawled.
“This is not entertaining. You were practically inviting him to take ownership of your body.”
“I was not,” she exclaimed, and a small rational part of him knew she spoke truly, but he’d lost the ability to decipher logic from madness where she was concerned.
Arriving at their room, he tossed her onto the bed and quickly tore at his clothes.
“What are you doing?” she asked, her eyes wide, but not with trepidation if the protruding nipples through her shirt were any indication.
“Showing you who owns your body.”
“Wrong answer,” he growled. “I do. And it seems I must show you.”
He fell on her, and despite her previous defiant answer, she welcomed him with open arms and a fierce kiss. Her legs spread wide to accommodate his body, but while he’d denuded his frame, she remained dressed. Their hands met at the closing to her pants, their impatient battle to remove them more of a fumbling parody. When he finally managed to strip them from her, he was ready to sink himself into her. He retained enough wits though to realize she required preparation for his penetration. With sex bots, that never proved a concern as they arrived to service pre-lubed. Human females however, according to his studies, required stimulation to achieve the same state. He slid a hand between her thighs and, to his relief, found her already soaking wet. It pleased him, on a level he did not understand, that Chloe achieved this state around him without means of manipulation.
He wasted no more time. He propped himself above her and thrust into her sex. Oh, the exquisite, unexplainable feel of her channel clamping tightly around his cock. He would never tire of it. Never tire of her. But did she feel the same about him? He had to know.
“Tell me who you belong to.”
Her eyes opened part way, her lids heavy with arousal. “Why do you care?”
He rammed into her hard. She gasped.
A growl left him. “Do not toy with me. You are my female. Not Seth’s. Not anyone else’s. Say you belong to me.” He almost roared the words, desperate to hear her say it.
For a moment defiance flashed in her gaze. “And if I don’t?”

Now for the Giveaway!!!...One lucky commentator will win a PDF copy of C791. Fill out the Rafflecopter below....
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Guest Blog & Giveaway: Jordan K Rose

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today Author Jordan K Rose will guest blog. Please give her a very warm welcome. Jordan...take it away.

Hi Sharonda. Thanks so much for letting me stop by  Salacious Reads as part of my Perpetual Light blog tour. I’m looking forward to spending some time with you and your readers.

I thought I’d pose the questions that Lucia and Vittorio have to answer in Perpetual Light.

What does a girl do when the proverbial “man of her dreams” walks out of her dreams and into her life? How does she respond when he explains her dreams are actual memories of a life long ago? And what in the world does she do with him when he turns out to be a vampire?

Lucia DiComano’s initial response to these questions is to run. Get the hell out of there and don’t look back. The only problem with that plan is there’s no running from fate.

Or from the vampire who loves her.

Lucia has been reincarnated several times in search of Vittorio, her dream husband. Only she has no idea about the reincarnations or about her search until it’s nearly too late. 

As a Pharo of Redemption, a divine slayer, she is tasked with bringing lost vampire souls to The Light. But for centuries she has avoided her fate, hidden and refused to acknowledge what she must do. Running for so long has weakened her powers and her memory. She doesn’t understand how or what she must accomplish to stop this never-ending hell.

Vittorio believes his wife became a slayer when she died in his arms during their first life together, the lifetime when he was captured and made vampire. He’s existed all these long years believing that his damned soul has cursed her, making it impossible for her to rest in peace.

He’s sworn to save her, help her unlock the key to her power, and to die for her.

Can you imagine the burden of believing you are the cause of your beloved living life after life, then dying over and over again, never to find peace? A man would hate himself for something so evil.

But what if he found out the woman he loved, the very woman he’s spent centuries searching for with the single goal of saving her is the same woman who cursed him? What if he found out she did something worse than turning him vampire? What if he learned that she literally ripped redemption away from him, making it nearly impossible for him to go home to The Light?

Could he forgive her? Would he? 

I’d like to give away a $5 All Romance Ebook gift card to one random commenter. (Fill out the rafflecopter below)

Answer Jordan question for your chance to win a $5 all Romance eBook gift card...Good Luck!

