Sexxy's Wishlist (#1)


Hi Sexxy People!

Happy dog-on Friday! I'm on vaca today & I'm soooo loving it..I'll be off Monday too *does happy dance*. Perfect for a big ass glass of wine & my books. Thank you Ana for the graphic (she rocks right! need graphics or your blog designed? check out Bishhy Designs..okay that's my plug for the day...lols...seriously check them out!)

So I have some books to add to my wishlist & some to take off. I only brought books that I need for my challenges (most I have already...thank the lord!, but I still needed to get my hands on a couple).

Okie's what I added

Two of the above are for my Sport Reading Challenge going on over at Herding Cats & Burning know I visit Anna's page all the time & she's doesn't seem to be burning anything to me..if I lived close enough to her, I'd probably be at her house everyday eating...lols. You guys have got to get over there & check out her recipes! Hopefully, I will have these lil precious one in my hands soon.'s what I coveted

these are for my reading challenges too *sigh*...well, at least I'm being productive..lols!

Lata Days...MUAH!