Review: Rebecca's Lost Journals: The Seduction (Vol. 1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Published: January 28, 2013
Format: eBook
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Series: Inside Out Novella's #1
Available: Barnes & Noble / Amazon


An Inside Out novella...

The secret life of Rebecca and the men who have seduced her.
These are the journals Sara never sees, but you the reader, will!

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The journals read like stories and begin the first time Rebecca visits the gallery in the INSIDE OUT TRILOGY. You will meet Mark, Chris, Ava, Amanda, Ricco, and all the series characters as she does AND there are tons of clues to what happens in BEING ME in the first 4 serials. They are woven within the story ready for your discovery, as is Rebecca's dark, erotic journey.

Well, I brought this book on Saturday..pre-ordered it and all.

*shakes heads up & down* I see you Lisa Renee Jones…I see ya. Written in diary format, we finally get a peek into Rebecca’s world, that mystery girl that Sarah in IIWY went searching for and then got lost in that world herself…

We find out how she, Rebecca...came to work at the Gallery…how she met Mark and the rest of the crew. But oh Mrs. Jones, what a tangle web you have wove, my dear. You leave out who Rebecca’s Dom is….oooo…ooooo, you sneaky author you. I LOVE IT…lols.

Rebecca’s Lost Journals as I mentioned are written in Journal format and you the reader get to delve into this woman's life. Read about her feelings and figure out who the Dom is in her life…who she decided to give complete control over to. I have to admit, I was totally blown away. What IIWY didn't do for me, The Seduction totally did. There is enough mystery here to leave THIS reader guessing and wondering what Rebecca will or won’t do and for the love all Good Graviness…who the hell this elusive Dom is.

Lisa Renee Jones stole my breath in this little novella…so much so that I had to talk myself into getting book 2. And it went a lil like this….
Me: okay, self…I have to get Book 2!
Self: what the hell are you talking about? Budget woman!
Me: it’s only $99 cents..shut up “finger is on trigger” @ B&N
Self: I’m gonna tell!!!!
Me: *hand freezes on trigger & narrows eyes on self* “Tell who?” *voice rises* “I’s Grown”
Self: *sighs & rolls eyes* “seriously, “I’s Grown”, “really?, what are you like six?!”
Me: “Oh come on! I mean…really. It was like soooooo good, I have to know who the Dom is!”
Self: *scrunches face & thinks* “hmmmmm, well when you fantasize, can I do….
Me: “HEY…HEY, now! Slow up sista.
Self: “Wha????”
Me: *sighs* alright…alright…
Self: “woot…woot!” “okay…go get your lil book while I think of devious things to do to you know who” *cackles & walks away*
Me: “damn!” *head to B&N website* “I’m gonna get myself in trouble” *shakes head* “that doesn't sound right at all! BUT I gotta finds out who this man is…”
Well Lisa Renee Jones… I've officially gotten "myself" in trouble, smh. Rebecca’s Lost Journals was just that good and I’m hooked…on to book 2.


Lata Days...MUAH~


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