Book Blurb:
Fate is cruel. Especially when the one you’ve sworn to love for all eternity, the very soul who changed your destiny is the last person you should trust.

After more than three hundred years of running, Lucia Dicomano must make a choice.

Forced to take her place as a Pharo of Redemption, the divine slayer needs to master her forgotten powers. Lucia turns to Vittorio, the one vampire she’s failed to deliver from eternal damnation. But overcoming smoldering remnants of love, lust and anger aren’t their only obstacles.

Samuel, who may know Lucia better than she knows herself, hunts her with a fervor stoked by a thousand years of vengeful hatred. His plan—capture and enslave the weakened Pharo then take control of her elusive power. 

Can Lucia trust Vittorio long enough to reclaim her powers? Or will she have no choice but to kill him and battle Samuel alone

About the Author:
After trying her hand at many, many things- from crafting and art classes to cooking and sewing classes to running her own handbag business, Jordan finally figured out how to channel her creativity. With an active imagination and a little encouragement from her husband she sat down and began to write, each night clicking away at the keys with her black Labrador, Dino curled up under the desk.

A few short years later she’s entered the publishing arena with no plans to ever turn back.

Jordan’s a member of Rhode Island Romance Writers, as well as RWA National, and the New England (NEC), Connecticut, and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal (FFnP) Chapters.

Her first book, Perpetual Light, releases in February of 2012 from Crescent Moon Press.

Find Jordan on her website at www.jordankrose.com
Follow her tweets on https://twitter.com/#!/jordankrose 
Friend her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jordankrose

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Review Request: White Lace and Promises~Natasha Blackthorne

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Published: December 26, 2012
Format: eBook
Available: Total E-Bound (All eReaders)

Book Blurb:
Book two in the Carte Blanche Series

Beth and Grey’s passionate battle of wills continues...

New York Merchant Prince Grey Sexton loves the audacious, spirited young temptress who seduced him in a Philadelphia bookseller’s and made passionate love to him in his carriage. Her fiery nature broke through his cold self-protection. But in a time of war and trade disruption, he cannot allow himself to be distracted. He vows to put business above all else in his life, including his bride.

Shocked and hurt by Grey's distance, Beth wonders whether he truly returns the burning love she feels for him. Beth demands that Grey prove he can truly change once and for all or else she will not start a family with him. But will the dark, sensual secrets she yet keeps repel this arrogant, self-controlled gentleman she has married?

My Review:
Oh what to say other than I loved this story. Grey and Beth are getting married, but there is a lot of drama going on before this wedding and after the wedding.

Natasha kept with the premise of how both Grey and Beth would not let the other best the other. It was a frustrated read because I wanted to reach through my NOOK and choke the both of them. They just wouldn't talk to each other and it lead to so much nonsense that could have been avoided. They both are happy and in love with the other, but because of past relationships and the sayings of other people (more on Beth's side), there was the small sense of distrust and it almost led to their end.

I was pleasantly surprised to read about Grey's son Jan and I have to say he became my favorite in this story. I like how Natasha integrated him into the story and I hope to read more about him (hint, hint...lol).

If you are looking for a historical read with drama and passion, which I have to say is just about as good as the first book, then this is the story for you.
It was an exciting and enjoyable read. Pick this one up!

My Rating: 5 Black Orchids
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Review: The Mask by Anya Winter

Published: December 4, 2011
Format: eBook
Available at: Amazon

Book Blurb:

Eve Manor is a pastry chef with a passion for chocolate and romance. During the annual masked Black & Lace ball, Eve has a plan. She created a signature chocolate dish that was sure to knock the socks off every famous chef and food critic attending the ball. Everything hinges on the night’s success.

Christian Grier is a man with a secret. In the foodie world, he's known as the Editor-in-Chief of the famous magazine, Sizzle. When his old college roommate, Josh, asks him to attend the ball his company is catering, Christian intended to turn him down. But when Josh reveals Eve's secret plan, he knew he needed to do everything he could to help. Will hiding behind his mask help in his quest to seduce Eve or will she decide he’s not what she wants after all?

