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Monday Reads is a meme will be dedicated to the book or books I’m starting and/or finishing for the upcoming week.

Want to share what you're reading or finished? Comment below or create your own post. Your book can be a salaciously sexy book or a book with sweetness dripping from it’s pages. Share a blurb, paragraph or sentence and then let us know why you picked that particular book. You can grab the graphic here or make you own!

It's Monday Beautifuls! Here in Jersey...it's a dreary start of the week, but I don't have to work today...so I'm happy (see me dance)

tehehehe...anyways, lets get on with it, shall we?

This week, I'm reading ~

The Lass Wore Black ~ Historical Romance & a Galley that I have to get out of the way. I hope it's a good one too, so far the ratings on GR aren't looking to good...but that ain't gonna stop me. I'm tenacious like that...well, sometimes..lols.

Badlands Bride ~ Historical Romance & another Galley (as you can see, I'm trying to get my Galley reviews down here. Anyways...another one I'm hoping for a "Goodread" on...

Spider's Bite~
Urban Fantasy, PNR ~ Well I'm just excited about this one :P

So what about you...what are you reading this week? Historical, PNR or maybe Erotica? Have a great week!

Lata Days...MUAH!



  1. Wickedly DeliciousJanuary 15, 2013 at 3:57 PM

    awlays a bummer when Galley reads are hard to read. I just had two that took me forever to read. Hey is Spider Bites older. I feel like I have seen it before. Kick butt cover! I will have to partake next monday this sounds fun!

  2. Yup Spider Bites is older...the cover rocks right? I've had it for a while now I'm really excited to read it.

    I'm almost got my Galleys down which is a good thing, but the quicker I can get them out of the way...I can start reading for enjoyment again :)



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