Sexxy's Wishlist #2

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This is my own way of keeping track of books I'm aiming to get my grubby little hands on...I add these books to my wishlist via B&N & Amazon. Mainly B&N coz I got a NOOK.

So um...rolling my way through the blog-a-sphere. I have seen some books that will more than likely make my wishlist explode (because it's way to damn long..lols)..

Well, it's probably not that serious...but......

Lata Days...MUAH!



  1. I really want to read Wallbanger too.

  2. Hi Krista

    I've been seeing some pretty awesome reviews on it..so I really wanna get my hands on that one ;)

    Thanks for stopping thru & commenting!

  3. yay Wallbanger is on your list! I've convinced another one to join the club lmao! I've see M Leighton's books around a lot and I still don't know what they're about. I should probably go find out.

  4. yes Ning...your review on Wallbanger sealed the deal & I cannot wait to read it..I'm fan of the club for reals...lol!

    I crazy becoz I've been seeing these great reviews on it & I really have no idea what the base of the stories are..all I know is that there is hot sex in it...lmbo!

  5. hehe you fell for it!! It's definitely more a romantic comedy than super smexy book. just be ready to laugh and drool of Simon, or Caroline's Zuchini bread lol



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