My Review:

Eve wants to succeed at being the very best pastry chef out there and at the Masquerade ball her friend Josh is throwing, she is putting it all on the line by putting her reputation on the line by creating a signature chocolate dish that will take the food world by storm. Christian/Kris is owner of a very poplar food magazine, but is also part owner of a BDSM club. After deciding to go the annual Masquerade event his friend Josh invites him to, he immediately recognizes Eve or Belle, her name at his club where she caters. He sets out to finally to seduce her and get her in his bed.

This erotic/BDSM novella was short and sweet. The story was consistent and the characters strong, but because the story was so short, there was very little character development. The sex scenes weren’t strong BDSM scenes, so if you are looking from that; you won’t get it here but I thought they were very erotic and sensual, I liked it. The food descriptions were just mind bending. Being a chocolate freak myself, I really enjoyed it and wanted to try Eve’s cheesecake myself, lol. The only thing I wanted was for the story to be a little longer because I really enjoyed the relationship between Chris & Eve.

This one gets 3 Stars

Also dont's miss the Author Interview & Giveaway for your chances to win a copy of the first book in the Masquerade series, The Mark.

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Review: Journey In Time by Chris Karlsen

Published: September 1, 2011
Format (eBook)
Available at: Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Book Blurb:


London attorney, Shakira Constantine, finally agrees to spend the day with her handsome client, Alex Lancaster. While riding in the countryside, the couple finds themselves caught in a time warp and transported back to the 14th Century, and an England preparing for war. Everyone believes Alex is the Baron Guy Guiscard...a baron who died in the upcoming battle.

If they can’t find a way to return to the 21st Century, Alex will have to sail with the army to certain death. Shakira will be left alone to survive in the alien and terrifying medieval world.

My Review:

I really enjoyed this one being that I haven’t’ read a historical/time traveling romance in a bit. The story took me by surprise because you start of in modern day London with famous record producer Alex Lancaster who spots beautiful Shakira Constantine at a party they are both invited to.

After finding out she’s the best friend of Miranda whose his best friends wife. Alex sets out to have Shakira as his. After getting her to spend an platonic weekend with him at his country cottage outside of London, both are transported back to medieval London while horseback riding one afternoon. Surprised and shocked (just like I was), Shakira finds out the Alex is Baron Guy Guisard, who died in battle along with his friend Basil. As Shakira and Alex try to find their way back to the 21st century, Shakira tries to adjust to medieval London and also keep Alex/Guy from his impending death.

This story was GOOD. I loved it from the beginning to the end. The story was consistent and well written. The characters were strong as well. I loved Shakira’s attitude throughout the whole story. She was tough, but she was also there for Alex when he needed her to be. Alex is one of my new book boyfriends’ lol! He was strong and oh did he have his alpha male thing going on. Especially while they were trapped in the past. I thing Shakira wanted to strangle his a couple of time (I know I did...lol)

Chris Karlsen has a new fan. I didn’t read the first book in this series, but I’m definitely picking it up SOON.

This one gets 4 Black Orchids

also catch the Promotional Spotlight & Giveaway for Journey In Time. You can also find out more information about its wonderful author Chris Karlsen.

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Reveiw: The Sounding by Carrie Salo

Published September 23rd 2011
Format: eBook (Review)
Available at: Amazon Print Kindle and Barnes & Noble

Book Blub:

In the Book of Revelation, a man named John has a prophetic dream. He dreams of the final prophecies that will come to pass – and the seven archangels that guard them. Each angel waits to sound their trumpet at God’s appointed time, preparing humanity to fight and win the final battle.

2,000 years later, Father Chris Mognahan is a member of the Hetairia Melchizedek, a secret society within the Catholic Church that studies Biblical omens. The society asks Chris to investigate an unusually grotesque crime – a murder on a college campus where the killer's hand literally burned off the victim's face.

While the killing seems isolated at first, the society ties the murder to the final Biblical prophecy and a terrifying omen that the order of the prophecies is about to be disrupted. The final battle is coming too soon – long before humanity is prepared to win it.

