2013 Challenges :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eeek. Happy New Year!! ^_^ I figured I would post this on the first day of the New Year :) So, here I am. When I first started blogging, I didn't want to join any challenges because the year was already half way through. So, now that the new year is here, I have jumped into the gauntlet and am willing to throw down. lol. Here are the challenges I signed up for...

The girls over at Under The Covers are hosting this reading challenge and since I just discovered Gena Showalter last year and have loved every book I've read by her (only 3 lol) I'v decided to jump into this challenge and go Gaga for Gena.

I will be doing do the "Gaga for Gena" challenge which is 9-12 books by Ms. Showalter.

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The girls over at Under The Covers are also doing an Immortal reading challenge, and I do love my immortals ;) so of course I decided to join.

I will be reading 3 books each in the following categories:

     Angels & Demons
     Fae & Magic

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Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup is doing a sports romance challenge! I haven't read many books where the Hero/Heroine play sports, but I'm going to change that this year!

I will be doing "The Tailgater" challenge which is 6 books

If you would like to join this challenge click on the banner :)

Sharonda @ Salacious Reads is doing a SERIES challenge. Which I'm super excited about. I do love a series, but last year I would read the first book and not finishing the series. Sad, but true. So, this challenge shall help me...or challenge me ;)

The series I will be attempting to read are...

-Red Letter Days  by Rachel Caine (2 books)
-Outcast Season by Rachel Caine (4 books)
-Alpha & Omega  by Patricia Briggs (3 books)
-Sinners on Tour by Olivia Cunning (4 books)
-Firefighters of Station Five by Jo Davis (5 books)
-Hawk's Way Family by Joan Johnston (12 books)

If you would like to join this challenge click on the banner :)
Well, that's it for the challenges :) I will be updating my challenges page every month!


  1. good luck with all your challenges!! I'm not doing any this year lol since I want reading to be more stress free, but you're going to love GENA!!! can't wait to see whatyou think of the rest of the lords!!

    1. btw love the new design!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. Shucks I think I forgot to sign up for Sharonda's! Heading off...

  3. I'm doing a couple of those too! Thanks for joining in on the sports challenge!

  4. LOL @ Braine ^^ xD

    Nice hoochie, I think I'll join UTC's Showalter Challenge, I mean I've read them already, but The Darkest Craving is coming out this year, so what better way to refresh my memory than by rereading about the yummy demon possessed warriors ;) I thin this'll be my fourth (?) time reading them xD lol I'm gonnna space them out though, maybe two Showalter books a month until the release of Kane's book... hmmm *pops over to Goodreads*

    *pops back in* YUP! 2 books a month ^-^ Woohoo! Good luck hoochers! <3