Sexxy's Sunday Wrap~Up

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I'm not part of any Sunday memes, but of course my Wrap-up is inspired by many.
So this is my way of showing the salaciously sexxy happenings that went on this past week at Salacious Reads...

Hey Sexxy's!

What a weekend! my post is late, but I had a long night. After celebrating the Mr. Man's birthday..getting up and about was quite hard to do.

Here's what went on last week...

Monday Reads

TRB Knockout Pile #1

Skye Warren's Naughty New Years Blog Hop (ongoing event..but it ends tonight!)

Waiting on Wednesday

Salacious Randomness

What I Brought

I love Nalini Singh's take on Angels & Vampires....they're all so sexxy and deadly at the same time. Here we get a glimpse into Jessayme's & Galen's relationship. Catch my review tomorrow.

There will also be a review of Stacey Kennedy's The Cat's Meow...I also asked her some fun This & That questions....there will also be a giveaway!

I'll also have an upcoming review of Blue Valentine, a movie I watched through Netflix. I'll be reviewing some of the movies I watched through them...I'm also thinking of making it a weekly or bi-weekly theme here at SR.

I saw this post over at Proserpine Craving Books blog (a favorite of mines to stop by) and thought "omg...this is so me"! so I made the pledge. Hosted by In Between Writing & Reading, it's a pledge to read at least 5 books in your TBR pile before buying another book. I think I can stick with it...I hope. Anyway's if you think you're also addicted..lmbo! hop on over the In Between blog & make the pledge too.

Have a great Sunday

lata Days...MUAH!



  1. Wickedly DeliciousJanuary 6, 2013 at 9:20 PM

    Love Nalini Singh novels. But have not read this yet. I am reading The Cat's Meow and loving it.

    Happy Sunday
    My Book Haul

  2. Loved the Cat's Meow even though Libby worked my! Angles Dance is really good!

    thanks for stopping through Capri!

  3. I'm also a book buying addict, I may have to go and make that pledge too!
    Hope you enjoy your week & books :)

    Here is my weekly round up