Suddenly, Chris finds himself fighting against time and hell to keep the prophecies in order and stop an early Armageddon. He is joined by a band of unlikely allies, and together they find themselves in Rome above the Vatican Necropolis – the city of the dead – where the future is revealed to them in ancient texts.

They are not alone, however; an evil as old as time itself hunts them. As they travel across continents on their mission, the demonic force follows relentlessly, waiting in every shadowed corner, and every dark place.

As Armageddon descends, Father Chris finds that his only hope lies in a young woman within the group who has a secret gift – and their belief that God Himself may have sent her to keep the final angelic trumpet from sounding out the early end of the Earth.

View the book trailer: http://youtu.be/K4Pp8F3A298

About the Author:
Carrie Salo is a dark storyteller and emerging author of supernatural thrillers. Classically trained at an Ivy League university, she studied the works of master storytellers seven stories underground in the muffled heart of one of the world's largest libraries. Carrie looks to wield unrelenting suspense in her own exploration of all things (especially true things) that keep us awake at night. Her extensive travels have led her to many haunted places, including the private, underground catacombs of the Vatican. The Sounding is her debut novel.

Visit her at: www.carriesalo.com

My Review:

We are talking about prophecies and omens here and it was all good. A little slow to start, it took a while for the story to kick off for me. There was a lot going and it took a while to wrap my head around the whole story.

Father Chris Mognahan is a member of a secret society within the Catholic Church. Years before while on a trip to visit statues based on the 7 Archangels who are supposed to bring the world to an end. After visiting the statues, several priests have a dream about Remiel, the last Archangel to blow her horn, which will finally bring the world as we know it to its end. Remiel is re-born within the body of Elise, now a college student who just “smacked the face” off her would be attacker. Father Chris along with two other priest (Alan & Francis) find her after searching the papers for bizarre murders that go on around the world. From there the story picks up and there is a monster from hell bent on stopping Chris, Elise and the others from saving the world from impending doom.

Based on the Book of Revelations in the bible, I enjoyed the biblical references in the story and I thought it was well written. The characters were strong and I enjoyed the relationship building that went on in the story too. I believe you guys will enjoy this story; it was a thrilling read once the story picked up. If you love mystery/thrillers with a religious twist to it, this would be the book for you.

This one gets 4 Black Orchids

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Author Interview & Giveaway: Anya Winter (The Mask)

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today I will be talking to Anya Winter about her book The Mask, part of The Masquerade Series.

Welcome Anya and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.

1. Can you give a little background on the Masquerade series?

The Masquerade Series is all about hiding behind the masks we wear and getting to a point where we realize their not needed. It’s about being honest with yourself about yourself. I love this series.

2. Please tell us a little bit about the story of The Mask and its characters.

Eve Manor is a pastry chef with a passion she’s buried in her desserts. Christian Grier is a man who’s determined to unbury her passion. It’s full of romance, delectable desserts and secrets.

3. Who became your favorite character in The Mask?

I took a little shine to Harold in this story. He’s a deep man that makes me smile. Josh is another favorite - but he is introduced in the first book and will soon have his own story.

4. Did you always want to be a writer? I used to want to be a teacher overseas in Africa. Maybe one day...

5. Will you always write erotica or will you mix it up and write another genre?

I write contemporary fiction and thrillers under another name - Steena Holmes. I like to mix the stories up, keep things fresh and interesting.

6. What or whom inspired this series?

Tiffany Reisz was my inspiration. I read her “Seven Day Loan” and fell in love.

7. I just discovered Erotica maybe a year or two ago, what do you think make a good, sexy story?

The story. For me, getting involved in the story makes that passion sweeter and stronger.

8. Tell us about yourself? What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m a quiet person. I love to bake delicious treats. I also do cover art for www.theauthorsredroom.com which has been very fun.

9. Which do you prefer when you’re writing quiet? Or noise? I need quiet :)

10. Are you currently reading any books? And who is your favorite author?

Gene Showalter is my current fav right now. I’m reading her Atlantis series. Can we say hot paranormal?

Very insightful and thanks again Anya for stopping by!

