Tuesday Jams #18

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What's up lovely people?! I know, Ana hasn't been jamming... well, I haven't been jamming here on the blog lately :( But, I have been jammin' everywhere else. I recently just started listening to a band that I used to listen to all the time a year or so ago. So... let's jump right into it, shall we?

Have y'all heard of FM? No? Well then! FM is a British AOR/80's Band. This band was formed in 1984. And the original members consisted of... 

Merv Goldsworthy (bassist)
Peter Jupp (drummer)
Phillip Manchester a.k.a Didge Digital (pianist)
Chris Overland (lead guitarist)
Steve Overland (guitarist/vocalist)

This band was introduced to me by a good friend of mine from Wales, UK. And if it weren't for him, I wouldn't know what real music is. Or so he says. lmbo. Bloody fker that he is. xD

I absolutely love every song that this band has come out with. Their debut album, Indiscreet, came out in 1986 with their hit single Frozen Heart. And they released 4 more albums after that. FM fell apart in 1995 through to 1997 and then reformed and released their new album (new then) Metropolis in 2010 (which I LOOOVE) lol. 

Here they are! Reformed and together again. Of course, a few new members to replace those who left. Here's the lineup...

Merv Goldworthy (bass/backing vocals)
Peter Jupp (drums/backing vocals)
Jem Davis (keyboards) (taking Didge Digital's spot in 1993)
Jim Kirkpatrick (lead guitarist/backing vocals)
Steve Overland (guitarist/lead vocalist)

Past members who've come and gone: 
Andy Barnett taking Chris Overland's spot as lead guitarist in 1991

Albums & release dates:
Indiscreet - 1986
Tough It Out - 1989
Takin' It to the Streets - 1991
Aphrodisiac - 1992
Dead Man's Shoes - 1995
-----DISBANDED 1995 - 2007-----
Metropolis - 2010

Press play on the music player at the bottom of this page to listen to a few of their songs! Enjoy :)

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