Tuesday Jams


Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Jams, a weekly post hosted here @ Salacious Reads. This is my way to share with you another one of my loves...music. Wanna share your favorite song or artist, just comment linking back to your site & I'll be sure to stop by.

I've been listening to Melanie Fiona this week...her voice is so soulful and *shivers* the girl can sang...okay!

On her latest album, there is a song called "Bones". Now this album is two parts..she actually explains the reasoning for a specific song on her album...I like that. Well Bones as you can imagine in my opinion..is the thought of a love so consuming of someone so much, that you just have to get to the core of that person....oh, it's deep!

The last couple of books I've read these past couple of weeks kind of resonate with this song...

"Bones" by Melanie Fiona

the books....

Lata Days...MUAH~



  1. oooh shiiiiiiet. Melanie Fiona. Love her voice. I haven't heard her new album yet :O I need to get on that lol. *clicks play* I like it.. kinda has a bit of a bluesy feel to it. Oooh I think I'ma need to check out these books ;) Great pick this week girly!


  2. I absolutely love it..so good and her voice has this smokey ...blusey feel to it. My favorite is 4AM..good as song.

    Thanks for stopoing thru Ana ;)

  3. oooh 4AM is good.. hmm here are a few of my faves ^_^

    -Priceless (love this song ^_^)
    -Teach Him
    -Give It To Me Right (omfg.. you gotta listen to this song if you haven't heard it yet) -- the remix is pretty good too

    *starts singing* I dooon't want it all the time, but when I get it... I better be satisfied. So, give it to me riiight, or don't give it to me at all ;)


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