Anya has so graciously offered to giveaway The Master, the first book in her Masquerade Series. So please leave a comment below for Anya along with your email email address.

Catch my review a little later today, but to satisfy your curiosity, the book blurb and an excerpt of the Mask is below.

The Mask
By: Anya Winter
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Masquerade Series - Book Two
Liquid Silver Books

Eve Manor is a pastry chef with a passion for chocolate and romance. During the annual masked Black & Lace ball, Eve has a plan. She created a signature chocolate dish that was sure to knock the socks off every famous chef and food critic attending the ball. Everything hinges on the night’s success.

Christian Grier is a man with a secret. In the foodie world, he's known as the Editor-in-Chief of the famous magazine, Sizzle. When his old college roommate, Josh, asks him to attend the ball his company is catering, Christian intended to turn him down. But when Josh reveals Eve's secret plan, he knew he needed to do everything he could to help. Will hiding behind his mask help in his quest to seduce Eve or will she decide he’s not what she wants after all?

Eve wore a slinky black dress that highlighted her luscious curves. She gazed in awe at the masked dancers as they teased one another with their sexy corsets and tight leather outfits.
The Black Lace Masquerade Ball. A dream come true.
“Is it what you expected, kiddo?” Josh Brown, Eve’s boss, cozied up to her and placed his arm around her waist.
“I’m amazed. It’s better than I imagined. I just wish I was on the other side of the table.” Eve sighed as she gazed around the crowded ballroom. Full of her idols, top-notch chefs from around the country, she dreamed to someday apprentice with one of them.
Despite the sequined masks they all wore, Eve could pinpoint each and every chef she admired. Through Twitter statuses, Facebook updates and magazine articles, she felt like she knew almost every person on the floor.
Jillian Thomas, pastry chef for the Banff Springs Hotel, wore a gorgeous black pinstriped corset with a lace edge that did nothing to hide her voluptuous chest. Lacey Sullivan, Executive Editor for French Cuisine magazine, looked fabulous in a black leather corset dress with a slit up the side and showed the red lining of the leather underskirt. God, she was beautiful.
“You will, one day.” Josh pulled her close and brushed a kiss against her forehead. “That will be you out there, wearing a fuck-me corset and come-hither mask.”
“Josh!” Eve’s eyes widened as she checked to make sure no one heard his words.
Josh leaned down and whispered into her ear. “I saw you coming out of Ganache last night,”
Eve’s body stiffened as her cheeks flushed. Oh no. Without turning to look him in the eye, she tried to step away but his hold tightened.
“Something you want to tell me?”
Eve shook her head as she bit her lip.
“Nothing at all? ‘Cause I thought for sure you’d have something to say about that skimpy little number you wore, or the guy who escorted you to your car.”
What the hell was he doing in that part of the city?
“What would Harold have to say if he knew his little sugar plum was into BDSM?”
Eve dug her elbow into Josh’s side before she turned and glared at him. “I’m not.”
“Really? ‘Cause I know it may be called Ganache, but there’s nothing sweet about the club at all.” He smirked and winked at her.
Damn it all. There was no way she was going to admit anything to him. Not here. Especially not with her grandfather hovering over her every time she turned around.
“Can you forget what you thought you saw and just focus on our plan?” She stepped over to the table where she rearranged platters of petite ├ęclairs, mini cheesecakes and mousse-filled martini glasses.
“It’s going to work.”
“I hope so.” Eve glanced over her shoulder at him and gave what she hoped was an innocent smile.
“Don’t bother sweet’ums. This isn’t my first ball, but it is yours. So let me give you the advice a dear soul gave me oh so long ago—the coach turns back into a pumpkin, the horses into mice and yes, as much as I hate to admit it, the prince does revert back to the Beast.” Josh laid his hand over his heart and sighed.
Eve struggled not to roll her eyes. He couldn’t even get his fairy tales right.
“That dear soul knew what she was talking about, didn’t she?” Madison Pearce, owner of Choco Chic Events, stood behind them, notebook in hand.
Josh stood there, eyes closed as he slowly nodded his head. Eve struggled for composure but lost it when Josh winked at her.
“Eve, your desserts are fantastic. I’ve already had several requests for quotes. You’ve outdone yourself.” Madison smiled before she turned to Josh and gave him a stern look.
Eve breathed a sigh of relief before she took a small step away from the two but still within hearing distance. There was a strong undercurrent filled with tension between them. Whatever was going on didn’t include her. She hoped.
So much was riding on tonight. More than Madison knew. These little desserts were nothing. Not even Madison knew of the plan Josh concocted to help her tonight.
“You promised to behave, Josh. Harold catching you in the broom closet with your new boy toy is not behaving. Honestly. I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately.”
Eve knew she should walk away. “Harold shouldn’t be poking around where he’s not wanted,” Josh crossed his arms and glared at Madison.
Uh oh. She really needed to walk away.
“He was getting a mop to clean up spilled wine. Where else was he to go? Seriously, I need you to step up. If you want a partnership, than show me you deserve it,” Madison hissed between clenched teeth.
Eve spied her grandfather across the room. Now was a good time as any to face him. Josh could handle Madison’s tongue lashing on his own.
She wove her way through the maze of guests and stood beside the man she adored more than life.
“The mask has always mystified me.” He nodded his head at a couple dancing close to them. Eve loved the masks they wore. The female’s face was half-clad in white satin with ribbons tailing down from a large pale pink flower. The man’s mask was a light green with an overlay of black strips.
“Do they not realize that they reveal more of the secrets they wish to hide?” Harold clasped his hands behind him as he surveyed the room.
Eve snaked her arm through his. She would have rested her head on his shoulder but PDAs were highly frowned upon. He believed public displays of affections were for the lower class. She tried to see it from his point-of-view, but for the life of her, she couldn’t. She craved to be out there on that floor wearing a mask that would bring out the girl she kept buried. She thought about the hatbox hidden beneath her bed, containing the beautiful silver mask she’d found in Venice, and a black wig.
“Oh, I don’t know. I find them mysterious, enticing. Seductive in a sense.” Eve tilted her head up and waited for her grandfather’s frown.
“Your generation knows nothing about seduction. Wearing undergarments to a social gathering cheapens the art.” Harold’s lips thinned.
Eve pulled away and studied the man who had moved continents to raise her. She would never have imagined he understood the term seduction let alone have thoughts about it.
“Don’t look at me like that, child. I may be English, but I’m not dead.”

