Monday Reads

Salacious Reads

Monday Reads is a meme will be dedicated to the book or books I’m starting and/or finishing for the upcoming week.

Want to share what you're reading or finished? Comment below or create your own post. Your book can be a salaciously sexy book or a book with sweetness dripping from it’s pages. Share a blurb, paragraph or sentence and then let us know why you picked that particular book. You can grab the graphic here or make you own!

Happy Monday Sexxy People!

I hope the day starts off wonderful for you. If you are in the cold states...stay warm and if you are where it's warm...I'm so jealous of you right now.

Below is what I'll be reading this week along with Spider's Bite & Slave to Sensation.

Erotica, Romance, BDSM
Love K. Masters...she just knows how to write a story and I absolutely love this series!

So lovlies what are you reading this week?

Lata Days...MUAH~



  1. ooh Nobody's Hero!! YAYNESS! Looking forward to your review on this one :)


  2. ikr...I've been wanting to read this one for a while now *sigh* love me some Master Mark!

  3. gah...too much wine, lols..yep Master Adam. He makes older dudes cool

  4. haha @ too much wine! smh @ you. go ahead then giirly! lol.

    that he does ;) *swoon*

  5. know I can't see Mark Harmon as his character...but eh "shrugs shoulders* what say you?

  6. You can or can't? eekk. no.. nooope. hmmm. *scrolls through list of hawt older men*

    gahhh. I really wanna say Hugh Jackman, but he's a bit young to be Mark.. maybe if they make him appear older? cause.. wheeew love me some Hugh Jackman ;)

  7. I can' way. Maybe Hugh Jackman...he's nice looking, I likes him...lols. He is younger though...hmmmm. I have someone in mind, but I swear I can't remember his damn name!

  8. lol okay, cause I can't do Mark Harmon either eeekkk no. lol. oooh whooo? If Adam's character was a brotha, I'd be hands down Denzel Washington ;) lol remembeeeerrr!! lol.

  9. ahhhhhh!!! you killing me. I so love Denzel.....ooooo perfect choice! damn girl you hit it right on the nose...lmbo!

  10. haha,.. <333 him lmbo. ;) I was gonna say Will Smith, but he's too young. Or Idris Elba.. but again, young. lmbo. But wheeew Denzel Washington *whistles* lol

  11. oh now Idirs...gurl buy! I'll take him any day of the week...young or not, lols! oh that accent!

  12. hahaha! RIGHT! WHEEEW. You can have him. I don't wanna get into a cat fight with you lmbo. xD


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