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Hi Sexxy People!

Happy dog-on Friday! I'm on vaca today & I'm soooo loving it..I'll be off Monday too *does happy dance*. Perfect for a big ass glass of wine & my books. Thank you Ana for the graphic (she rocks right! need graphics or your blog designed? check out Bishhy Designs..okay that's my plug for the day...lols...seriously check them out!)

So I have some books to add to my wishlist & some to take off. I only brought books that I need for my challenges (most I have already...thank the lord!, but I still needed to get my hands on a couple).

Okie Dokes...here's what I added

Two of the above are for my Sport Reading Challenge going on over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup...you know I visit Anna's page all the time & she's doesn't seem to be burning anything to me..if I lived close enough to her, I'd probably be at her house everyday eating...lols. You guys have got to get over there & check out her recipes! Hopefully, I will have these lil precious one in my hands soon.

ANNNDDD...here's what I coveted

these are for my reading challenges too *sigh*...well, at least I'm being productive..lols!

Lata Days...MUAH!



  1. I covet what you covet and he first three books are sizzling hawt! Happy weekend!

  2. from Braine @ TS I covet what you covet and he first three books are sizzling hawt! Happy weekend! on Sexxy's Wishlist (#1)

  3. yay us! lols...ikr, I can seriously slobber over those covers all day...I think I did for a while too *wipes mouth*...LMBO!

    Have a great weeked Braine!

  4. LOL you'd be welcome any time ;)

    The first two are really good! Game Misconduct is free on Amazon right now. Or was as of like 5am. I think you have a Nook, right? Have you tried the free Kindle for PC ap? It's kinda handy for ones like this. Or using the Calibre program?

  5. awww...thanks Anna :)

    I have cloud for Amazon & can read books on my computer, I'm going to look up Game Misconduct & see if it's still available. I have Calibre, but don't really care for it much..

    thanks for stopping though

  6. Love Jaci Burton but still have yet to start her Play-by-play series. I have seeb Until There was you floating around on blogs. Game Misconduct looks hot. Love the cover! Going to have to check it out.
    Wickedly Delicious Book Blog

  7. ok checked it out! Got it for Free! Babe you rock thank you for sharing a new author to me!

  8. make sure you request her penis cupcakes lmbo!!

  9. ahh I want to read Burton's Play by Play series! *sobbing hysterically* lmbo. Until There Was You was pretty good, steamy bits weren't all that steamy, but I do love a great tease ;) That one is part of a series :O The first one is Because Of You :) And Scott is working on Reza's storyyy. lol sorry .read the books :p Loving that Blood Rights cover.

    Great post girly <333


  10. thanks Ana!

    so should I read Because of You first? I don't want to miss anything...lols I've heard some great things about J Burtons play by play series, so I hope to grab at least one of those suckers of soon :)

    The cover to Blood Rights is so cool I think...all of the covers are really. Hope to start it soon.

    Happy Sunday Missy <3

  11. Your're welcome...I saw it on the Jeep Diva's blog, she gave it a 5 so I was like um ok...gotta check that out, lols. I grab the free one too!

    Happy Sunday!

  12. De nada <333

    Well, I didn't read Because of You,I've heard that it can be read as a stand alone, but I'm definitely going back to read the first book. I hear it's reeeeally good. Lol, so yeah, definitely gonna read that one. Ooh me too, hopefully soon.


  13. okie dokey :) I'm glad when books in series can be read as stand alones, it just makes for a better reading experience to me.

  14. lol whaaaat. I'm just saying. They's some delisssh cupcakes haha


  15. I know me too. Lawd, I always seem to read a series out of order. It's crazy! I think for the most part, stand alone's work for family saga series. If it's a series like Twilight or Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, then you'd definitely have to read the series from the start.

  16. true...true. I like S Kenyon's Dark Hunter series...it's a series, but she always say you can read them as stand alones or out of order. There's always information in the books so you don't get lost...I like that a lot

  17. Yepp, I like that too. I was just talkin about that Melissa (LilyElement) I like how in a series an author leaves little tid bits of information from the previous book, as long as it's not like I'm re-reading the previous book >.< lol.



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