About the Author:
Once upon a time … is how the stories used to start.

Not anymore. Now they start with chocolate (and maybe a little bit of passion).
At least in Anya’s world where passionate pleasures are explored …
One Story at a Time!

Don’t miss out on The Master - Book One of the Masquerade Series.

Twitter @AnyaWinter

Website: www.anyawinter.com

Sharonda (SexxyBloggger)
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Naughty After Dark Hop (Feb 15th-Feb 22nd)

Hosted by Close Encounters with the Night Kind and Author Natasha Blackthorne. This Hop/Giveaway will contain all things naughty *a slick smiles comes across my face*. So, I try to be a little naughty...not too much though. But if I were to be like one of the characters in some of the books I've read....whew! I can't even write it, so I leave you with some hot images...

I'd be all over him is all I'm saying...

and then....

So, I pose this? if you're a little shy (like myself), would you try something a little extra naughty for your mate/partner? leave a comment below & let me know.

For this Hop, you get to choose the NAUGHTY book of your choice through the Book Depository for up to $15 bucks. I'll be picking two winners.

Fill out the rafflecopter below & PLEASE be a follower of this blog (any of the choices listed are good).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to stop at the other blogs listed to win other great prizes!!

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Brazen Babe Reviews begin its inception in the Year of Our Lord 2014. It's the brain child of two bloggers Ana (Beach Bum Reviews) and Sharonda (SalaciousReads). Here in our lovely little corner of the inter-web, we will share our love of pop culture which will encompass books, movies, TV, make-up and you know life...

Sooo...Relax, have a glass of wine (or whatever your poison is) sit back and enjoy!

*Note, we are currently not accepting Review Requests.